Wash Away Your Blues With These Bold Designs For Small Bathrooms

by Ashish Rai | January 19, 2024 | 4 mins read

Small bathroom design ideas for your home

Designing a bathroom can be challenging, but our ideas here will help you design the perfect bathroom regardless of space. 

Worried that your bathroom won’t look good if you have a small home? Designing a small bathroom can be challenging. You will want to keep as many of your personal care essentials. And it is possible with a little creativity and planning. There are several aspects to keep in mind as you design a small bathroom. From creative storage options, smart finishes and some detailing, there is a basketful of ideas to make a small bathroom look extravagant. Here are a few of our top tricks to make your small bathroom look glamorous.

Mirrors Can Do Wonders

Mirrors in a small bathroom elevate the style quotient threefolds and create the illusion of space. This is an age-old secret used by most interior designers. Double the look and feel of your bathroom with a mirror. It is especially useful if you have a narrow bathroom. Mirrors also reflect light and make your small bathroom nice and bright. See how this square shaped mirror framed in wood automatically gives you a feeling of space? Yes, that’s what we are talking about!

Small bathroom ideas with mirrors that reflect light and make your small bathroom beautiful and bright.
Turn your small bathroom into a spacious zone with mirrors

Wall Mounted Toilets Save Floor Space

If you have enough wall space in your bathroom a wall-mounted toilet tank can save both the floor space and legroom. This type of toilet hides plumbing related hardware because of the absence of a flush tank. Wall-mounted toilets instantly bring in sleek, clean aesthetics to small bathrooms. Also a floating commode leaves you room below to show off patterned tiles seamlessly.

Small bathroom design ideas, wall-mounted toilet tank can save both the floor space and legroom.
A wall-mounted toilet is increasingly becoming popular because of its sleek, slender, space-saving design
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Why Only The Toilet, Your Sink Can Float Too

As with wall-mounted toilets, wall-mounted washbasins are an excellent way to save floor space to make your small bathroom look larger. If you need extra storage space, then a floating vanity trolley like the one in this image gives you a dedicated place to stack all your essential toiletries. A sink atop uses this side of the wall judiciously. It is easy for a small bathroom to look cluttered. Opt for flat panelled cabinets for its sleek and streamlined design.

Wall-mounted washbasins are an excellent way for bathroom designs for small spaces.
You can’t beat the functionality of a floating sink like this

Small Bathroom Cabinets For Extra Storage

Since the bathroom is where you clean and wash up, it only makes sense to make it the freshest space in your home. By this we mean clutter-free basins, neatly hung towels, and no water stains. Give everything a dedicated space — makeup, toiletries, dry towels, and more — with cabinets like this that are just right for a small bathroom. Choose a cabinet design built with multiple drawers, and cupboards to organise your things that are otherwise displayed on countertops.

Small bathroom cabinet to hide stuff and keep the place clean for your small bathroom.
Organise your small bathroom with a multi-storage cabinet built under the sink

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Rip Of The Shower Curtain, Add A Glass Panel

Let’s be honest here – nobody likes the idea of a shower curtain. Not only does it stick to your body during a shower they also lose their colour and sheen over time. Shower curtains also make bathrooms look smaller as it closes off one-third of the area visually. Swap your shower curtain with a lustrous glass panel to open up your bathroom and allow more light into your shower. Just make sure you avoid sliding glass panels that require bottom and top racks as they are hard to clean.

Replace curtain and add glass panel to small bathroom designs with shower to look clean.
Glass panels will add volume to your space constraint in a bathroom
Love this design? Make it your own


  • Remove the bathtub as they take up twice the amount of space compared to standing showers
  • Bathtubs are pretty expensive and there is the extra cost of installation
  • If you need a bathtub for your kids then go for a low one as it makes getting in and  out easier 

Steal these small bathroom design ideas to give your space a complete makeover. Do not let a compact space be a barrier to your dream bathroom. As you can see the possibilities are endless to maximise the area and overall look of your bathroom. Let us know your suggestions in the comment section below.

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