Everything In Its Right Place: Wardrobe Inside Design Ideas For The Bedroom

by Pooja Dara | January 27, 2024 | 9 mins read

Gorgeous wardrobe inside design for bedroom

Earlier, a bedroom wardrobe was considered to be the most underrated piece of furniture in the home but of late, it has become an integral part of interior design. But if you’re wondering how to organise your wardrobe’s inside space, then this blog post is just for you 

Have you ever faced an avalanche of clothes the moment you opened your wardrobe door? Have you always struggled to find the perfect pair of clothes to wear because you were not able to locate where they were in your wardrobe? If your answer to both questions was ‘yes’, we completely sympathise. 

Wardrobes are indeed the messiest parts of our bedroom but with some time spent in designing and organising them carefully, you can easily transform your wardrobe interiors from boring and dull to practical and stylish instantly. In this blog post, we’ll cover a few factors that you need to keep in mind when you’re looking for a new wardrobe for your bedroom. We’ll also discuss some amazing ideas on how to design/organise your wardrobes cleverly so that you have a specified space for everything and you can easily reach what you want when you’re in a hurry. So, let’s begin without further ado. 

Factors To Be Considered While Designing The Perfect Modern Wardrobe Design Inside 

  • Make a note of your inventory: Determine the number of belongings you have so that you’re able to ascertain how much space you need in your wardrobe. Further, break this down into the number of shelves/hanging spaces/drawer and other storage solutions you’ll need to fit all your stuff.
  • Dimensions of your room and wardrobe: Measure the exact height and width of your room and accordingly filter your bedroom wardrobe choices. This will help you figure out the best storage possibilities, trust us. The actual height of the wardrobe will depend on the number of wardrobe items you have and how the storage space is designed. There are some specifics depending upon the kind of door you use as well. For example, wardrobe curtains are a good alternative to conventional wardrobe doors as they make the space appear larger, airier and are comparatively cheaper.
  • The way you organise the wardrobe interiors: How you organise your clothes in the wardrobe makes all the difference. Some people require a lot of drawers while some people require more hanging space than others. So, it is essential that you carefully design the interiors. Always prioritise designing the hanging spaces first and then move onto determining the number of shelves and drawers. These days, you can also incorporate adjustable shelves/risers and dividers into the wardrobe which can be easily installed and removed depending upon the vertical height that you require. Alternatively, you can use basket and bin storage options that you can pull out. For more wardrobe interior design ideas, check this out
  • Don’t forget about ergonomics and flexibility: Ensuring your convenience is also as important as designing the look of the wardrobe. What’s the point in spending so much of your time, effort and money in the design if you can’t easily access the items that you need. Also, look out for storage options that are more flexible so that you can switch between them depending upon your seasonal requirements (read: summer/spring and winter/fall clothes). For hanging accessories such as bags and belts, you can use hooks and nooks, and for stacking shoes, you can use tilted racks in the bottom part of your wardrobe so that you can easily see them. 
  • Have an alternative area in mind to double your wardrobe space: You can also use a secondary space like the box bed in your bedroom to keep your seasonal clothing away when it’s not needed. Alternatively, you can also use the utility area cabinets to store extra clothes with adequate sachets of silicon gel to avoid dampness.
  • The amount of lighting required inside the wardrobe:  More often than not, people don’t consider lighting an important part of their wardrobe design. Good lighting helps you locate stuff easily, especially if you have a walk-in wardrobe or a wardrobe with dark interiors. You can use accent lighting or task lighting options to illuminate the space inside your wardrobe.
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How To Design The Wardrobe If You’re A Couple Sharing The Bedroom

Well, we have just the right suggestion for you! Create a separate ‘his’ and ‘her’ wardrobe to maximise the functionality of the area and avoid any future arguments on crowding each other’s space. As a thumb rule, remember that women have way more clothing items than men and so, they require more storage space. For this, you can use sectional drawers or an internal partition to demarcate both the zones.  Here are a few more tips you can follow to design the specific internal layouts of a man and woman’s wardrobe in case you’re sharing the same space.

His Wardrobe

  • For accommodating shirts, jackets, trousers and coats on hangers, a minimum wardrobe depth of 28 inches and a minimum height of 40 inches is required. Also, don’t hang shirts and coats together as their sleeves might get stuck in the wardrobe’s door panels. 
  • For stacking folded sweaters and T-shirts, the minimum depth of the shelves should be between 12 inches and 15 inches. 
  • For organising smaller items such as sunglasses, socks, belts, ties and undergarments, use one or two shallow pull-out drawers with in-built square dividers. The height of the sectional drawer should be between 5 inches and 8 inches. 
  • Design for ample shoe storage in the bottom-most area of the wardrobe.  Keep ventilating the area often.

