Small Wonders: The Best Coffee Table Designs For Small Living Rooms

by Pulkit Singh | January 19, 2024 | 4 mins read

Coffee table designs for small living rooms

Small doesn’t mean less. Read on to find out how you can ace the small coffee tables game.

No living room ever said that there wasn’t a need for a coffee table. No homeowner too. Farmhouse chic, mid-century modern, industrial or Victorian vintage — coffee tables make every decor look better. And small coffee tables work equally well in compact and large living rooms.

Irrespective of the floor space available, every sitting hall needs that designated table where you can prop your feet up, transform it into an impromptu workspace, be the platform for your curated figurines or the display dias for that gorgeous terrarium. Don’t believe us? Check out our dazzling best coffee table designs for small living rooms to see how. 

A Small Round Coffee Table For Minimalist Interiors

Simplicity, thy name is a small round coffee table with hairpin legs. These have inundated the home decor market and become more popular because of the hygge touch of Scandanavian decor style. This coffee table design is best for those living in compact apartments.

Round coffee table designs for minimalist interiors
A design that offers utility without hogging space

Wood And Metal Small Square Coffee Table For A Rustic Look

Modern and minimalist designs are the best pals in the home decor world. If small round coffee tables are too traditional for you, a small square coffee table is the best alternative. The sleek lines of this coffee table design add finesse to your home interiors and keep the space feeling light. 

Square coffee table made of Metal and wood
A design that adds charm to your living room

A Set Of Nesting Round Coffee Tables

When looking for flexibility in terms of space and functionality, using a set of nesting coffee tables instead of a single larger-sized one is a better alternative. You could go for a set with a matching pair or mix two separate pieces that are different but complementary. Feeling particularly adventurous? Go all out with three small coffee tables in the same or different shapes. Ensure that the tables are of varying heights to break the monotony. 

A set of nesting round Coffee tables
Double the fun with a nesting coffee table set
Want a living room that oozes luxury

An Eco-Friendly Option With A Glass Top

Go glam while practising minimalism! Glass-top coffee tables are visually light and create the optical illusion of openness. They offer relief to the aesthetic, making it appear airy and adding contrast with their glass top. Glass is highly versatile and easy to maintain; it provides a delicate touch to the otherwise sturdy tables. Like all else in life, good decor is about balance, right?

An eco-friendly Coffee table design
A coffee table with a cane base and glass top

A Small Cane Coffee Table In Black

Elevate the drama quotient of your home by adding a small black coffee table. Placing a pair in the centre of the room will offer quite an intriguing visual focal point to start any conversation. Or hit it out of the park with a sustainable small cane coffee table albeit in black- boho with a twist, what say you? You get an avant-garde thumbs-up by walking the unconventional path. 

Coffee table design made up of Cane
Spark conversations with a unique centrepiece

A Low-Lying Table Creates A Relaxed Vibe

Break the tradition of a standard-height coffee table by opting for a low coffee table. The funky, unexpected play on the height will bring a different kind of novelty to your space. You could bring in an ottoman or a cute box to hit two birds with one stone if you need storage. Even a low-seating stool can make for an exciting coffee table which can be used as an extra seat. 

Low-lying Coffee table design creating a relaxed vibe
Using a small low coffee table is genius
Enhance your living room's interior design with our solutions!

A Coffee Table Design For Narrow Spaces

You have to have lived in a rectangular living room to understand what a challenge placing an appropriate coffee table can be. Roll out the red carpet for small and narrow coffee tables. Who said these angels of the decor world couldn’t do what regular-shaped small coffee tables can do? No one. Narrow coffee tables allow enough legroom to walk around the small apartment unchallenged. They cut out the crampedness and make the space look uncluttered. 

Coffee table design for narrow spaces
Small, narrow coffee tables are underrated

A small coffee table can pack a punch, provided you are smart and use its shape and functionality to the hilt. Your personal style and how you plan to use the coffee table will decide which is the right design and material for you. Few joys can parallel the one of finding the right coffee table for your living room. Not all decor elements can accord your home an instant personality like a coffee table can. Have fun and choose well!

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