7 Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Designs For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

contemporary bathroom vanity designs for your home

Don’t we all agree that the oh-so-important bathroom vanities are a design and utility must-have?

The functional purpose of a bathroom makes it a crucial part of any house. It is the space where you take time for yourself; where a hot bath can dissolve the day’s stress while relaxing your mind and body. It also happens to be the space where we groom ourselves, to look our best so that we feel our best and in turn, draw the energy to do our best.

Although the effects transcend the entire day, each day, a very basic level of self-care happens in bathrooms. That’s where a good bathroom vanity comes into the picture. Bathroom vanity designs primarily comprise a storage cabinet placed under the sink and a mirror. If you’re looking for some bathroom vanity inspiration, check out these seven contemporary vanity designs to spruce up your bathroom.

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Go For Conventional Wooden Bathroom Vanity Designs

Wooden bathroom vanities are a classic choice for modern bathrooms. The warm natural colour and structure of the wooden cabinets make it look very retro and vintage. A wooden bathroom vanity with legs keeps the cabinet part of it away from the ground and is a good idea to keep water at bay from the cabinet. Here, the lamps, the ornate towel hangers and the vanity all tie up together to create the overall look of the bathroom.

Wooden bathroom vanity designs India in warm natural colour look very retro and vintage with ornate towel hangers.
You can’t possibly go wrong with wooden vanity cabinet designs

We’re Loving Sleek And Curvy Bathroom Vanity Designs

A glamorous vanity, a petite sink, a backlit mirror and the curvy modern cabinet underneath are a beautiful and sleek combo. The dark colour of the cabinet stands against the white of the bathroom walls. With the minimal space that this bathroom vanity design occupies, this can work as one of the best vanity designs for small bathrooms too!

Modern bathroom vanity designs with a backlit mirror, a petite sink and the curvy cabinet look beautiful and sleek.
A sleek bathroom vanity design ticks all the right boxes

This Is What A Minimalist’s Bathroom Vanity Would Look Like

This bathroom vanity design emphasises the functional aspect of vanities rather than the decorative one. Yet, the aesthetic manages to shine through the minimalism. A simple floating vanity drawer, a clean rectangular mirror and a medicine cabinet to boot, this vanity design is anything but basic.

Floating vanity design for small bathroom with a rectangular mirror and a medicine cabinet look minimalistic.
Less is more with bathroom vanity designs India

Pastel-Coloured Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs Add A Dash Of Fun

This bathroom has a fun vibe going. The beautiful white tiling provides a clean look, while the tiles spell retro. The pastel blue bathroom vanity design breaks the monotony with the freshness of its colour. A perfectly pretty looking functional vanity cabinet, this could provide for a great deal of storage for all your bathroom essentials.

Pastel coloured vanity design in white bathroom with drawers lends a clean look to the area.
Pastel-coloured vanities are pretty as a picture!
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Spa-Inspired Bathroom Vanity Designs

You can always think out of the box with bathroom vanity designs India. The low-height bathroom vanity doesn’t come in a typical cabinet and mirror package. The high and low surfaces provide you with ample space for storage, also a seat or two if you’re looking for a moment of peace. The contemporary vanity design and decor also take inspiration from geometry, making it a standout option.

Spa-inspired white bathroom vanity design with a seating option lends a chic look.
Not your typical vanity design, this one looks inspired

A Patterned Background Makes This Vanity Design Unique

It is a common occurrence that, in our travels, you find certain souvenirs. You buy these knowing that they would find a perfect place in your home. This bathroom vanity design has a similar put-together vibe to it. The pretty patterned tiles and the decor create the perfect set-up for this small and beautiful DIY bathroom vanity design.

The small bathroom vanity cabinet design in wood and has a patterned tile background creates an aesthetic look.
Who said that a bathroom vanity design has to be conventional?

Find Luxury In Bathroom Vanity Designs

A classy bathroom design deserves a classy vanity design too. A sleek bathroom vanity stand with golden accents goes well with a sophisticated bathroom design. The open design allows for plenty of space for storage, as well as a surface for placing decor. Minimalism can look utterly luxurious, isn’t it?

Bathroom vanity design ideas, bathroom vanity stand with golden accents brings a classic look with flowy pattern tiles.
Introduce spring-inspired patterns into your home using flowy drapes

Ultimately, your bathroom vanity design choice depends on your personal style and preferences. More than most other spaces where you must think of design and functionality going hand in hand, it’s the bathroom where you need to strike the perfect balance. Your bathroom vanity is where you start and end your days, well most of them at least.  It should ideally take care of storing your everyday bathroom essentials, medicines and if possible, extra bathroom supplies and bathroom linen. Add to that a mirror, which is an equally important part of the bathroom vanity design. Make sure you pick a design that ticks all these functionality boxes.

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