Check Out These Trendy Black Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen

by Pooja Dara | February 29, 2024 | 8 mins read

black granite countertops for kitchen

Kitchen countertops are an important element since they mostly bear the brunt of kitchen work. Give them a timeless and durable look with these black granite countertops for the kitchen.

Contrary to popular opinion (black -> dull and dark), black granite countertops still remain the most desired choice for Indian kitchens. They play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of your kitchen beyond just serving their functional purpose. No matter what shade or finish you choose, black granite countertops end up making a powerful and captivating appearance equally in modern and traditional kitchens. 

Depending upon the grade or type of black granite countertop you choose, the price of the countertop can lie anywhere between Rs.150 to Rs.500 per square foot. Add to this the cost of installation (if any) and the overall price further increases.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Black Granite Countertops?


  • Versatile – You can easily combine them with any light or pale colours (wall paint, flooring or cabinets) to create a beautiful contrast/stylish visual depth
  • Durable And Strong – They are heat-resistant, non-porous, scratch-resistant and sustainably hard/dense  
  • Accentuates Other Colors In The Kitchen – They help the other colours used in the kitchen’s design to pop out 
  • Easy To Clean – You can easily remove light stains and dust particles on it by using lukewarm water and a soft cloth to wipe it 
  • Easy To Polish  – You can properly seal the stone to retain its natural shine for more than 10 years by using granite polishing cream or polishing powder regularly
  • Overall Effect on Kitchen – Luxurious | Bold | Dramatic | Distinctive | Elegant | Stunning  
  • Wide Variety – They are available in different patterns, colors and shades so you’ll be spoilt for choice 


  • Requires Regular Maintenance – They are more prone to showing fingerprint marks than other lighter shades of granite. So, keep a check on it once in a while and clean it if you see any marks 
  • Expensive – All high-quality things come at a cost and so is the case with black granite. The rarer the natural stone, the more expensive it will be
  • May Look Gloomy – They may lend a dull look to the entire kitchen when paired with dark-shaded walls and cabinetry 

What Types of Finishes Are Available For Black Granite Countertops? 

Any kind of granite stone undergoes a finishing process after it has been cut to an apt size. You can choose between five kinds of finishes to determine what you want the final piece to look like. 

  • Leathered/Brushed Finish – More sophisticated look | Relatively new finishing style | Retains the original colour of the natural stone | Stain-resistant | Hides fingerprints & water spots   
  • Polished Finish – More typical/traditional | Seals pores in the stone | Enhances the shine of embedded crystals/specks | Wear & tear-resistant | Sleek look 
  • Caressed Finish – Adding more shine to an already brushed finish | Rugged and elegant look | Moisture-resistant
  • Honed Finish – Matt/Satin finish | Less stain-resistant | More porous | Requires regular resealing as compared to other finishes | More expensive than polished finish | Subtle and casual look
  • Flamed Finish – Rare finish | Mostly used for outdoor kitchens | final surface is rough with a faded/muted appearance

Let’s Now Explore What Kind of Kitchen Cabinets And Backsplashes Go Well With Black Granite Countertops

If you’re planning to purchase kitchen cabinets that go well with black granite countertops, make sure you choose complementary tones only for a complete aesthetic look. To double-check its compatibility at the store itself, use the paint chip sample of the cabinet and choose a shade that’s two tones lighter than the black granite countertop. Similarly, take a sample of the backsplash tile along with you. 

To spare you the hassle, we’ve rounded up a few popular options for you!

  • Backsplash Colour/Material – white quartzite backsplash, white marble backsplash, classic stone tile backsplash, grey marble backsplash 
  • Cabinet Colours – grey kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, maple kitchen cabinets
  • Cabinet Material – glass kitchen cabinets, wooden kitchen cabinets

The most daunting question for most homeowners is how to take care of black granite countertops? Well, just follow the tips below and it will be a breeze!

