Last Minute Hacks On How To Decorate A Christmas Tree To Bring In The Festive Vibe

by Pooja Dara | February 17, 2024 | 7 mins read

Christmas tree decorations for your home

Explore stunning Christmas tree decoration ideas that combine a bunch of different decor items creatively

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, and we’re sure you’re busy decorating the house in the quintessential green and red hues to set the festive mood for the holiday season. Christmas is a fun festival that gives you the opportunity to think out of the box and have a good time with family. It’s not just about entertainment and celebrations but planning decor as well – especially the classic Christmas tree decorations!

The most important centrepiece of any Christmas decor is the green/white Christmas tree (fir tree) – it can be real or artificial – it has always been a part of the culture, marking the renewal of the year as well as life during the darkness and adverse conditions of winter.

Fun fact: The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree with different ornaments, lights, stockings, tinsel and bright colours was originally started in Riga (Latvia, Europe) in the year 1510.

However, each year’s Christmas decor deserves to be different and completely fresh-looking from the previous one, doesn’t it?  So, here we are with some fun ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree. Just think of your fir tree as a blank canvas and unleash your creative potential to the fullest.

Best Christmas Tree Decorations For A Festive Vibe

You can mix and match the Christmas decor items below to create a unique look for your Christmas tree, whether traditional or modern. However, ensure the design aesthetic is nearly  ‘perfect’ and doesn’t look underdone or overdone. 

The decor items can include:

  • Tree ornaments – Coloured baubles (balls) of different sizes and colours, artificial snowflakes or cotton snow, candy canes, ephemera, tree topper, tinsels, holiday souvenirs, pinecones
  • Figurine Hangings – Snowman, reindeer, elves, raffia bow
  • Tree Skirts – Rectangular/square/circular, fur/plain
  • Stockings – Handmade/readymade in different shapes and sizes can be hung around the tree to symbolise good luck, hope and probably some gifts from Santa Claus.
  • Wreaths And Twig/Citrus Garlands: Be it a floral garland, an autumn-y wreath or simply a twig/citrus garland, your wreath can add a beautiful aesthetic to the space.
  • Christmas lights – String lights are one of the best lights that can be used to decorate the Christmas tree as they’re easy to handle and provide adequate ambient lighting for a warm and cosy ambiance.
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Perfect Your Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas With Lights

Learn how to create a beautiful and graceful glow on your Christmas tree in your living room with lights by following some tips and tricks – 

  • Consider the size of your fir tree before buying the lights so you have enough to drape around. The average number of mini lights required is 100-140 per foot of space on the tree. However, it can also range between 600-1500 mini lights if the tree is anywhere between 6 feet and 10 feet long. 
  • Decide on the kind of Christmas lights you want to incorporate
  • Choose between large bulb lights, icicle lights, battery-operated candle lights, mini string lights or a combination of any two  of them
  • Plan how to hang the Christmas lights on the tree – vertically or horizontally. Most of the decorators recommend hanging the string lights vertically (top-to-bottom) as it eliminates the chance of the lights falling down with gravity, is easier to dismantle and looks neater, too. As a rule of thumb, plug in the lights and place some of them inside the branches and some closer to each other on the outside to create some visual depth.

Finally, it’s time to dive into our top Christmas tree decoration ideas to give shape to your very own Christmas haven that’s elegant, warm and welcoming to one and all. 

White Christmas Tree Decorations For Your Living Room

Sitting in the corner of this living room, this white Christmas tree decoration is a delight for sore eyes. This decor element matches seamlessly with the white sofa while creating a striking contrast against the dark blue accent wall. Some Christmas tree decoration items have been seamlessly combined to create the overall festive look, from lights, crystal balls, paper cutting on the wall and some Christmas wall hangings. You can add another small Christmas tree on the other side of the sofa for some added drama.

White christmas tree decoration against the dark blue accent wall
White Christmas tree decorations for a classy living room

Pink-Themed Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Love Of Roses

This pink-themed Christmas tree looks unconventional but also gorgeous and cosy. The big pink artificial roses add the right amount of contrast and colour to the tree and pair exceptionally well with the bright ball and pine cone ornaments. The cushioned armchair is quite traditional and looks just perfect when combined with the Christmas tree.

Decorate a christmas tree with artificial pink roses, bright ball and pine cone ornaments
Peach-coloured string lights for Christmas tree decoration ideas

Light Up Your Christmas Tree Decoration Items With String Lights

These timeless green Christmas tree decoration items create a style statement with the plaid accents, bright red balls and string lights in the background. The overall effect of this tree lit at night with presents is jaw-dropping and mesmerising. The armchair and the lighting are such that it could drive you into a peaceful slumber in a few minutes. Add in some track lights and a neon sign on the wall for some added effect.

Green Christmas tree decorations with bright red balls and string lights are jaw-dropping and mesmerizing
Give your Christmas tree decoration items the perfect backdrop with a starry blanket of lights
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Decorating Christmas Tree With Ribbons

Decorating this colourful Christmas tree with ribbons could be a favourite among young kiddos. The simple cream and red bow ribbons and tree ornaments look vintage and bring a fun and festive vibe into the space.

Christmas tree decoration ideas with cream and red bow ribbons and tree ornaments
Add visual drama by decorating Christmas tree with ribbons

Simple Christmas Tree Decorations: LED For A Warm And Inviting Ambiance

This modern Christmas tree decor is all about lights reflecting in different forms. The string lights are draped around the Christmas tree for an illuminated vibe, while small balls and stars are hung all over it to enhance the beauty. Additionally, we have hung star-shaped lanterns all over the living room and paired them with some additional fairy lights. The soft yellow tone creates a beautiful ambience, making it a perfect place to have a pleasant time with friends and family.

DIY christmas tree decorations with different types of led lights
Decorating Christmas tree with ribbon, string lights and scented candles

Best Christmas Tree Decorations: What’s Christmas Without Any Snow?

Bring the snowy vibes indoors with this artificial snow-clad Christmas tree to enjoy a chilled vibe with your friends and family in the comfort of your home. Lace some white ribbons around the Christmas tree and jazz it up with artificial snowflakes, warm lights and gift boxes. This all-white living room symbolises love, holiday vibes and much more.

Decorating christmas tree with white ribbon, snow-clad, & ornament
Best Christmas tree decoration with artificial snow

There are many more ways than just one to deck up your Christmas tree this season. Infuse your own style and personality into it, see the magic unfold before your eyes and gather around to spend memorable times with your family and friends. Enjoy!

On this note, the team at DesignCafe also wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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FAQ on

1. What are some popular themes for decorating a Christmas tree?

Some popular Christmas themes include traditional red and green, winter wonderland (white and silver), rustic woodland (natural elements like pine cones and wooden ornaments), and modern glam (sparkly ornaments and metallic accents)

2. What are the basic elements for decorating a Christmas tree?

Essential elements for decorating a Christmas tree include colourful balls, figurines, ribbons, tree toppers (stars, angels), lights (string lights or LED lights), garlands (tinsel, beaded garlands), and tree picks (decorative elements to add depth).

3. What are the essential ornaments for decorating a Christmas tree?

Essential ornaments vary based on the themes but typically include colourful balls, lights (for illumination), a tree topper (star or angel), themed ornaments (snowflakes, candy canes, etc.), garlands (ribbon or tinsel), and personal ornaments (family heirlooms or handmade crafts).

4. How can I decorate a small or tabletop Christmas tree effectively?

For smaller trees, use more miniature ornaments and lights to maintain proportion. Consider using a smaller tree topper, snowflakes and space-saving accessories like mini garlands or petite figurines for effective decoration.

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