Vastu Tips For Bathroom/Toilet: How To Get It Right

by Noopur Lidbide | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

Vastu tips for your bathroom/toilet

Ensure overall positivity with these Vastu tips for bathrooms and toilets for your home.

Vastu Shastra forms an integral part of the base of Indian architecture and home designing, along with the cultural and religious aspects associated with it. It is said that homes according to Vastu bring in good luck and prosperity to those residing in them. When we think of these things, there is a logical factor that can be found in many of the rules of Vastu Shastra — the name itself suggests ‘science’. Homes compliant with Vastu are known to benefit the residents in many ways.

Bathrooms are often neglected spaces from a visual as well as Vastu compliance perspective while designing your home. Bathroom Vastu actually holds great importance in the energies that you let into your home. As per Vastu experts, paying less attention to the Vastu plan for a bathroom could potentially lead to losses in terms of finances, health issues or even minor accidents.

Ideal Direction For Bathrooms As Per Vastu

The bathroom should be either in the north or northwest area of your home. Do not place the bathroom or toilet in any of the southern portions of the house. Additionally, you should ensure that the toilet or bathroom is a bit elevated than the rest of the rooms — at least 1 foot to 2 feet higher.

Important Vastu Tips For Bathroom

  • Colours: Go with lighter colours for the bathroom, mainly because it is easier to clean the bathroom and toilet walls and floors. Also, as per Vastu Shastra, it is said that lighter shades are better for attracting wealth. You could also go with the colour brown for the bathroom.
  • Doors: Bathroom doors should either be in the north or east direction. Prefer using wooden doors to metal ones. For hygienic purposes, as well as Vastu compliance, keep your bathroom doors closed at all times. It is said to bring in negative energies if the bathroom door is kept open.
  • Shared Walls: It is best to keep the bathroom and toilet isolated from other rooms. Vastu Shastra for bathrooms says that it should not share walls with the bedroom. Obviously, it should not be near the kitchen or sacred places such as the pooja room.
Important vastu tips for bathroom
Vastu compliance for bathroom design, furniture and fittings goes a long way in ensuring positive energy
  • Mirror: Mirrors should go on the eastern or northern wall, according to Vastu Shastra tips for bathroom.
  • Washbasin: All the inlets and outlets of water, including the washbasins and showers, should go in the east, northeast or north part of your bathroom. The slope for drainage should be in the same direction. Mostly basins and mirrors go together, so you could install both in the eastern or northern areas.
  • Electric Appliances: In case of geysers or any other electrical devices fitted in bathrooms, make sure that they are in the southeast portion of the space. Washing machines, too, can go over here or alternatively in the northwest corner.
  • Others: Exhaust fans must face east or northeast directions. Place the toilet commodes in the west or northwest direction. Do not put taps on the southeast or southwest sides of the bathroom, nor should you store water in these directions.
Vastu tips for bathroom toilet as per vastu experts
Taking care of the smaller Vastu details can go a long way in ensuring positive vibes
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How To Ensure Vastu Compliance For An Attached Bathroom And Toilet

Vastu Shastra recommends not attaching the bathroom and toilets. It is ideally a feasible solution to have them separate —  imagine a hurried morning — you have to freshen up and someone is in the toilet!  But today’s scenario of limited home spaces dictates otherwise and we have to make the best of what we have.

The attached bathroom should not be above or near any pooja room or fireplaces. Also, don’t install the toilet in the central, northeast or southwest parts of your home.

Vastu tips for an attached bathroom and toilet
Learn how to make an attached bathroom and toilet Vastu compliant

Vastu Tips For Bathroom And Toilet Cheat Sheet

Here’s a summary of the important points to remember:

  • The bathroom must be in the north or northwest area of the house.
  • Avoid dark colours in the bathroom. Lighter colours are visually pleasing for humans and they create a better mood.
  • Water inlets and outlets should be in the east, north or northeast part of the bathroom.
  • Commodes or water closets should be aligned in the north-south axis.
  • Vastu Shastra rules (in addition to basic living requirements) comply with hygiene as well, so make sure you balance the belief and hygienic factors.
Vastu rules for bathroom and toilet to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic
Complying with Vastu rules help keep your bathroom clean and hygienic
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When it comes to ensuring the Vastu Shastra compliance of bathrooms and toilets, it is best if you start implementing Vastu tips for bathroom right from the beginning of construction. If that’s not possible for you, you can opt for making small feasible changes to the existing spaces after consulting a field expert. At Design Cafe, our end-to-end interior design projects are planned and executed in accordance with Vastu guidelines to enhance your living experience and bring in an ample flow of positive energies.

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