Outdoor Oasis: 6 Apartment Balcony Privacy Ideas for a Relaxing Retreat

by Nikita Keshwani | February 3, 2024 | 6 mins read

Balcony privacy ideas create a peaceful outdoor space

Simple yet creative balcony privacy ideas that will make spending time outside an absolute delight!

Are you looking for some quality time outdoors but don’t want to be bothered by your neighbour’s prying eyes? Or perhaps your balcony just isn’t on a higher floor to escape unwanted street views. Or maybe you simply want to read your favourite book without the world intruding into the stillness of your peaceful sanctuary. Whatever the reason, we have some practical and aesthetic ideas to cover your apartment balcony for privacy. So let’s dive right in.

1. Cover The Railing With Creepers: A Simple Balcony Privacy Idea

Want something that will give you some privacy and your balcony a fresh vibe? Grow creepers and vines around the balcony railing. It can enliven even a boring balcony space. The money plant is the most common plant when it comes to balcony rail cover. It grows fast, requires low maintenance and creates a green mesh that acts as a DIY balcony privacy screen. For a more colourful vibe, you can plant Bougainvillea or Morning Glory.

Simple balcony privacy idea is to have the railing covered with creepers
Give your compact balcony a stunning green screen

2. Use Trailing Plants as a Simple DIY Balcony Privacy Screen 

If draping climbing plants around the balcony railing isn’t offering enough privacy, try trailing plants. They have long dangling branches that create a natural green curtain around the balcony from the top. Add potted plants on the floor to complete the look and shelter your balcony from outside viewers. This is one of the best ground-floor balcony privacy ideas, as it covers the balcony without blocking fresh air.

DIY balcony privacy screen for glass railing with trailing plants creates a natural green curtain
Serene privacy idea for a glass railing balcony
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3. Use Curtains as a Balcony Screen Idea

Hanging curtains is another excellent balcony privacy idea. Go for sheer curtains, as they allow some natural light to filter through while blocking the outside view. Check out how we have upped the style quotient of this open balcony with sheer white curtains and fairy lights. We absolutely love how these curtains create a soft and airy look without making the balcony look too closed off.

 Curtain as balcony screen idea which allows natural light to filter through while blocking the outside view
Flowing curtains for a romantic balcony setup

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4. DIY Balcony Rail Covering Idea: Do It With Fabric

Have a colourful fabric at home? Why not use it to give your balcony a layer of privacy? Drape the balcony railing with fabric, as shown in the image below. This is one of the easiest balcony rail cover ideas. Tulle, georgette, and organza are the best options for draping the railing, but you can use any sheer fabric available at home. Add hanging planters in between with flowering plants to complete the look.

Tulle fabric as a balcony rail cover idea adds a layer of privacy
Aqua-coloured tulle adds a cool vibe to the balcony

5. Small Balcony Privacy Idea 101: Hang Planters

If your balcony is grilled, here’s a great idea to cover it and make it look less exposed. Just hang pretty planters on the grill at a close distance, and tada! You have given your balcony a successful makeover on a budget while making it more lively and colourful. This balcony privacy idea does not create a thick cover but adds a subtle screen, giving the balcony an easy breezy vibe.

Small balcony privacy idea adds a subtle screen with hanging planters
Wide planters cover balcony railing on a budget

6. Best Apartment Balcony Privacy Idea: Bamboo Blinds

One of the most popular apartment balcony privacy ideas is installing bamboo blinds. They are eco-friendly and block the harsh rays of the sun. Bamboo blinds are also useful in rainy seasons because they resist moisture and sustain strong winds. The best part about bamboo blinds is that they can be easily rolled up to enjoy the balcony view and rolled down when you want more seclusion.

Apartment balcony privacy idea that gives seclusion with bamboo blinds
Use blinds to make your balcony more secluded

In conclusion, numerous ways exist to increase privacy and turn your balcony into a tranquil retreat, even in a shared space. You can easily create a secluded outdoor space by incorporating some of the ideas discussed in this blog, such as adding curtains, installing dangling and climbing plants, or installing blinds. For expert help, contact us for a free consultation with our experienced interior designers.

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FAQs on Balcony Privacy

1. What are some simple ways to add privacy to my balcony?

The simplest way to add privacy to your balcony is to hang outdoor blinds or screens. They come in various styles and materials and are very easy to install. Just roll them up to let in some light or roll them down to add a layer of privacy. Another option is to drape the balcony frame with vines or curtain creepers. This will not just add privacy but also a touch of greenery.

2. What are some creative ways to add privacy to a small balcony?

A clever way to add privacy to a small balcony is to suspend hanging planters in a row. You can opt for flowering plants as they add colour and freshness to the small space. Another great way is to install outdoor curtains. Ensure they are waterproof as they may promote mould growth on getting wet in the monsoon.

3. Are there any plants or greenery that can help increase privacy on my balcony?

Yes, absolutely! Bamboo is the best privacy plant for balconies. It grows fast and is tall enough to create a privacy screen when planted next to the balcony railing. You can add plants like coleus, roses, petunia, basil, mint, begonias, bougainvillaea and more on a wooden shelf to add greenery and create a layer of privacy on your balcony.

4. How do I maintain the privacy screen on my balcony?

To maintain bamboo shades, clean them regularly with a soft cloth and water. Use a mild soap mixed with water for outdoor blinds, screens, and privacy panels and then wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage your privacy screen.

5. Can I add privacy to my balcony without blocking the natural light?

Yes, you can add privacy to your balcony without blocking natural light by setting up a wooden frame. Grow vines and creepers on the frame to infuse greenery and enhance the level of privacy. You can also add sheer curtains to dilute the harshness of the sunlight and add a layer of privacy.

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