Quick And Easy Cheap Room Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Nikita Raikwar | February 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

Cheap room decor on a budget with these tips

Budget-friendly and cheap room decor ideas that are affordable and visually pleasing for new homeowners.

Decor is an integral part of any home. However, with a budget on hand, it can often get challenging for someone that loves to be creative. As Billy Baldwin said, “Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” With that being said, we’d want you to explore decor through your personal lens of decor choices and come up with a sultry style that’s aesthetic, functional and oh-so-gorgeous. Hence, we have curated a list of some of the finest decor ideas that can easily blend into any Indian home. And if you are eyeing some cheap room decor ideas, then these quick tricks will definitely come in handy. Follow along to explore a range of aesthetic room decor that’s cheap, functional and visually striking.

Mix And Match Colours And Patterns For Some Cool Cheap Room Decor

A great room decor is one that’s on point holistically. It resembles the heart of your home, visually appears to simply blend in and at the same time allows you to ponder over it. Take a look at this living room, where the couch’s upholstery offers a sense of likelihood and semblance with the beige noise-blocking curtain and the textured accent walls. What’s even more striking is the contrast of the blue rug that pleasantly embraces a romantic affair with the doctor blue modular cabinets in the kitchen. ‘A chef’s kiss’ to say the least!

Cheap room decor with mix-and-match colours and patterns strikes the contrast
A symphony of colours nails cheap room decor

Let Monotony Take A Backseat With Cheap DIY Room Decor Ideas

If someone with an eccentric fashion sense were to have a room, this is exactly what it would like. An Andy Warhol-inspired pop of colour, this vibrant living room offers a multitude of hues and tints that range from nature’s green to a striking yellow and a blue wall that simply draws all the attention. To decorate a room as bold and unmistakably visual as this one, you’d need to bring in colourful elements like vibrant planters, a floor lamp and vases. You can also add a touch of creativity through patterns, for instance, basic solid upholstery with geometric rugs and chevron printed pillows for a great Pinterest-worthy cheap room decor.

DIY cheap room decor ideas with vibrant planters, a floor lamp and vases add a touch of creativity
Vibrant patterns and designs for cheap DIY room decor
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Unleash Your Creativity With Wall Art For Aesthetic Room Decor On The Cheap

When you walk around with a budget for each room, decorating it can be a herculean task. But sometimes going the simplest route is the best way to offer a visual play of patterns, colours and aesthetics. Much to our liking, this bedroom displays a gorgeous collection of framed geometric paintings that not just set the tone of the room but also offer immense floor space for you to play around with shelves and a large rug.

Aesthetic room decor on cheap with wall art and framed paintings
An arty collage for aesthetic but cheap room decor

Figurines Are Perfect Cheap Room Decor Items For Your Child’s Bedroom

If you have been planning the decor for your child’s bedroom for quite some time and haven’t found the perfect cheap kid’s room decor idea yet, then this one would come in handy. All you need is a wall-mounted shelf like the one in this image and dozens of figurines and statues to sit on it. And if that’s not all, a cute beehive shelf, your child’s paintings and art and a wall clock can definitely enhance their bedroom. You can also add an indoor plant or two to let your child soak in some nature and a whole lot of freshness.

Cheap room decor items for your kid's room, decorate a floating shelf with dozens of figurines on it
Toy figures are great for cheap kid’s room decor

Experiment With Rustic Wallpapers And Soft Lights For Vintage Room Decor That’s Cheap

While this can be a personal choice, a rustic backdrop that highlights a buddha statue (or a centrepiece of your choice) can be a great addition to your foyer area. You can also place a shallow tray as your key tray, some water propagated plants and a ceiling-mounted soft light. Balance the rustic look with a large indoor plant like the Fig, a Palm tree or simply the showstopper Monstera and you are good to go.

Vintage room decor on cheap with rustic wallpapers and soft lights visually strikes
Embrace rustic backdrops with vintage decor pieces

We hope this blog of cheap room decor ideas allows you to explore different ways in which you can decorate your home and come up with some of the finest exquisite ideas that are not just gorgeous and appealing to the eye but also cheap and on a budget. Want to learn more about decor ideas for your home, check out this blog on 5 balcony decor ideas to try out.

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