9 Lovely Christmas Wall Decor Ideas To Lend A Holiday Vibe To Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 15, 2024 | 7 mins read

Cheery Christmas wall decor ideas for homes

Looking for Christmas wall decor ideas but don’t know where to start? Here are 9 stunning ideas that fill you and your home with the holiday spirit!

The happiest month of the year is upon us! With Christmas just around the corner, there are so many things to plan and do – baking a yummy round of cinnamon rolls, decorating the most beautiful Christmas tree, buying gifts for your loved ones and having a jolly good time along with it all. 

For those of you celebrating, Christmas is a great occasion for friends and family to come together. While the Christmas tree is the centrepiece that demands utmost attention, you might want to consider putting some thought into Christmas wall decor ideas, too, to complete the festive ambience (and also for the gram!).

You can stick to the traditional red-green-white theme or go with an entirely different theme of your choice- the colour palette depends solely on you. Here are 9 modern Christmas wall decor ideas blended with the traditional colour scheme that is beautiful and easily doable!

Accentuate White Walls With Red And Green Christmas Wall Hanging Decorations

Looking for some last-minute hacks to infuse a Christmassy vibe into your home? You can never go wrong with a white and red colour scheme for Christmas. In a bright white living room, colours like cherry red and green are easy to highlight. Tiny Christmas wall decor such as cute wall hangings or paintings, some candles or lamps on top of your foyer unit and some gift boxes around the accent chair can look extremely vibrant and festive! Add in a decorated Christmas tree to infuse a quintessential Christmas vibe. With a bright colour scheme, you can choose minimal decor that isn’t overpowering.

Christmas wall hanging decorations with a white and red colour scheme
Classic colours for Christmas wall hanging decorations
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Christmas Ribbon Decoration On The Wall For A Quintessential Holiday Vibe

You can see just how pretty these traditional Christmas wall decor pieces look against a rustic background! You can stick to the traditional white and red theme to complement the tree’s green tones or try out not-so-Christmassy colours for the traditional decor cutouts. The ladder placed against the wall is quite trendy, too, given that it’s so easy to install and decorate. DIY your way with the Christmas ribbon decor or simply buy it from a gift store: the choice is yours.

Red colour Christmas ribbon decoration on wall with snowflakes
Christmas ribbon decoration on a wall with snowflakes

Ambient Lighting For Christmas Wall Decor Ideas To Match With Your Industrial Living Room

Lights are the perfect mood and ambient setter for the holiday season. You may deck up the bulbs in the pattern of a Christmas tree, or shapes inspired by the festival – stars, snowflakes or Santa Claus! This design especially works well if your living room is designed with industrial style design sensibilities and has dark walls. The classic bulbs and classy decor make for the perfect living room Christmas wall decor.

Christmas tree on wall decorated with classic lights
Light up your home with Christmas wall decor ideas

Christmas Wall Decor Is Incomplete Without A Wreath

Traditionally, the wreath is placed on a door, but it looks equally good on the wall! Similarly, stockings that usually go by the fireplace also make for great Christmas wall decor! We recommend using an actual wreath made from natural materials, or you could also use some Christmas garland wall decor to bring in a warm holiday vibe. There are tons of DIY tutorials available online to help you make the wreath that suits your decor style and taste. You can reuse one from the previous year’s decoration – nothing better than mixing sustainability with festivity!

Christmas wall hanging decorations with a traditional wreath and socks
The traditional wreath as Christmas wall decor

Wintery White-Themed Christmas Decorations Ideas On Wall

If the walls in your living room boast a vibrant colour like a stunning royal blue or a dark, bold Prussian, it’s an excellent opportunity to go for an all-white Christmas decor theme. The white gypsum panelling matches seamlessly with the Christmas wall hanging decorations and simply adds to the wintery vibe. You can use some easy DIY Christmas wall decor or Christmas garland wall decor for a personalised touch. We have added a white sofa and a tall white Christmas tree to match the all-white decor theme. The white and blue combination creates a striking contrast, and it is sure to be the talk of the town this festive season.

White-themed christmas wall decor ideas
Christmas decoration ideas on wall with a unique colour palette
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Add Fairy Lights To Christmas Wall Decorations For Living Room

Thanks to their innate beauty, these twinkling fairy lights can be used anywhere as decor and add to the festive spirit without fail. For some easy DIY Christmas wall decor ideas, suspend a bunch of them vertically to create a blanket of fairy lights. This way, the pretty lights also enhance your other Christmas wall decor.

Easy diy christmas wall decor with fairy light
Illuminating Christmas wall decoration ideas for living room

Golden Stars And Striking Pieces For Christmas Wall Decor

Gold instinctively promotes festivity, so why not include it in a big way for creative Christmas wall-hanging decorations? The five-point golden stars classify as a minimal piece of decor on the one hand, but their bold size makes them a striking central piece of decor. The colour gold plays up on darker hues, like the emerald green sofa furnishings, and adds a sophisticated glittery appeal through decor.

Christmas wall decor with golden stars
Go for a statement piece of Christmas wall decor

Minimal Christmas Wall Decor Ideas With Wreaths

You needn’t always go all out with festive decor! Sometimes, the best thing to do with decor is to keep it simple. A cluster of wreaths used for Christmas wall decor – all of different sizes and designs – help in keeping the Christmas decorations uncomplicated yet beautiful.

Christmas garland wall decor in minimalist living room
Simple Christmas wall decor with wreath clusters

Greetings And Stickers As Easy DIY Christmas Wall Decor

It is most often the simple things that make a big difference. Your Christmas wall decor can simply be in the form of elaborate lettering on a writable wall – this could be a fun DIY project for your family! Alternatively, you can look for stickers that can be pasted on the wall. What else do we need when we can make the walls look pretty and spread some cheer! Greetings, quotes, stickers – you are simply spoilt for choices to make the best of your Christmas wall decor.

Christmas wall decoration ideas diy with merry christmas lettering
Spread holiday cheer with easy Christmas wall decor

For Christmas wall decor, you can do so much with only so little! You can experiment with DIY Christmas-themed wall hangings, ornaments, colours, patterns and so much more! No matter which Christmas decor idea you opt for, it is guaranteed to put you into the spirit of this wonderful holiday!

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FAQ on Christmas Wall Decor

1. What are some popular Christmas wall decor ideas?

Some popular Christmas wall decor ideas include using traditional elements such as wreaths, ribbons, and stockings. You can also experiment with ambient lighting, festive artwork, or adding festive quotes.

2. What types of holiday artwork can I use for Christmas wall decor?

There’s a wide range of holiday artwork you can use for Christmas wall decor. Consider classic motifs like snowflakes, reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, or even winter landscapes. You can use paintings, sketches, or printed artwork to adorn your walls.

3. Are there any DIY Christmas wall decor ideas I can try?

You can create DIY wreaths using natural materials, craft personalised wall hangings, or make festive garlands using craft paper and ribbons.

4. How can I incorporate Christmas lights into my wall decor?

Christmas lights can be incorporated into wall decor by draping them around frames or mirrors, creating patterns resembling stars or trees, or simply hanging them vertically to create a whimsical effect. 

5. How can I make a gallery wall with a Christmas theme?

To create a gallery wall with a Christmas theme, curate a collection of holiday-inspired artworks, framed quotes, and festive photographs.

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