8 Ideas To Make Your Home Look Elegant On A Budget

by Devna Tiwari | February 22, 2024 | 7 mins read

Home decorating ideas on a budget

All of us don’t have the luxury of big budgets to make our homes look classy. We all need a few ideas up our sleeve to make our homes look elegant on a budget, sound right? Here is how!

Designing a home with high-end appeal can be a challenging task especially if you are tight on budgets. Luckily, there are several home decorating ideas on a budget to make your home look chic and elegant. Our designers have revealed a few secrets for the year that will give homeowners like you options to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. From adding a fresh splash of paint on your walls to window treatments and vibrant upholstery – simple design and decor hacks will make your home shine with elegance. We have here eight easy budget friendly ideas to give your home the style it deserves. Keep reading because these tips and tricks will have your visitors believing you lead a luxe life! 

Elegant Furniture That Fits Your Budget

Ever thought of buying an expensive sofa or couch and then ditched the idea immediately? Well you are not alone. Several homeowners end up buying inexpensive furniture to save a few bucks only to end up spending on maintenance and repair in the long run. So if you are tight on funds but want to add an elegant piece of furniture in your home you have an option. Secondhand shops, consignment stores, and estate sales for quality pieces at affordable rates. Reupholster furniture to suit your decor. The money you save here can be used to reupholster furniture giving you an elegant piece at a fraction of the cost. 

Living room ideas on a budget with a beautiful and comfortable couch an d an elegant dining table for budget home design
The beautiful and comfortable couch and the elegant dining table brings in an element of refined luxury in this space

Crown Molding – Detailing Matters

Good interior design is all about the details. Here we are talking about crown moulding. Crown moulding offers spaces a complete or finished look by bringing walls and the ceiling together, held together with an artistic look. Luckily, crown moulding is relatively low-priced (mainly the plastic, paintable types), making it affordable for every budget. You can pick from several widths. However, if you want to create a striking visual impact, choose the most extensive trim your budget allows. Up the glamour quotient of your home by combining all types of moulding to your home – high baseboard, crown, columns, ceiling beams, chair rails, and ceiling medallions.

Small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget where moulding offers spaces a complete or finished look by bringing walls for elegant home
Beauty truly lies in the details here in this ceiling that is crown molded
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A Budget-Friendly Colour Palette

The colour of paint you choose is a crucial home interior decision to make while decorating a place. The rest of your home decor will be based on the colour palette. And if you are chasing elegance then there are certain colours that will add instant charm to your home. Pick a shade that’s bold and exciting or a soft, understated one. Painting your doors in a solid colour is another excellent idea. It lifts up the vibe of a space without hurting your wallet. You can also add some black accents and accessories to your room to balance the overall space and design together. 

Low budget interior design where home decor will be based on the colour palette
A nude shade wall with grey upholstery and copper accents makes an elegant tribute to this space
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Treat Your Windows Right

Have you noticed how shoddy homes look without window treatments? Luckily, window treatments are one of the most budget-friendly home decorating ideas to make your home look classy. And you need to do this smartly so you do not compromise your privacy. For example, picking low quality, unlined materials looks cheap. However this does not mean you can’t purchase drapes or screens off the shelves. Many stores offer beautifully lined draperies that look elegant and rich at reasonable prices. So make sure you pick elegant and chic materials like silk, cotton and linen (polyester or hand-made fabrics typically look poor in quality). If drapes are not your thing, then consider woven bamboo screens or wood shutters. Just don’t forget to treat your windows right—to make your home look elegant and well-designed.

Interior design ideas for small homes in low budget
The wood framing on the windows adds a finishing touch
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Kick Up The Style With Knobs And Handles

The right knobs and handles can style up your furniture and not pinch your pockets. Visit small hardware stores, antique shops and flea markets are the best sites to shop for knobs and pull-outs. Here you will find a bunch of options including expensive-looking, drawer handles and knobs at a reasonable cost. This is your answer to provide your home with the elegance you always wanted.

Interior design on a budget for your kitchen with elements like kitchen cabinets and knob uplifts
Tiny elements like knobs uplift the charm of these ordinary kitchen cabinets

Choose Hardwood Over Carpeted Flooring

Wall-to-wall carpeting in a home albeit soft to walk on does not offer the same elegance as a solid, gleaming hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring gives homes a vintage, elegant look and is budget-friendly too. Buying hardwood for your home will be an expense in the beginning but it is a smart one in the long run. It is durable and an excellent return on investment, especially if you ever plan to resell your house. Laminate is another low cost option; however, make sure you buy the best laminate so it lasts long. However, if you are struck between laminate or plush carpeting, the latter is a better bet. To get the most out of your money, explore various types of wood, as some pricier than others. For instance, oak and birch usually cost less than cherry wood. Also, darker colours look charmin. Throw a few area rugs around to tie the overall aesthetics of your room together from ceiling to floor.

Small living room ideas on a budget where hardwood flooring gives homes a vintage elegant look for your low budget home decor
A beautiful living room with wooden flooring is the best bet
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Lighting Makes A Difference

Drop those boring bulb holders or chandeliers and opt for designer light fixtures to make your home look elegant. Worried about the price tag? There are a few tricks  to get the same luxury appeal without bearing high-end rates. Visit flea markets and secondhand shops where you can find unique pieces at a budget-friendly price. Polish, clean or paint it to give it a fresh lease of life and watch it give your home a million-dollar look! Also it is a good idea to add different types – floor and table lamps – in every dead corner of your home.

Bedroom ideas for couples on a budget where designer light fixtures make your home look elegant on a budget
Undoubtedly the biggest attraction in this bedroom is the back panel lighting

Budget Friendly Accessories For Your Home

Accessories contrary to popular belief can be affordable and are a must-have to make homes look appealing. There are several cost-friendly ways to accessorise your home within your budget. If you love bling, then your task is even easier. Gold instantly lends a classy, elegant look provided it is not overused. Accessorise your home with gold photo frames, mirrors, or contemporary gold-legged tables. 

Interior design living room low budget with gold photo frames, mirrors, and contemporary gold-legged tables for your low budget home interior design
Head-turning accessories like these lights are all that your space needs

And as you can see there are numerous ways to give your home an elegant makeover on a budget. Picking the right paint colours and avoiding poor quality furniture/ accessories are interior design hacks to make your home sophisticated. Earmark a budget for every space of your home you want to stylise and then shop for the right decor and accessories at second hand stores or flea markets. You will be amazed to see what you find! It is really simple to design an elegant home even when you are on a tight budget.

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