6 Unique Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom

by Devna Tiwari | February 22, 2024 | 6 mins read

Sliding door wardrobe design for your home

Sliding door wardrobes, a modern storage solution, that works well in almost every bedroom type. Here are six unique sliding door wardrobe designs to help you pick the right one for your bedroom!

Storage is imperative in every house, especially in apartments where space is a constraint. A sliding door wardrobe in a bedroom is a practical solution to give you extra storage space and to keep your bedroom clutter-free. With a sliding door mechanism, the shutters don’t swing out like on standard wardrobes. The doors are attached to a channel at the top and bottom of the wardrobe frame and move horizontally between the tracks. Sliding door wardrobes do not occupy too much space making it perfect for a small bedroom. Whether you are planning to give your bedroom a trendy makeover or choosing interiors for your new home, sliding door wardrobes are a practical and aesthetically appealing option. 

Now that we know how practical and chic sliding wardrobes are let’s explore the latest wardrobe designs that will impress you in a snap!

A Mini Sliding Door Wardrobe For A Small Bedroom

If you have the smallest bedroom in your home, live in a studio apartment or a 1BHK with more limited square feet to spare then this one’s for you! In a bedroom as tiny as this, a mini sliding door wardrobe design that rests over your bed coupled with a dresser is a blessing. This sliding door wardrobe design is custom designed in a way that it occupies the dead space behind the bed which would have otherwise been used to hang paintings or photos. The doors, when closed, are finished with a pure white laminate on the shutters that double up as a headboard for this bed. It further has a combination of shelves and a medium-length section with a hanging rod to hang your shirts and jackets. The top ledge can be used to store quilts or bed linen. The colour of the doors can be customised as per your taste and your bedroom design. Isn’t that great?

Sliding door wardrobe design for small bedroom with white laminate and shutters
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A Rustic Style Sliding Wardrobe

If you are conventional at heart then this rustic style sliding door wardrobe is just right for you. We personally love this sliding door wardrobe design as it does not need too much maintenance. This design is such that it fits effortlessly into most urban homes and gives you the necessary storage space for all your stuff.

The doors have a natural wood grain finish that lends a rustic touch. Inside there are full-length sections with steel hanging rods to keep all your clothes organised. Drawers at the bottom have been designed with a glass shutter making it easy to spot your daily wear. The highlight of this wardrobe design is the soft glow from the LED strip lights.

A sliding door wardrobe designs for bedroom indian which does not need too much maintenance

Contemporary Sliding Door Wardrobe

This coffee brown sliding door wardrobe with glossy laminate finish has been designed with an attached study unit. This one is for those who love classy and practical designs. The deep brown tone breaks the monotony of the white backdrop. This wardrobe design has well-planned internal storage and accessory sections to organise everything and anything that ends up cluttering your bedroom. The study unit has a ledge tabletop with twin drawers and an extended bookshelf. This sliding door wardrobe with a study is an excellent option for couples with a contemporary taste and love to live an organised life.

Contemporary sliding door wardrobe designs for bedroom with glossy laminate finish

Glass Sliding Door Walk-in Wardrobe

Designed specifically for people who like everything fancy! If you have a space to create a walk-in wardrobe and hide it behind shutters nothing more is as fancy as glass doors. The only drawback with this wardrobe design is that you can’t leave your wardrobe messy! Glass doors can make even the most cramped space look more spacious. So if you like the idea of glass sliding doors but don’t have enough space to create a walk-in wardrobe, you can customise any wardrobe design with sliding doors made from glass. You can also choose frosted, tinted, coloured or lacquered glass to get the look of glass but still not reveal what’s inside your wardrobe.

Glass 3 door sliding wardrobe design where you can't leave your wardrobe messy

Sliding Door Wardrobe With A Mirror Pull-Out

This stunning glossy sliding wardrobe in a pastel tone has been designed with a mirror pull-out to save you space for an additional dressing unit. The mirror pull-out features a hidden closet with tiny compartments to store all your cosmetics and styling equipment in one place. The wardrobe is designed keeping the storage quotient in mind with multiple drawers, sections and hanging rods.

Mirror sliding wardrobe door designs with tiny compartments to store all your cosmetics
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Sliding Door Wardrobe In Dual Finish

This elegant sliding door wardrobe is designed with two finishes – laminate and glass – that makes it an incredibly chic option for your bedroom. There are multiple drawers of different sizes and huge sections with hanging rods that offer ample storage space. It can be customised in different colour tones as per your taste and decor setting.

Wardrobe design ideas with sliding doors laminate and glass with hanging rods and slidding door wardrobe designn

There you go, sliding door wardrobe designs for your bedroom that will save you space, look sleek and stylish and not to forget make your space look like it’s straight out of a magazine!

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FAQs On Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs

1. What are some trending finishes or colors for sliding door wardrobes in bedroom designs?
Matte black, elegant white, and earthy tones are some of the trending finishes or colors for sliding door wardrobes in bedroom designs. These colors offer a modern and sophisticated look to complement various interior styles.

2. Are there any sliding door wardrobe designs that incorporate mirrors for a functional and stylish element?
Yes, sliding door wardrobe designs often incorporate mirrors for added functionality and a stylish element. Mirrored sliding doors create an illusion of a larger space and provide a convenient full-length mirror.

3. Can you recommend sliding door wardrobe designs that allow for easy organization and access to belongings?
Sliding door wardrobe designs that allow for easy organization and access to belongings often feature built-in shelves, drawers, and hanging rods. These practical storage solutions ensure everything has its place, keeping your bedroom tidy and clutter-free.

4. What are some unique sliding door designs or patterns that add visual interest to bedroom wardrobes?
Frosted glass, geometric shapes, or lattice details are some unique sliding door designs or patterns that add visual interest to bedroom wardrobes. These artistic elements infuse personality into the wardrobe design and enhance the overall aesthetics.

5. Can you suggest sliding door wardrobe designs that are durable and require minimal maintenance?
To ensure durability and require minimal maintenance, consider sliding door wardrobe designs made with high-quality materials like laminates or melamine. These materials are resistant to scratches and easy to clean, ensuring your wardrobe looks as good as new for years to come.

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