Classy And Contemporary: Granite Flooring Design Ideas For Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

Granite flooring designs for your home

Versatile and elegant — that’s granite flooring for you!

Made for a range of materials like silica, mica, quartz, feldspar and more, granite is loved by connoisseurs and homeowners across the globe. Granite being versatile is used across homes and offices. Along with those sleek kitchen countertops, granite is mainly preferred for flooring in homes and even offices. With a home being one’s personality extension, granite flooring design helps in giving more sheen to a space. For the same reason, we recommend these granite flooring design ideas if are looking to create a plush home that exudes luxury and comfort like never before.

How To Choose Granite Flooring Designs?

Choosing the right type of granite flooring depends on a range of factors. It starts from the location or space where you wish to place it to colours that could match the overall interior design of your home.

Apart from that, keep important parameters like moisture levels, movement frequency and even slip resistance in mind before you get granite installed.  Also, there are various types of granites available. They include flamed, polished and brushed granites. Honed granite is preferred especially for flooring as it resists slippage.

As granite has natural colours, it has an organic and uniform effect. That’s why granite gets seamlessly integrated with any area of your home. You could choose warm and classy shades like brown, grey, off-yellow, off-white and black to create an iconic home. Even cooler shades of granite such as white and pastel grey are popular these days.

Keeping these pointers in mind, these are a few of our handpicked recommendations for the choicest granite flooring designs for your home.

Selection tips for granite flooring for your home
Things to keep in mind while selecting granite flooring for the home

Granite Flooring Designs For Hall

From cream to dark colours like brown or black, you can choose any granite flooring design of your choice for your porch, hall or living room. All thanks to their luxe finish and soft-on-feet texture, almost every granite flooring design is good for your halls, take our word for it.

White granite flooring design for your living room which is long-lasting
Plush and long-lasting, choose white granite floor designs for living room
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Vintage Granite Flooring

Still remember your grandma’s kitchen and her love for granite, don’t you? We say get inspired by all those feel-good memories and choose off-white or cream-coloured granite flooring for your space. This granite flooring design will surely look good in your living area but it would make your kitchen look even more incredible.

Vintage granite flooring design which adds nostalgic touch to your home
Give a nostalgic touch to your home with an off-white granite floor

Modern Granite Flooring Design

Quintessentially European and grand, white and cooler tones of granite give a modern and mesmerising feel to your home. Whether you pair it up with a carpet or not, this granite flooring design has a personality of its own — it will grow on you, one view and step at a time.

Modern granite flooring design which adds european and grand feel to the space
The combination of white and grey shades makes your home look more modern

Latest Granite Flooring Design For Home

Patterns look truly plush. It goes without saying that subtle granite floor design patterns are popular for a reason.  A clear white granite flooring with grey strips or waves will make your home stand out from the others. Not to mention their understated elegance that would complement all types of decor. Pick it without a second thought for your larger-than-life living room or kitchen.

Cream-coloured granite flooring design which is extremely subtle
Cream-coloured and subtle granite floor design patterns are being loved by many homeowners

Indian Granite Flooring Designs

Got a quirky or traditional Indian home? Then you should add to its authentic design with the help of a warm-toned granite flooring design. Handpick earthy colours like brown or even off-beige or yellow to give more comfort to space. This flooring design will look great for your living room as well as the master bedroom or balcony.

Brown granite flooring design for your contemporary indian home
Warm and plush, choose brown granite for your contemporary Indian home
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Black Granite Flooring Designs

Bold, beautiful and exciting, black granite flooring looks equally appealing as the countertop — in fact, even more. Apart from being easy to maintain, it gives a glossy effect to your space and exudes a never-seen-before sophistication. For an iconic home, black granite flooring is a must-have.

Black granite flooring design which is bold, beautiful and exciting
Introduce more luxury in your kitchen or hallway with black granite

All in all, a granite flooring design for home symbolises luxury, comfort and gives an unforgettable sheen to your living space. Go ahead and grant that much-needed touch of elan to your home with these latest granite flooring design ideas then.

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