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For This World Coffee Day, Try These 7 Uber-Cool Lift-Top Coffee Table Ideas

Lift top coffee table design ideas

Eight awesome lift-top coffee table designs that are both good-looking and purposeful

Coffee tables are the hearts of living rooms. They are this central element in the room that connects all the other design aspects. As the name suggests, a coffee table facilitates coffee conversations at home; it is also a staple design element in a room’s interiors. Besides its appeal, a coffee table can also be a great asset for storage in the living room. Yes! Design Cafe believes in true modular furniture solutions that don’t just look pretty but have pretty amazing functionality. And coffee tables are some of the most exciting furniture elements that can be much more than just a small space to display magazines. If you, too, want to have a purposeful, functional coffee table in your place, here are seven awesome lift-top coffee table ideas to jazz up your living room.

Choose This Lift-Top Coffee Table If You Want To Have Friends Over

Things are not great when you have a small coffee table but a big social circle, especially during house parties. So what to do? Well, we know that the coffee table is the most happening area of a living room, but mostly coffee tables are too small to have more than two people. Therefore, to solve this dilemma, we bring you this amazing lift-top coffee table that can be unfolded to expand and make room for even six people. Its amazing design allows it to be folded when not in use to take less space in the room. And when needed, it can be expanded and used for all the social chit-chats. This type of lift top coffee table design is excellent for houses with small spaces. 

Enjoy With This Double Lift-Top Coffee Table

What if we said you could have twice the space and twice the happiness with one coffee table? This double lift-top coffee table is like two tables at one price. The table is smartly designed with two lift-top sections, allowing you to have two storage cabinets underneath your coffee table. Its surfaces can be lifted from both sides and store different living room items. The double lift also allows better storage organisation. You can get such a coffee table if you have more things to keep and less space in your living room. 

Go For This Round Lift-Top Coffee Table With A Marble Surface

We all love round coffee tables. They are sleek, take less space and are unconventional. However, round tables may have the perception of having less area than rectangular table surfaces. Therefore, we bring you a magical lift-top coffee table that is more than meets the eyes. The marble-top coffee table has a hidden feature of a lift-top with storage drawers underneath. When not upright, the coffee table adds an elegant angle to the living room. And when required, it adds the functionality aspect with storage. The coffee table can also be used in its expanded form to add a dimension to the seating space of your living room. 

A Sleek Lift-Top Coffee Table/Work Desk

A sleek and elegant coffee table is always a good idea! However, you can pep it up with this type of wooden rectangular lift-top coffee table design. The table is simple with a touch of elegant design, but when lifted, it echoes an uber-cool modern furniture design statement that can set your living room apart from everyone else’s. The lift top can be the perfect work-from-home set-up where you can take your work calls and complete your work projects in your living room. The folding surface has an ideal height — perfect for setting up your workstation. 

Tip: Keep the coffee table decoration minimal and clutter-free. 

Chill, Chat And Connect At This Lift-Top Coffee Table With Secret Seating

A coffee table usually fits in the seating area of a living room with a couch and sofas. But this lift-top coffee table is more than just a table. It comes with a hydraulic gas lift mechanism that lifts the tabletop and opens four faux leather seats — creating a perfect friendly coffee table circle at your place. The table’s lift-top system is insanely smooth and easy to use. When not lifted, the tabletop sits beautifully on the leather seats — depicting a unique-looking coffee table design that will turn heads at your home gatherings. 

Bring Home This Old-School Lift-Top Coffee Table

This low-height coffee table is reminiscent of the old Arabian-themed interiors. The coffee table is old-school; it is a solid wood table that comes with the twist of modern modular functionality. The tabletop can be easily lifted to store necessary items like linens, books, remotes, etc., underneath the tabletop. The table also has a yesteryear school desk with storage feels that will add a tinge of nostalgia to your living room’s interiors. You can add this gorgeous wooden marvel to your living room if you have a wooden-themed seating area.

Go Flat Around This Round Lift-Top Coffee Table

Round coffee tables add a sophisticated vibe to living rooms. They have a unique appeal to them that brings glamour to any place. But the round coffee table we have here is more than just a good-looking furniture article. It comes with an interesting lift-top/rotating feature that makes it one of our list’s most dependable coffee table designs. This asymmetrical coffee table design has a rotating top that can be slid out and make room for storage. The rotating top is easy to handle and great to store magazines and other items. This type of coffee table design is ideal for contemporary interiors. 

There you are: eight elegant and purposeful lift-top coffee table design ideas for the living room. These are interesting coffee tables that can add dimension to your monotonous living room seating areas. They are classy, unique, and so very useful. So, go ahead and add more substance to your coffee table areas. And if there’s anything that we could help you with, write to us! You can also visit your nearest Design Cafe experience centre for more lift-top coffee table designs and other living room furniture.

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