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A Christmas That Is Different: Easy And Elegant DIY XMas Decoration Ideas

DIY Christmas decorations to decorate your home using handmade crafts, decors, trees, lights.

Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more! – Theodor Seuss Geisel, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dr Seuss couldn’t have been more right. No, you won’t find the perfect Christmas in a store. There’s no heart or spirit in factory made baubles. Readymade is so passé – generic and boring. Add a little extra sugar and spice to this Christmas with handmade decorations for your home and your tree.

Don’t fancy yourself as the creative type? Worry not! We have a bunch of easy and fun ideas to create stunning handmade Christmas decorations that will leave your friends and family in awe. Without compromising on the beauty of your decor, these DIY Christmas decorations will save you a pots of money too.

Here are our top DIY ideas to uplift your home this Christmas and take it to the next level.

A Designer Wreath At The Price Of Pasta!

A beautiful wreath outside the house looks warm and inviting. Break with tradition and make a stunning handmade wreath at home this year. Believe it or not, this one is made with pasta! All you need is a paper plate, glue, spray paint and some farfalle pasta! You can embellish it with ribbons and pine cones. It’s sure to garner you the envy of your neighbours!

DIY Handmade christmas decorations for the front door of the home with a paper plate, glue, spray paint, lights, crafts and pasta.
Spruce up the front door with this elegant and easy-to-make Christmas wreath

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DIY Show Stopping Homemade Christmas Tree

If you really want to make a bold statement, ditch traditional fir or pine and make your own Christmas tree this year. This easy to make tree, looks classy and rustic at the same time. All you need is scrap pieces of wood or small wooden dowels of varying lengths and a hot glue gun to stick them together. Decorate it with big bows and other handmade hanging trinkets and a string of fairy lights. And, voila! You have your own designer Christmas tree!

Christmas tree decorations using handmade christmas tree craft, decoration items, diy tree decorating ideas, tree lights, tree designs are simple diy christmas tree decoration ideas online.
It doesn’t take long to make this statement tree with scrap pieces of wood

Minimalist No Mess Tree For Those Looking For An Easy Out

If you don’t have the inclination to go all out decorating a towering tree or face space constraints, try this austere DIY Christmas tree instead. Spray paint a branch and set it in a glass jar or vase. Decorate it with a few Christmas trinkets – simplicity is key here. It’s chic and in vogue.

To decorate a handmade christmas tree use a simple and easy diy christmas decoration items, crafts, glass, real christmas tree branch, and get it ready in a low price that fits your budget.
This contemporary yet elegant looking tree is great for small living spaces

Make Your Own Delightful Scented Candle Holders

There’s no need to bring out your glass or silver candlesticks this festive season. Make your own charming rustic ones with cinnamon sticks glued around a votive candle, wrapped in a lovely little piece of lace or ribbon. You can embellish them further with pine cones and a touch of greenery. These are easy to make and the warm nutty aroma of cinnamon will infuse the house with the beautiful fragrance of Christmas.

DIY handmade christmas decorations to make yourself like all natural cinnamon candles.
All-natural cinnamon DIY candle holders are simplistic and graceful
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Show Your Tree Some Love With These Fun DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Felt Is Fun: Say no to plastic bells, baubles and tinsel and make your own Christmas tree decorations this year instead. Felt is easy to work with and you can go as far as your DIY skills allow you. You can cut, stick, sew and embellish (or not) – whatever you come up with will look festive, cute and fun when made with brightly coloured felt! Trees, snowmen, candy canes, hearts, stars… the possibilities are endless.

Christmas decoration ideas diy using felt decorations like trees, snowmen, candy canes, hearts, stars.
DIY felt decorations for the tree are cheerful and oh so adorable

Hang Those Cookies: Decorations made from salted dough or gingerbread cookies make for a super-fun holiday activity for the whole family. Not to mention the added advantage of making them will save you a whole lot of money! Get creative with cookie cutters and bake yourself some sprightly ornaments.

Budget friendly christmas tree decorations made from salted dough or gingerbread cookies
Hard baked cookies make for cost-effective Christmas tree decorations

Use Citrus In Your Quest For A Homemade Christmas!

Tangerine Santa: This adorably cute snowman couldn’t be easier to make – a couple of tangerines, some spices and little scraps of cloth for the hat and scarf! Place him in the middle of your coffee table or make a whole family for your mantelpiece!

Homemade christmas santa made by using tangerines, some spices and little scraps of cloth for the hat and scarf is one of the best price efficient idea
Could Christmas get any cuter?! This one is a must for the aww factor
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Citrus And Cloves: Oranges garnished with cloves make for lovely little tea light holders. They can simply be casually placed here and there as part of Christmas decor.

Homemade christmas diy idea to enhance your decor using oranges garnished with cloves to make tea light candle stand.
The combination of citrus and cloves will fill your house with a divine aroma

Pasta Cone Trees –A Striking Centerpiece And Eye Catching DIY Idea

These little pasta cone trees will make a pretty focal point for your Christmas festoons. Again, they are unbelievably simple to make and yet they look quite exquisite. All you need is a paper cone, pasta, spray paint and glue. You can embellish them with rolled up balls of golden wire, or beads and bows.

Basic Mason Jars Elevated To Make Christmas A Tiny Bit Brighter

A welcome addition to the window sill or side table would be these homely mason jars, simply decorated with a ribbon, lace, pine cones and a few sprigs of green. They serve as cheap but charming lamps to brighten up any corner of the house. And, putting a little Epsom salt under the tea-lights or candles gives a snowy effect!

Simply decorated glass jars holding votive candles are perhaps the easiest idea of all in diy christmas decoration tips.
Simply decorated glass jars holding votive candles are perhaps the easiest idea of all

Make Your Own Faux Fireplace For A Cozy Christmas

No fireplace? No problem! Fashion your own fake fireplace by placing a bunch of different sized pillar candles in rows. You will literally feel the warmth emanating from the hearth – an ingenious and elegant twist to the real thing!

Wealth Out Of Waste – DIY Cardboard Roll Home Decorations

If you want a project to do with your kids to get them in the holiday mood look no further. These cute and easy cardboard roll figures will keep them busy and happy too! All you need is cardboard rolls, paint and a little imagination!

DIY cardboard roll home decorations are easy and simple handmade christmas decoration idea.
These uber-cute decorated cardboard rolls will keep the kids occupied for hours

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Christmas is the season to spend quality time with family. What better way to do that than to join hands and create your own decorations to adorn your hearth and home. It’s time to get cracking and ring in the Jingle Bells! Infuse a little bit of your own character into your decor and see the magic of Christmas unfolding before your eyes.

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