6 Colours Of Christmas For A Jolly Festive Home

by Nikita Keshwani | February 15, 2024 | 10 mins read

Colors of christmas for home decorating

“Oh, Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.” — Kris Kringle

It’s officially the time to deck up your home with festive lights and bring in the jolly good vibes! As we welcome the Christmas season and await the New Year, we’re serving some delicious inspiration for decorating your home in the six colors of Christmas. So, gather your friends and family to glitz up your home and set the mood.

What Are The Six Colours Of Christmas? And What Do They Mean?

Everyone knows about the two traditional Christmas colours — red and green. But there’s no reason to stick to just two signature colours to decorate your home. There are four more hues associated with Christmas, and all these 6 colours of Christmas have a unique significance.

Let’s look at all these colours individually to understand what they represent:

Red Colour During Christmas

This bold colour always tops the charts when it comes to Christmas decorations. While red Christmas tree decorations give your home a traditional feel, using red in your home decor makes it look royal. Check out this kitchen in the most beautiful colour of red berries. The cabinets feature traditional carved handles and give the space a homely feel. Multiple cabinets, drawers and a pull-out pantry offer lots of storage space and make this space functional. Cabinets with glass fronts give the kitchen a vintage feel while allowing you to display your expensive crockery. What we love about this red kitchen design is the appliance garage with dedicated space for the oven so you can cook your favourite Christmas recipes that your family will love.

Red kitchen design for Christmas vibe makes it look royal
A red kitchen design for a jolly good Christmas vibe
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Christmas Is All About Green Decorations

Nothing says Xmas like this fresh colour! The colour green stands for growth, nature, health, and hope. It signifies new beginnings which is exactly the vibe we want in our homes this festive season. This stunning bedroom design with a green accent wall against plain red walls truly embodies the Christmas spirit. The green upholstered bed, pillows and cushions, and the potted plant perfectly blend into the theme. A chic tinted glass wardrobe has been added to the bedroom to elevate its style quotient without taking away the beauty of the greens.

Christmas theme colors with red and green for bedroom wall brings a festive vibe
Bedroom with charming red and green Christmas colours

White Makes An Exciting Christmas Theme

The colour white represents the snow that surrounds the holiday season and adds to the cheer. It is a representation of serenity and purity which is why all white designs are timeless. Take this classic white kitchen design, for example. Everything from the cabinets, to the backsplash, the floor tiles to the walls is white. A tall glass door cabinet adds to the functionality of this kitchen space by offering display and storage space for your Christmas dinnerware. The open floor layout allows you to entertain family and friends in the dining space as you cook a delectable Christmas meal in the kitchen.

White Christmas themed kitchen design represents the snow that surrounds the holiday season
White lends a soothing aura to your home interiors

Gold Adds Glittering Glam To Christmas

When listing the six colours of Christmas, how can we forget to add a bit of grandeur? Gold adds a luxurious appeal to everything which is why we feel it’s a wonderful addition to the six colours of Christmas. If you think using gold in your home interiors may end up looking tacky, here’s how you can incorporate it in an elegant way. This gold wallpaper not only creates an opulent look that is very Victorian but also lights up the space without occupying too much of the walls. Set inside the symmetry of wall panels, the gold wallpaper lets the sophistication of the modular TV unit stand out. The stylish metal floor lamp, the ceiling lights, and the artefact on the TV unit — all bring in gold accents to match the wallpaper.

Gold Christmas theme color TV unit wallpaper gives the space a glow
Gold and white wallpaper to give your home a glow
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Blue Is A Great Colour For Christmas Decorations Too

Did you know that the colour blue is associated with Mother Mary? That’s why it’s a part of the six colours of Christmas. Since blue is considered to be a tranquil and happy colour, it becomes the ideal choice for a kids’ bedroom! This blue bedroom with lots of woodwork and quirky wallpaper is not only a child’s delight but also a blessing for the parents as it comes with lots of smart storage options. Even the canopy bed comes with hidden storage beneath! The highlight of this adorable room is the compact study table with wall-mounted shelves that ensure your kid looks forward to studying as much as they do to playing. All these elements ensure that you don’t need to change things too much as your kid grows up.

Christmas decorations for kids bedroom in blue color bring a calming effect
Blue in the kids’ room brings a calming effect

Try Purple Christmas Decorations This Year

Royalty, power, luxury — the association of purple with these terms can be credited to its popularity with kings and queens. Since it’s a bold colour, combining it with another shade can do wonders for your space. Take this kitchen, for instance. Doesn’t the vivid purple liven up this compact kitchen? The grey overhead cabinets balance out the vibrancy of the glossy-finish purple-hued cabinets in the lower section. Together these, cabinets make this kitchen visually appealing and highly functional. The addition of a breakfast counter with chairs is the cherry on top of the cake that makes this design an absolute winner!

