Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu For Your Home

by Humera Nishat | January 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

kitchen direction as per vastu for your home

Model your kitchen as per Vastu to attract fortune and prosperity in the home.

Vastu Shastra or the traditional Indian system of architecture must always be kept in mind when you are designing your house. Many overlook the significance of Vastu Shastra, however, if you want to bring prosperity to your household, it is crucial. Yes, Vastu shastra isn’t a myth anymore. If the layout your home’s interior design has been designed in accordance to these principles then nothing can stop you from achieving success and reaching your goals.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a kitchen direction in house as per Vastu. It doesn’t take much effort. Just switch up one or two things here and there and you can make the perfect layout according to the Vastu Shashtra. And, if it’s a new house, what’s better than to start anew? The best part? Not only are these designs aimed at bringing Goddess Lakshmi into your house, but they also fit the aesthetic. So, don’t worry. Nothing will look out of place. Check out these amazing ideas for the best kitchen direction as per Vastu.

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L Shaped Kitchen To Bring Good Fortune

This is a classic L shaped layout for the kitchen in the east direction as per the principles of vastu. Not only does this design make cooking easier by utilising less space but it will also bring good fortune into our household. You must  keep the interior design layout simple with neutral and contrasting tone colors like white and brown. Don’t overdo the colours and patterns as a slightly diagonal kitchen works best if it comes in toned down contrasting colours. You can add a small flowering vase to the side counter if you want to attract positive vibes.

East direction l shaped kitchen direction in the house as per Vastu.
Installing a slightly diagonal kitchen layout in simple yet contrasting colours is considered lucky for new households. This kitchen direction in house as per Vastu is also great if your kitchen is small. The layout is basic so it utilises the small space and there is no cause to worry about overcrowding.

Window-Facing Kitchen For Positive Vibes

If you want to break your bad luck streak, remodel your kitchen in east direction as per Vastu. Window-facing kitchens like this one are a great idea to bring in sunshine and a positive vibe to your cooking space. The bright light from the window will lift your spirits as you work in the kitchen. Go for subtle pastel colours like white, peach, blossom pink, or sky blue. If the light from the window is harsh then you can add some organza drapes to tone down the harshness. This idea also works best if you have a joint family and usually more than two people working in the kitchen at the same time.

White kitchen in east direction as per Vastu with the window facing for sunlight brings a positive vibe.
This kitchen direction as per Vastu is a great idea for big families and too many cooks. The bright sunlight from the window kills all germs and bad vibes in the kitchen while attracting positivity
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Front Facing Kitchen To Bring In Harmony

If you live in a big house, then this kitchen direction as per Vastu is ideal for you. Big houses with big families are always in need of harmony. In big home live large families where cooperation is of most importance. Therefore, if you are lacking some goodwill in your house, this best direction for kitchen as per Vastu is your right fit. Not only is this kitchen design good to bring in balance but it is also extremely stylish. Wear your creative pants and decorate the kitchen as per your choice! Add colours, beautiful runners, plants, flowers and more. Go all out and create your dream kitchen. Kitchen direction as per Vastu for big households aim at bringing unity and peace, just like this one. 

Single-walled white kitchen facing towards the east is the best direction for the kitchen as per Vastu.
This design is extremely stylish and can be customised according to your liking. All colours fit this design from bright peppy to soft and subtle ones in pastel shades

Kitchen Cum Dining Hall For Luxury

If you are into luxurious living and like things expensive, this is a great kitchen direction as per Vastu for you. Kitchen-cum-dining hall designs make great use of space, making the entire space compact and leaving room for other things. Make sure that your dining table faces the east for an elevated feel and good luck. The colours and decor of the kitchen and dining hall can be anything from subtle to bold. Do whatever your heart wants! Kitchen designs like this one leave enough room for an oven and a baking space. So, you will never run out of space. Most modern apartments nowadays have a kitchen-cum-dining hall to make use of the space.

East as per Vastu best direction for kitchen cum dining area design for luxury.
This kitchen’s direction as per Vastu is ideal for custom designed homes that like a touch of luxury in it. There are no rules as per colours, just go for anything that makes your heart flutter!
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Semi- Circular Kitchens For Good Luck

If your kitchen is small, don’t worry as we have an idea for you too! Small kitchens make good use of a semi-circular kitchen direction as per Vastu. They take less space and thus crowding can be prevented. These kitchens work best in wood designs, however, there is no hard and fast rule to it. If you are in dire need of some good luck and blessings in your house, this semi-circular kitchen direction in house as per Vastu is your best shot.

East as per Vastu direction of kitchen in semi-circular shape brings good luck.
Semi-circular kitchen direction like this one is ideal for small houses that can’t afford to space. They are compact and can be customized according to your personal kitchen needs.

These were our best picks for kitchen direction as per Vastu. All these designs are customisable therefore, you can decorate them as per your taste.

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