Your Ultimate Guide To Sliding Wardrobe Design Ideas For 2024

by Ekta Poddar | February 27, 2024 | 8 mins read

Sliding wardrobe design ideas in 2020

Sliding wardrobes add value both with function and style. Take your pick from our comprehensive guide here.

Over two decades ago, the movie Sliding Doors, starring Peter Howitt and Gwyneth Paltrow brought the term ‘sliding doors moments’ to our vocabulary. These are seemingly inconsequential decisions or moments that change the course of one’s life. Making décor choices can be life-changing, albeit in a less dramatic fashion. Practical design choices can make the quality of everyday life better and aesthetically appealing décor can change the energy of a space leading to a less tangible but significant impact. 

Wardrobes with sliding doors are one such décor choice which can add tremendous value, in terms of function and style. Since such doors slide on channels, they don’t need any space to open out like swinging doors, making them an ideal storage solution for small bedrooms and rooms or hallways with limited space. Moreover, with the range of materials, finishes, and patterns that sliding doors are available in or can be designed in, the aesthetic features of the furniture are practically limitless. Read our guide on sliding wardrobe design ideas in 2024 to make the right choice for your furniture. And who knows where the decision will lead you to?

The Understated Elegance Of Glass

Glass sliding wardrobe doors have much to boast about in the world of décor. Their clean and classic finish whispers elegance and instantly adds understated chic, the way it does in the dressing area of this bedroom. Note how the interiors of the wardrobe are organised – for practicality and style, as the contents are on display. Glass has the added advantage of magically expanding a space, making it look open and bigger. Our vote, no doubt, is with glass sliding wardrobe doors for their unmistakable classiness!

Using glass sliding wardrobe doors to design beautiful sliding wardrobes
Little matches the sophistication of glass sliding wardrobe doors

When Frosting Is Not Just For Cupcakes

If you like the cool chic that glass brings but don’t want to put the contents of your – perhaps messy – wardrobe on show for the world to see, explore the wonders of frosted glass. This bedroom in a converted warehouse needed two things; a storage solution for a cramped space and an additional modern touch. Both are achieved by frosted glass sliding wardrobe doors. The wardrobe fits into the limited space between your bed and the wall. Also, frosted glass pairs well with the exposed brickwork resulting in a modern look.

Frosted glass sliding wardrobe doors makes your bedroom looks modern sliding wardrobe design
Frosted glass sliding wardrobe doors are just the modern chic this converted bedroom needs
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Creating Magic With Mirrors On Your Sliding Doors Wardrobe

Magicians have been using smoke and mirrors for centuries to cast their spells and spin their webs of illusion. You can do the same using mirror for your sliding door wardrobe design for the bedroom. Mirrors reflect the room making it seemingly look much bigger than it is. They also add oodles of glamour, as seen in this sophisticated dance-themed room. A Murphy bed with a sofa accessory is integrated into the wardrobe, and the entire room is done up with grey, white and black, with tones of metal and glass that get beautifully reflected in the wall-to-wall mirror sliding doors wardrobes. White and black are timeless and keep with 2024 interior décor forecasts, as is opting for notes of metal.

Creating magic with sliding mirror wardrobe doors on your sliding wardrobe design
Mirrored sliding doors beautifully reflect the cool metal tones of the bedroom

Playful Combinations That Create Impact

You don’t have to go the whole hog and install mirrors on every panel or door of your sliding wardrobe. In this design, the mirror is artfully integrated into the wardrobe with only one panel being covered with a mirror. The striped pattern seen in this room is reversed and copied onto other wooden sliding door of the wardrobe making for a cohesive and interesting effect. The white and pink striped pattern is also present on the additional sliding door that hides the television and on the headboard behind your bed. Further, the particular shade of blush or millennial pink is completely in step with design trends of 2024 making it a great choice for your sliding door wardrobe design!

