6 Striking Ottoman Coffee Table Designs You Don’t Want To Miss

by Pallabi Bose | February 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

Ottoman coffee table designs

Introduce an interesting element to your living room with these ottoman coffee table design ideas for your home.

The ottoman is one of the most underrated living room staples. It is a hybrid piece — perfect for extra seating, a decorative footstool and even a coffee table. That’s right! Ottomans can be a functional yet aesthetic addition to your home. Although it’s not the first staple you’d purchase for your home, if you are short on storage, forgo the traditional coffee table for an ottoman coffee table that can be multi-purpose as an incognito storage solution.

If you are considering an ottoman coffee table, we suggest keeping it for the last. The coffee table should complement the other furniture in the living room, i.e., the sofa/couch. Also, make sure to be thoughtful about its height and plushness before you invest in one.

Its height is one of the significant factors that you should consider when you are hunting for a multi-use ottoman. The height of your ottoman should not be more than 4” from your couch. You should be able to keep your foot up without straining your thigh muscles comfortably.

The ottoman surface is often too plush to use as a coffee table, making it difficult to hold trays or decorations upright. So, those ottomans can only be used as an extra seat or a footstool for your sofa. Then there are other types of ottomans that come with hard, flat surfaces. These ottomans are marketed as ottoman coffee tables. They are perfect for holding a tray for your coffee mugs, vases, etc. But before purchasing, test it so that you don’t spill anything on the fabric.

Now, on to some of our favourite ottoman coffee table design ideas!

Cream Ottoman Coffee Table For A Sauve Living Room

Cream is probably the only colour that can make a room look sophisticated without ornamentation. In the living room below, the cream ottoman coffee table is creating a perfect visual balance amid the five-seater sofa set. It is sturdy enough to hold items like a tray with a teacup and saucer and a small flower vase. It is also high enough to relax with your legs up. The colour perfectly complements the overall cream theme of the open living space against the textured brown wall. Also, this large square ottoman coffee table makes the room look much brighter.

Cream ottoman coffee table makes a room look sophisticated
Cream ottoman coffee table for an elegant home
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Jute Woven Ottoman Coffee Table For A Rustic Look

Who said a home must be streamlined, prim and proper to be considered beautiful? There is a strange allure in the rustic look as well. This woven ottoman coffee table paired with a round lounge chair works so well in this living room. The art-printed wall further accentuates the laid-back feel of this bachelor pad. As for holding items, this woven glass-top ottoman coffee table works perfectly well. You can also use this woven ottoman coffee table on your balcony, apart from the living room.

Jute woven ottoman coffee table paired with a round lounge chair works well
An alluring round wicker coffee table ottoman

Add Texture With An Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table

Paints, decorative artefacts and furnishings aren’t the only way to add vibrancy and colour to your home. Consider a beautifully upholstered ottoman coffee table and vivid sofa set while decorating your home. The black and white printed ottoman coffee table perfectly contrasts the rich, warm rustic sofa in the living room shown in the picture below. Wouldn’t you agree it looks stunning in this otherwise white and brown home?

Upholstered ottoman coffee table with texture creates contrast
Create contrast with a printed ottoman coffee table

Round Leather Ottoman Coffee Table For Compact Homes

A conventional square or rectangular coffee table in a home with a space crunch may make the space seem further small. So, try round coffee tables. In the image below, we forgo any additional chairs except for the couch in the living room. The round ottoman coffee table makes the living room appear spacious. The faux leather base with a marble top adds elegance to this piece while maintaining its functionality. We also partially broke down the wall separating the bedroom from the living room and placed a glass sliding door, successfully creating an illusion of vastness.

Round leather ottoman coffee table is ideal for small spaces
A round leather ottoman coffee table for small spaces
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Up The Luxury A Notch With A Cowhide Ottoman Coffee Table

The brown and white colour combination is an evergreen classic. It accentuates the crispness of neutral colour schemes. The cowhide ottoman coffee table in the lounge shown in the image below does precisely that. The refreshing cheerfulness of the farm-style home creates a flawless contrast with the tan leather couch, green butterfly chairs and the ottoman coffee table. It creates the perfect look.

Cowhide coffee table ottoman creates the perfect look in the living room
A cowhide ottoman coffee table for a high-end vibe

Space-Saving Coffee Table With Four Storage Ottomans

A coffee table with four storage ottomans is a great choice for studio apartments or if you do not have additional floor space to spare for the dining table. Furthermore, the ottomans come with hidden storage compartments to fit blankets, pillows and anything else you want within reach but out of sight. This is a great compact, space-saving and multi-purpose solution.

Space saving coffee table with four storage ottomans perfect choice for studio apartments
Multi-purpose, space-saving ottoman coffee table

We hope these ottoman coffee table designs have inspired you to experiment with the look of your homes. These are just a few options but the possibilities are endless. There are many varieties available in the market. If you want assistance, book an appointment with our expert designers and we will help you plan your home interiors based on your needs. And for more home interior ideas, check our blog section.

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