Vanity Sink Ideas For Every Bathroom Type

by Pulkit Singh | February 3, 2024 | 4 mins read

Bathroom vanity with sink designs for your home

Check out our tried and tested vanity sink ideas to maximize your bathroom space.

Vanity sink. Vanity sink. Vanity sink. It is every interior designer’s answer to creating more space when there is less or sometimes none. Whether you are blessed with a huge bathroom or starved of space — a vanity sink is a non-negotiable essential in every home. No, we are not being dramatic. We mean business. 

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house, but that should not stop you from living large. It is where you indulge in most self-care rituals, a space that needs to be tranquil and uncluttered. The trusted vanity sink comes into play here. It provides an additional dimension to the bathroom with chic designs while surreptitiously offering a haven for knick-knacks to clear out counter space. Apart from their effortless functionality, vanity sinks reflect the bathroom’s aesthetic and the owner’s style. 

You can make your bathroom work as hard as its larger mates. We bring you a comprehensive collection of innovative vanity sink designs for the bathroom. All you need is a can-do attitude. Ready? Let’s go.

Double Duty: Two Bathroom Vanities With Sinks

Stem sinks are so last season. The future belongs to vanity sinks. Here is an interior design tip — use an oversized vanity under the bathroom sink, even in smaller bathrooms, to make the space appear large.

Double sink vanity with mirrors makes the space appear large
More bang for your buck with double vanity sinks
End-to-end home interior design solutions for a stunning home

Vanity Sink Designs To Add A Pop Of Colour

As much a favourite with the adults as with the kids — vanity sinks in different colours are ruling the roost. Blues, pastels and yellows are the go-to choices for most homeowners, though you could easily experiment with reds and pinks.

Vanity sink design in blue and white colour rules the space
Modern vanity sinks add a splash of colour

A Sink Vanity Unit For Small Bathrooms

Smaller bathrooms need a vanity sink more than the larger ones. With space constraints impinging on the design anyway, a vanity sink unit offers relief to the countertop by taking care of the bathroom paraphernalia.

Sink vanity unit design for small bathrooms
A compact sink vanity unit for smaller areas

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A Wall-Mounted Vanity Sink

A hanging vanity provides a minimal finish and offers an illusion of space. These workhorses of the bathroom add style, substance and storage. If you can incorporate a basin within the vanity, it will give a sleek look to the bathroom.

A wall-mounted vanity sink for bathroom gives a sleek look
A wall-mounted vanity sink opens up floor space

Minimalistic And Modern Vanity Sinks

Don’t like the look of bulky cabinets that make up as vanities in most cases? You could choose wooden tables or floating shelves that provide an earthy, rustic feel to the washroom. They make the bathroom appear lighter and airier.

A double sink vanity mirror with floating shelves provides a modern look to the bathroom
A minimalist vanity to solve your interior design woes
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now

Vanity Sinks For Luxurious Bathrooms

What better way to incorporate a seamless touch of luxury in your bathroom than by employing vanity sink units in marble or mother of pearl finishes. Or if bling is your middle name, then go for a gold finish on the handles or the entire storage space to add a spot of glamour to the bathroom arsenal. Funky textures, rich patterns and bold design elements can make a blah bathroom look aspirational. What a great way to make this staid space look luxe without going bankrupt.

Single sink bathroom vanity in luxurious look
Vanity sink units look great in luxury bathrooms

A Wooden Vanity Sink That’s An Updated Classic

Unsure about the kind of vanity sink you should opt for? Depend on the typical sink vanity unit that will store all your towels and cosmetics. Jump on the wallpaper-in-bathroom trend, and voila! You have a space that is as practical as it is a sanctuary.

A wooden vanity sink with two mirrors and wallpapered bathroom walls
A vanity sink with wallpapered bathroom walls

The basin area is more than a destination where you brush your teeth and wash your hands. It is where you pause twice over and reflect on your life. By experimenting with interesting colours, different shapes of vanity sink units and materials, you have an opportunity to get creative and style a bathroom space that is an inspiration in itself. With the right elements, a bathroom can be your cocoon.

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