5 Modern Coffee Table With Storage Ideas For Your Living Room

by Nikita Raikwar | January 13, 2024 | 4 mins read

Coffee table with storage designs for your living room

Coffee tables are always an instant attraction and a coffee table with storage even more!

There was a time when living rooms simply consisted of comfortable seating areas with no semblance to functionality, design or aesthetics. Over time, TV units took a pivotal space in the heart of homes and living spaces. And while couches, accent chairs and TV units continue to rule the living room, coffee tables are often overlooked. However, with design trends and modern modular home interiors taking the front row, coffee tables with storage are upgrading the living room’s oomph. So, if you’d like to elevate the interiors of your living area, here are five uber-cool coffee tables with storage ideas for your home.

Rattan And Glass Top Round Coffee Table With Storage

Apartments in India are often cramped for space. If you have a mini set up for a living room, then this round glass top rattan coffee table will blend in easily. It’s lightweight, not too bulky and takes up very little floor space, making it easy for you to navigate across your entertainment zone without fumbling for space to stand. Not only are rattan coffee tables in trend, but they are also functional. You can store your throw blankets or even something as simple as card games in a coffee table with storage.

A rattan and glass top round coffee table with storage blends easily in the living room apartment
A lightweight round coffee table with storage

Scandinavian Rectangle Coffee Table With Storage

Scandinavian decor has time and again awed the world with its gorgeous minimalist home decor items. A Scandinavian-style minimalist coffee table with storage is perfect for making a subtle impact. It’s sleek and stylish and also features drawers for storage. It’s an excellent choice for someone eyeing a coffee table that’s functional and plays a pivotal role in minimalist aesthetics. The coffee table in this living room matches the TV unit and effortlessly blends in with the rest of the room and its colour palette.

A Scandinavian-style rectangle coffee table with storage plays a pivotal role in minimalist aesthetics
Minimalist coffee table with storage drawers
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Wooden Round Coffee Table With Smart Storage

Now, this coffee table is a tad different, isn’t it? It’s round and minimises awkward length issues in the living room when placed across the seating and accent chairs. Additionally, what’s so special about this coffee table is how functional it truly is. Right from the lift-top shelf, pull-out drawers and compartmental shelving under the marble lift-top — everything about this wooden round coffee table with storage screams modern aesthetics, and we love it!

A wooden round coffee table with storage fits anywhere in the living room
A round coffee table with storage fits anywhere

Unique Coffee Tables With Storage

Now that you have warmed up to the idea of lift-tops, this gorgeous lift-top coffee table with storage can also be a great alternative if you aren’t a fan of wooden round coffee tables. It has a modular finish and pairs well with the wall-mounted floating shelves in this living room. Meanwhile, the colour scheme creates a simply striking palette for a modern Indian home.

A unique lift-top coffee table with storage has a modular finish in the living room
A lift-top coffee table with a modular finish

Modern Round Coffee Table With Storage Ottomans

If you are looking for coffee tables with storage that are also space-saving, these coffee tables are an excellent choice. They are more than just a regular coffee table. They can also easily house four ottomans underneath — perfect for unexpected extra guests during a house party. What’s more? The ottomans also have storage! Cooped neatly below the lift-top, these ottomans perfectly complement the L-shaped sectional sofa and the bookshelf on the side.

A modern round coffee table with Storage Ottomans is an excellent space-saving choice for the living room
Modern coffee table with storage ottomans

We hope these five coffee tables with storage are a great set of inspiration for when you are running low on interior design ideas and need help with your next decorating project. But wait, there’s more. Check out these crazy bedroom interior transformations to entice the interior design worm in you.

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