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Children’s Room Decor: Its impact On The Overall Development Of A Child’s Personality

Childrens room decoration ideas to development of a child’s personality

A well thought out children’s room decor has a pivotal role to play in their growing years.

Children spend most of their personal time in their bedrooms during their formative years. Whether it’s relaxing, reading, playing or simply doing their homework. Especially for young adults within the age group of seven-13 years, this is a transitional phase from childhood to adulthood which is known to shape their intellectual, emotional and mental well being. And that’s why it is important to make sure you give a keen eye to your children’s room decor.

A well-planned children’s room goes a long way in raising their self-esteem, helping them gain self confidence and overall morale. This transition period is crucial for children as during this phase a child’s imagination reaches its peak. So, understanding how to decorate a children’s room is imperative as your decisions will play a significant role in the enhancement of their abilities.

As experts of the interior industry, our primary goal is to understand the importance of a perfectly designed room and the impact it has on the overall development of a child’s personality. These learnings are captured in the points below.

Children Do Matter

If you are renovating your house, make sure you involve your children in the planning phase. Their voices, opinions and choices do matter more than you think and will give your child a sense of belonging. It is important to make them feel like an integral part of the family. Make sure to consider their quirky, out-of-the-box ideas and you will learn your child has much more to offer than you think.  These ideas, in most cases, have immense hidden potential which as parents or experts we fail to recognize. The support children can derive from letting them have a say is largely understated.

Helps Them Accept Their Changing Personalities

Metacognition and adolescent egocentrism are considered common emerging skills/qualities in young adults. Understanding their state of mind, without being overly critical, can act as an advantage for parents who can then have healthy conversations with their children regarding their child’s thoughts, dreams and ambitions.

Childrens room decor that will help them stay positive and parents should understand their changing personalities

Curated Children’s Room Decor Ideas Help Children Be More Organised, Responsible And Self Dependent

Well, redesigning your child’s room with their consultation will help inculcate core values such as organisation responsibility and self-dependency. When children understand that their room is their own personal space, one that’s made as per their likes and dislikes, it makes them want to take ownership of their room including taking good care of it. When a child loves his/her room he/she immediately wants to keep it at its best and becomes responsible and independent.

Teach your kid, how to organise children's room decor and responsible

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Makes Their Personal Space More Memorable And Fun

Designing and decorating your child’s room together with them will turn out to be more memorable and enjoyable in the long run. Design wardrobes and beds to make optimum use of space as it will help your child have enough space to play with his/her friends. Pull-out desks, life-size wardrobes, drawers on the outside, trundle beds and bunk beds are a few ways to ensure more free space. A choice of bright colours will help break away from usual stereotypes and broaden your child’s thought process.

Design your childrens/kids room with pull-out desks, wardrobes and drawers makes makes their space memorable and fun

Provides An Impetus To Learning

Playing while learning gives children a chance to practice gaining knowledge the fun way. The more fun and interactive a child’s personal space is, the more it helps their powers of comprehension.  It is prominently noticed that well-thought children’s room decor, keeping in mind their aspirations, acts as a catalyst to through-provoking conversations between your  children and you.

Children’s room decor with black board and useful books gives your children a chance to gaining knowledge in fun way

So bring in the change that will truly help increase your child’s vision, foster responsibility and inculcate positive values into their day-to-day life by giving them a completely revamped room.

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