Purple Christmas decorations for compact kitchen
Use purple in the right amounts for home interiors

Decorate Your Home With The Six Colours Of Christmas

Now that we’ve introduced you to the six colours of Christmas and the meaning of these Christmas colours, it’s time to unleash your creativity and use them in your festive decorations. Here are six Christmas decoration ideas that truly embody the spirit and meaning of Christmas colours:

White And Red Christmas Decorations

It’s time to bring out the fairy lights! We love how these white and red Christmas decorations beautifully blend in this rustic traditional living room. The string lights in Christmas theme colours and motifs make this simple bay window look charming with its golden glow. What’s interesting is the storage bench comes with so many shelves on both sides for displaying Christmas decor items. Add silver reindeer, candles, candy canes and snow globes to create a cute Christmas corner in your living room. You can use the cabinets in the lower section of the bench to store these cushions, throws, and all the festive decorations.

Red and white Christmas tree decor in living room corner blends with Christmas-themed lights on the window
A cosy Christmas corner in your living room
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Red And Gold Christmas Decorations

You don’t necessarily have to cover your entire home in all the six colours of Christmas. You can also just pick two colours and add some fun Christmas-themed accessories to up that festive vibe. Here we’ve decorated the living room with bright cushions and sofa throw to lift the otherwise neutral-coloured space. The gold globe-shaped accent hanging lights and the star lamps perfectly align with the gold-legged sleek centre table. Add some red and gold gift boxes to make the centre table look festive. Also, the bookshelf with hidden cabinets can easily be transformed into a display corner for your petite Christmas decor items. The red and gold Christmas tree decorations bring the much-needed festive sparkle into your home.

Decorate living room with red and gold Christmas tree in the corner and Christmas-themed accessories
Add a touch of gold to the Christmas red colour

Red And Green Christmas Decorations

You can never go wrong with the traditional Christmas colours! The classic combo of red and green can make any dull space look cheerful. This living room with grey accents looks lovely when paired with only red and green Christmas decorations. We’ve added lots of Christmas cushions to create a comfortable living space for you to watch your favourite Xmas movies together with your family. Use your modular TV unit to display your kids’ Christmas artwork and hang colourful stockings. The red Christmas tree with gifts and the star paper lamps add the final festive touches to this vibrant living room.

Red and green Christmas tree decorations in living room paired with a wreath on either side of the tv wall
Brighten up your home with pops of Christmas colours

Blue And Green Christmas Decorations

Want to try something other than the usual Christmas colours? Use blue to create a unique look for the festive season. You can move away from the living space and instead use the kitchen window to create a lovely Christmas corner. This charming blue and white island kitchen is the perfect place to spend time having intimate meals with your partner. Add blue ornaments and blue lights to add a touch of freshness to your space. The wreath is placed on the fridge instead of the door to bring the Christmas cheer to the kitchen. Don’t shy away from decorating the chairs with cute little blue bows and garlands.

Blue and white Christmas color decorations in small kitchen island
Transform your kitchen with blue Christmas decorations
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Blue And Silver Christmas Decorations

If you’re not a fan of gold decorations, switch to silver to add a glittery festive feel to your home. Despite not being one of the six colours of Christmas, silver is a classic choice for festive decorations because it reflects light and adds a sparkle to the room. So, take out all your vintage silver ornaments and put them on display! We’ve used the floating shelf here and decorated it with silver reindeer, candles, frames, vases and even trays. The silver decorations in this living room stand out by creating a striking contrast to the blue sofa and blue stockings.

Home decor with blue and silver Christmas theme colors with wreaths and hanging stars.
Silver and blue Christmas tree decorations are unique

Red And Silver Christmas Decorations

Make your Christmas Eve dinner with family special with the classic combination of red and silver. Add a little white for elegance and you have decorations that will make everyone swoon! The red Santa cap covers for the chairs are a great way to add a fun element to your Xmas decorations in the dining room. The silver white Christmas tree and dining table decorations enhance the darker hues of this dining cum living room, making it look spacious and inviting. The adjoining crockery unit and bar cabinet let you display your expensive crockery and wine collection. The bar unit also comes with additional space for storing wine glasses, decanters, ice bucks, and more to complete your celebratory preparations.

Red and silver Christmas table decorations with Santa cap cover for the chairs in the dining cum living room
Silver, gold, white and red for elegant interiors

We wish you a colourful festive season and hope you have a jolly good time decorating your home in the six colours of Christmas. Don’t forget to gather around your loved ones and add your own little details to the colourful Christmas tree that hold significance for your family. After all, as Burton Hills said, “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

If you’re running out of time, here are some last-minute hacks on how to decorate a Christmas tree and some easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas.

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