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  • Create a flexible schedule for cleaning your granite countertops. Ideally, opt for a daily DIY routine instead of a weekly/monthly routine to make it easier for you in the long run
  • Use the following solutions (50:50) to clean the granite countertops and avoid hard stains/germs (1) warm water and mild soap/detergent (2) warm water and isopropyl alcohol (3) warm water and baking soda (4) warm water and natural essential oils (eucalyptus, clove, lavender, tea tree). Once the stains are diluted, wipe the surface with a soft microfibre cloth
  • Use a stand to keep hot dishes rather than placing them directly on the granite’s surface
  • Don’t use acidic or abrasive cleaning substances (vinegar, lemon, ammonia, bleach) on the granite countertop to avoid any serious damage
  • To prevent the removal of the granite’s sealant protective coating, you can also use special granite cleaners available in the market


  • Preserve the natural beauty of black granite stone by sealing it once a year. It is important as the surface can get soaked and stained by spills over a period of time
  • Hire a professional for sealing and resealing granite countertops to be on the safer side
  • There are two ways in which black granite countertops can be polished – (1) Polishing Cream (Wet) (2) Polishing Powder (Dry). Check out with an expert for more guidance on how to use them

Finally, it’s time to dive into the most popular black granite kitchen countertops that homeowners and interior designers are going gaga over.

Absolute Black Granite

This modern kitchen with absolute black granite countertops and white cabinets looks pretty and sleek. The polished granite surface instantly makes the stainless steel appliances, wine bottles and other kitchen stuff pop out. This type of black granite has zero veining/pattern and is quarried in India. 

Classic island kitchen with absolute black granite countertops and white cabinets looks pretty and sleek.

African Galaxy Black Granite

African galaxy black granite has silver flecks on its surface that give it a starry night-sky look. It blends in well with the white glossy cabinets and the black refrigerator. It also lends a modern vibe to the kitchen space. This type of granite is quarried in Africa.

Parallel kitchen with African galaxy black granite countertop and glossy white cabinets

Black Galaxy Granite

This kitchen island countertop is made up of black galaxy granite. Its elegant contrast with the kitchen cabinets and bar stools creates an overall eye-catching kitchen design. This type of black granite is covered with fine gray, gold and silver specks akin to that of a galaxy, and brings a bit of drama into the kitchen landscape. 

Galaxy black granite countertops with white cabinets in grey kitchen island create an overall eye-catching kitchen design.

Blue Black Granite

Blue black granite is one of the most stunning and luxurious black granites. It is coarse-grained and doesn’t look overwhelming. In this kitchen, its polished and glossy surface complements the grey and maroon cabinetry and adds a classy and lively vibe to the space. This type of granite is quarried in Brazil. 

Black pearl granite kitchen countertops complement the grey and maroon cabinetry.
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Jet Black Granite

Jet black granite, also known as Indian dense black granite, is absolutely pitch black in color and is quarried in India. This black granite countertop along with the brown and off-white cabinets makes the dishes and other kitchen elements radiate and pop in the area. It brings in a contemporary vibe to the space. You’ll definitely enjoy whipping up your meals on this black granite kitchen countertop.

Jet black granite countertops along with the brown cabinets bring in a contemporary vibe to the l-shaped kitchen.

Nero Cosmos Black Granite

Nero cosmos black granite has fine silver flecks throughout its surface. It adds an amazing modern twist to this kitchen and accentuates the beauty of the brown and white-tiled kitchen backsplash. It has a glossy finish to it which is mesmerising. 

Kitchen has nero cosmic black granite countertop accentuates the beauty of the brown and white-tiled backsplash.

Polished Black Granite

Polished black granite lends this kitchen a strong and bold character. It helps to show off the beauty of the brown and cream kitchen cabinets. It has got a mirror-like shine and highlights everything that sits on its surface. 

Polished black granite countertops and cream coloured cabinets lend a strong and bold character to the kitchen.

Ubatuba Black Granite

Ubatuba black granite is quarried in Brazil. It has a combination of black and grey speckles on it along with  fine green ones that are invisible to the naked eye. It boasts of an ultra-opulent kitchen ambiance and contrasts well against the solid hardwood floor and the other black and white accents in the kitchen. The hanging industrial lights serve as the icing on the cake.

White island kitchen has Ubatuba black granite countertops with white cabinets that look aesthetic.

All in all, black granite is a gorgeous natural stone that can instantly lift up the entire look of your kitchen countertops and bring more life into it. So, wait no more! Choose your favourite black granite countertop style as per your needs, make the transformation and enjoy the results.

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