Cheap Interior Design Ideas For All Types Of Homes

by Sneha Virmani | February 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

Cheap interior design ideas for your home

Cozy nooks to natural elements, let your home shine with these budget-friendly interior design ideas 

If you love hosting guests at home you’d know that satisfying feeling of getting compliments about your place. More so when it involves putting together a space with cheap interior design ideas. Not only will your home speak volumes about your ability to display stylish DIYs and stellar bargains, but also make your space appear incredibly chic. 

The secret behind achieving a perfect yet affordable home is balance. From playing with natural light in the living room to infusing statement accents, each nook can be styled up or down with our design hacks here.

If your end goal is to design a home that reflects your style, do derive inspiration from these cheap interior tricks our design experts swear by. 

Less Is More

A cluttered home is never appealing. The first step to creating a haven you look forward to coming back to every day is by decluttering. Start with a clear mind, remove furniture pieces, accents, and even upholstery that weighs upon your house. It is a time consuming but cheap interior design hack that creates the illusion of space. A minimalistically furnished home with a neutral colour palette, artwork behind the sofa, and a chic area rug work to make your home appear bigger, brighter, (and better!).

Less is more cheap and best interior designers in bangalore in a minimalistically furnished home with a neutral colour palette
Cozy nooks to natural elements, let your home shine with these budget-friendly interior design ideas

Go Bold

If simple is not your middle name then this interior hack will turn your home into a story-telling canvas. A luscious coat of oxblood paint on a single wall of your living room can instantly glam up the space. Every home needs a focal point that draws attention and this blast of colour on the wall is it. Add contrasting elements like photo frames with bold black outlines sourced from a flea market, an abstract hand woven area rug, and a mix of cheap home interior items repurposed with love. Like the statement chair, as you see in this image below, can be an old item reupholstered with an old tablecloth. 

Go bold with cheap interior design with a luscious coat of oxblood paint on a single wall of your living
Open your creative eye to spot corners that can be accentuated with bold, striking elements repurposed from within the home
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Let There Be Light

Lights are the heart and soul of a home. But when you are looking for cheap lights, natural light flowing through open windows is the best. Neutral colours and open windows when used in sync, are a home’s best assets. If you are lucky enough to have ample windows in your home, like in the room below, design your home around it. A cozy nook around the window is the perfect spot to spend a Sunday afternoon reading your favourite book while soaking up some Vitamin D. 

Let there be light with cheap interior design ideas with  natural light flowing through open windows
Natural silk, linen, and cotton fabrics are cheaper, better, and more aesthetically appealing choices for window drapes. They allow natural light to seep through by adding just the right amount of colour to a room

Unexpected Flair 

Often out of the box ideas are solutions to practical interior problems. Add unexpected elements of drama to your home by using cheap interior design hacks to spruce up your place. Cheap interior design services by brands like IKEA offer dramatic headboards that can make even the simplest beds pop. For another twist add printed cushion covers and a contrasting throw on the bed for a well-design room. Small accents like a mason jar with fresh flowers on the bedside table fill up space and give the room an instant edge. 

Unexpected flair with cheap interior design ideas india with a mason jar with fresh flowers on the bedside table
Don’t be afraid to incorporate colours and textures to your room. Mixed and matched interior elements add depth to your home

Accessorise Right

Do you know a secret trick even the best interior designers never reveal?  Accessories!Yes the right pieces of decor can freshen up a home without moving a single piece of furniture. How is that for a budget-friendly hack? Accessories like glass vases, mirrors, pieces of artwork, trays, and even candles when placed sparingly in empty spaces add much needed style to a room. Style up an empty television unit like the one below with fresh flowers and statement accent pieces to make your space look more sophisticated. 

Accessorize with cheap interior design services with glass vases, mirrors and pieces of artwork
Often small and undervalued accent pieces can transform a space into a beautiful and elegant home

All in all, we hope this blog awakens your creative spirit as you put these cheap interior design ideas to good use in your home. 

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