Her Wardrobe

  • To accommodate folded sarees, skirts, long dresses., trousers, etc. on hangers, the minimum vertical clearance should be between 66 inches and 72 inches. Use velvet-covered hangers for handling delicate clothing material. 
  • Design for ample shoe storage in the bottom-most area of the wardrobe.  Keep ventilating the area often.
  • To accommodate purses and handbags in an upright position, use open shelves or compartments that are slightly taller than the height of the biggest handbags and purses in question. When it comes to folded jeans and casual wear, the vertical height clearance of the shelves should be between 12 inches and 15 inches. 
  • To organise smaller accessories such as jewellery, sunglasses, watches and undergarments, use multiple shallow pull-out drawers with in-built square dividers. Make sure the drawers that contain your jewellery are locked. The height of the sectional drawers should be between 5 inches and 8 inches. You can also make use of hooks on the insides of the wardrobe doors to utilise the vertical space efficiently for scarves, belts, etc. Read more closet organisation ideas here. 

Here are some great wardrobe inside designs that you can take a cue from and design your dream wardrobe.

2 Door Wardrobe Inside Design

This 2 door wardrobe inside design is perfect for those who don’t have too much to keep in their wardrobe. This open solid wood wardrobe design with shutter doors is quite compact and helps you neatly hang clothes on the rod and smaller items in the set of drawers and a single shelf.

Open solid wood two-door wardrobe inside design with a clothes hanger rod and set of drawers in the bedroom.
This compact wardrobe design helps you locate and access stuff inside your wardrobe

Sliding Wardrobe Inside Design

This sliding bedroom wardrobe inside design is an ideal choice for a couple. It is divided into ‘his’ and ‘her’ sections. On the right side, you can see a two-rod hanging section at different heights to accommodate the man’s shirts and blazers while on the left side, you can see a combination of hanging rods, multiple shelves and compartments.

A sliding wardrobe design inside, Two wardrobes with two-rod hanging section, multiple shelves and compartments.
All the woman’s sandals are stashed on the shelves separately so that it gives you a showroom-type look

Explore, more about Sliding Wardrobe Design Ideas

Corner Wardrobe Inside Design

If you want to make efficient use of your bedroom corner, then you can opt for this open wardrobe inside design. It looks quite classy and luxurious in this bedroom with wooden floor and walls, grey bed and a comfy seating arrangement. This design allows you to ditch drawers and make the most of the space with bins, shelves, baskets and boxes. The partition on the side helps demarcate the wardrobe from the other areas in the bedroom.

Corner wooden wardrobe inside design with rod hanger, shelves, baskets and boxes with backlighting look luxurious.
The accent lighting helps illuminate the wardrobe space and gives it a warm look

Folding Door Wardrobe Inside Design With Mirror

This folding door bedroom wardrobe inside design has a mirror on the outside; however, when you open it, it can serve as a mirror for the inside as well. This wardrobe has shelves and a hanging rod where you can easily hang all your child’s clothes and keep T-shirts and smaller clothing items neatly folded. The overall design looks quite breezy and cool.

Wardrobe inside design idea, bi-folding door wardrobe with mirror outside design with shelves and a hanging rod.
Bifold doors are easy to handle and don’t take up much of the bedroom space while you open them

Modern Wardrobe Inside Design

The highest shelves of this modern wardrobe inside design are meant for those items that are most rarely used. The wardrobe has wider shelves for display. This open-shelving system lets you view all your clothes clearly and not just the top layer, saving you time while you’re getting ready. The drawers help you stow away your innerwear and other stuff.

Modern wardrobe design inside, open-shelving wardrobe designed with drawers, rod hanger and shelves looks minimal.
This type of wardrobe design can be opted for when you have a complete room that you can dedicate to the purpose
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Wardrobe Inside Design For Men

Why not make use of the entire vertical space in your room by opting for a floor-to-ceiling, open wardrobe design. The pull-out shelves make it easy for you to handle folded clothing items without having to dig in deep. It helps you maximise the wardrobe’s inside space to the fullest. It looks like a natural extension of the grey-themed bedroom as well.

Grey open wardrobe designed with three hanging rods and pull-out shelves, bedroom wardrobe inside design for men.
The three hanging rods of different heights allow you to conveniently hang clothes of different lengths without them being creased or crushed

Wardrobe Inside Design For Ladies

This is an ideal wardrobe inside design for ladies. You can make use of a sufficiently recessed area in your bedroom to design a small walk-in wardrobe for yourself. You can build in deep drawers to store bulky clothes such as hoodies, jeans, make-up items and skincare products and so much more. You can also use the surface of the set of drawers for showcasing your purses and handbags. 

Small walk-in wardrobe inside design for ladies with a set of drawers, hanging rod and shelves.
You can also use shelves of different lengths to accommodate different types of items

All in all, wardrobes are considered as an important aspect of interior design. They can be customised according to the storage needs and the preferences of those who occupy the bedroom space and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the right one and show off your organisation skills! Reach out to our experts if you want more such inspiring ideas. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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