Sliding door wardrobe designs for bedroom with mirrored and patterned sliding doors combine to make the bedroom look
The mirrored and patterned sliding doors combine to make the bedroom look spacious and roomy

Stay With The Theme

Themed rooms can be a delight to design the interiors for. Treat the sliding door of the wardrobe as a canvas to work with and create an unexpected element of surprise. This themed room does complete justice to the décor dreams of its football crazy occupant. The sliding doors of your wardrobes are designed such that when closed they have the familiar football pattern – called truncated icosahedron. The lines of the pattern continue onto the overhead loft and football décor is extended to other parts of the room.

Sliding door wardrobe interior designs has truncated icosahedron pattern synonymous with football theme
The sliding wardrobe has the truncated icosahedron pattern synonymous with football in keeping with the room’s theme
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Stretch It Out Wall to Wall

Need plenty of storage space? Have a bedroom wall to spare? Install a wall of wardrobes that stretches across the room. Here the wall of wardrobes has sliding doors finished off in two different ways – a deep maroon laminate and a rich brown grain of wood. These complement each other and break up the monotony of the space. Tall handles made of metal reflect the 2024 design trends and further accent the finish adding detail to the look. Overhead lofts with swinging doors provide additional storage making every hoarder’s dream come true.

Modern wardrobe sliding doors with wall of wardrobes has sliding doors that stretches across the room
The wall to wall bank of wardrobes has four sliding doors with varying designs that create an element of interest

Telling Tales In Geometry On Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

Geometric patterns are very much in 2024 and this bedroom is quite on point. With its patterned wallpaper, styled wardrobe sliding doors and geometric bedspread, it is a study in Geometry! The modern wardrobe sliding doors keep it from being too busy. While the rest of the room is bursting with geometric pattern, white blocks of the doors of the sliding wardrobe provide an area for the eye to rest, lending a soothing effect to the bedroom. The blooming petals of a flower have been picked out through the mirror installations on both sliding doors of the wardrobe. The overall look is breezy and modern while being calming.

Modern sliding wardrobes has patterned wallpaper, styled wardrobe sliding doors and geometric bedspread
The mirror design on the doors of the sliding wardrobe create a sense of wow in this room big on geometric patterned designs

Help Your Teen Play It Cool

There is nothing a teenager wants more than be ‘cool’ and you can help them achieve cool in their bedroom through some clever interior design choices. This small and narrow bedroom has been made the most of through choice of furniture and furnishings. The dimensions of the room make swinging wardrobe doors impossible. The storage dilemma has been solved by a sliding door wardrobe design. Extra storage has been added in the form of open shelves that flank the wardrobe. A reflective false ceiling further adds height to the room. The cool minty green done in a block on the doors of the sliding wardrobe further make an otherwise bland room look fresh and stylish. Moreover, green is trending hard in 2024, making it a perfect choice for a teenager’s bedroom.

Green sliding wardrobe is the latest trending sliding wardrobe design for bedroom 2020
A cool green sliding wardrobe design creates much-needed storage in this narrow room making it perfect for a teenager to use
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Stay Timeless With White

This small room has limited space around your bed making innovative wardrobe designs vital. The thin strip of space between the entrance and bedroom wall has been well utilised through the addition of a floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with sliding doors. Further wonders are achieved by using a neutral color scheme set of with warmer accents of yellow and orange. The white sliding wardrobe doors add a modern touch with their pared back elegance. The orange accent is echoed on the wardrobe doors tying the room together.

White sliding wardrobe doors add a modern touch with their pared back in wardrobe design slider
White sliding doors with orange accents effectively bring this small room together

Nod To Nature

Our final trend in the series is a sliding door wardrobe design for your bedroom is one that gives a nod to nature. Inviting nature into the house in the form of all things natural, organic and green is a popular design trend in 2024. This three-door sliding wardrobe does exactly that. It has a handcrafted wooden look in line with furniture in the rest of your room. The mirror design breaks up the all wood look and also reflects the natural light from the window opposite enhancing the sense of airiness in the room. Potted plants by the bedside and a floral-themed feature wall in green are additional natural touches to your bedroom.

Trending sliding door wardrobe design for your bedroom is one that gives a nod to nature
The natural wooden look of the sliding wardrobe design invites nature into this bedroom
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We hope our guide will help you in your decor decisions for 2024. What’s a better way to start the new year than with new wardrobe designs for your bedroom? Out with the old and in with the new!

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