8 Solid Kitchen Granite Countertop Colors For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 13, 2024 | 5 mins read

Kitchen granite countertops colors for your home

Look beyond the standard black in granite kitchen countertops for your home!

Kitchen countertops are supposed to be multifunctional as regards strength, water and heat resistance, and durability, which is why using granite as a kitchen countertop is a wise choice and an appropriate preference. Kitchen granite countertops colors have the ability to showcase a chic as well as a cosy homely look. Additionally, the blend of a coarse look and a shiny finish works just fine as an accessorizing detail for the kitchen. Granite is also very easy to clean because of its polished finishing, which adds to the pros of using one. The variation in the mineral content, or some kind of impurities, in granite brings out the difference in colors, providing us with mesmerizing options to use! These are a few granite countertops kitchen colors for your home.

1. Neutral Shades And A Slice Of Tan

The shade, formed as a result of potassium content, is classified as a tan color. It looks very coarse, with a bubbly and layered pattern. You can opt for just the combination of this pinkish shade and white. There are also options involving the color black. In this specific setting, it acts as a mediator between the two colors used for kitchen furniture. This tan granite could go with most color combinations.

Granite kitchen countertops in shades of red
Granite kitchen countertops in shades of red add to the robustness of the design

2. Greyscale With The Purest Of White Granite Countertop

This is a clear variety of white granite with almost negligible impurities. White granite for kitchen countertops is a top choice currently with homeowners. These slabs also come in color combinations, speckling the pure white stone, but the bright reflections off this surface make them go unnoticed. You do not have to worry about any permanent stains despite the light color. A white granite countertop also brightens up the kitchen!

White color granite countertops for modern homeowners
White granite countertops are in vogue with modern homeowners
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3. A Hint Of Yellow Kitchen Granite Countertops Colors

In a kitchen decorated with plain light colors, speckled countertop stones in granite look heavenly! Wooden textures and antique decor look great when combined with such kitchen granite countertops colors.

Moon granite stone for kitchen countertops colors
The moon granite stone looks amazing with an all-white kitchen

4. Warm Kitchen Granite Countertops Colors

Here, there is the same moon granite we saw earlier, but the look of the space is completely different. In an almost monochromatic kitchen, this granite found a way to stylise the intense look. It is helping the light to reflect off it and fill the room up. Not to mention, the granite hides small cooking-related stains too, if they go unnoticed!

Warm kitchen granite countertops colors with a yellowish
The granite countertop with a yellowish tinge combines great with the wooden cabinetry

5. Pastel Colors Love The Brazilian Granite

It almost looks like a white river flowing through dark forests! The green highlights itself in a kitchen with bright cabinetry and muted pastel-colored walls. An unusual option among kitchen granite countertops colors, pairing this beautiful green stone slab can be a bit tricky but will look amazing when you get it right.

Green granite countertops colors for modern kitchen
Who would have thought that your typical green granite countertop could look this good in a modern kitchen set-up?
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6. Introduce The Galaxy In Your Own Small World

The color black in a kitchen countertop granite is one of the most preferred. The Brazilian Ubatuba granite is a common variety of the stone used in kitchens. If your kitchen has lighter colors all around, this black granite might just steal the scene. There are some layered designs in this type as well; alternating between thin white and thick back waves, or greyish specs on a powdery black texture. These are one of the easiest colors to source and maintain.

Black granite kitchen countertops colors for your home
Black granite kitchen countertops are your safest best

7. White Kitchen Granite Countertops Colors

It looks like some blended patches of dark brown on a milky white background — just like trees in winter covered with snow. The granite looks coarse but is actually very smooth. Using different whites for a kitchen countertop is always helpful, and this one brings beauty and playfulness together. When you have planned a kitchen design in all white, this is a good option to consider for the countertop.

White kitchen granite countertops colors
Patterned white granite stone adds a lot of character to the kitchen space

8. A Pretty Neutral That Makes Everything Prettier

It is granite which looks like graphite! The color grey can powerfully transform a home; it always enhances the rest of the decor. If you have an L-shaped kitchen counter or even a small kitchen countertop, you ought to go with this because even just the small amount will change the entire appearance of your kitchen.

Grey kitchen countertops colors for modern kitchen
A grey kitchen countertop adds oodles of sophistication to a modern kitchen
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While choosing granite countertops kitchen colors, it is not necessary to go with just any one of the available shades. You may select more than one for different sections in a larger kitchen, but you must be careful with this. In any case, there is no denying that granite is one of the more affordable and good looking countertop options for the kitchen. Tell us the kitchen granite countertop color that you loved the most!

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