8 Stunning Traditional Indian Home Decorating Ideas

by Noopur Lidbide | February 11, 2024 | 4 mins read

Beautiful traditional indian home decorating ideas

A collection of beautiful Indian tradition-inspired home decorating ideas

Indian architecture and design draw inspiration from the myriad of cultures and their many traditions. Going way beyond the general perception that Indian homes are all about vivid colours, modern homes in India to date have retained many elements of design and decor from hundreds of years ago. Even when these traditional Indian home decorating ideas fit seamlessly into modern homes, they still instantly strike you as true-blue desi.

Here are eight ways in which you can retain a part of your Indianness in your modern home.

The Traditional Wooden Swing

The traditional wooden swing, or jhoola, is coveted in many Indian homes, typically Gujarati households in India. Commonly found in living rooms or the verandah, the traditional swing takes you down memory lane. You can install the wooden swing as your ‘something traditional’ for a spacious modern living room. It’s a fun addition to your living space, as well as an additional seating option.

Traditional Indian home decorated with wooden swing takes you down memory lane
Wooden swings or jhoolas have been a staple in traditional Indian homes

Traditional Metals And Alloys As Materials For Home Decor

It isn’t difficult to picture an Indian home from a few decades ago: the backyard and kitchen adorned with copper and brass pots here and there. These materials feel soothing when used in home decor. Traditional metal pots and vases make for stunning traditional Indian home decor.

Brass and copper pots here and there makes stunning traditional Indian home decor
Brass and copper pots and utensils are synonymous with transitional Indian homes
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The Bhartiya Baithak (Low-Height Seating)

Move over chairs and sofas, sitting on the ground with folded legs is the real deal! Many of us tend to ditch the regular modern seating arrangement and opt for something a bit more comfortable, like sitting cross-legged. The traditional Bhartiya Baithak, which literally means a low-height seating arrangement, can be a great addition to your living room or entertainment room. Warm lighting and cosy additions can make this a great space to unwind with friends and family.

Living room in traditional Indian decorated with low height seating makes ideal space to unwind with friends and family
An Indian home is hardly complete without a low-height seating arrangement

A Jharokha To Welcome Guests Into Your Home

The ornamental jharokha is a kind of protruding balcony, typically found in the traditional architecture in Rajasthan. Jharokhas as wall decor are a common feature in many modern homes. These pieces are usually carved from wood, and the elaborate designs and colours make them a fun desi addition to your home.

Traditional Indian decor for foyer area wall with wooden jharokha is a fun desi addition to the home
Jharokhas inspired by a style of Rajasthani overhanging balconies make for beautiful wall decor

Honour Indian Prints And Artisans With Hand Block-Printed Decor

The art of block printing may have originated overseas, but it found true momentum when coupled with the unmatched skills of Indian artisans and our natural dyeing techniques for colours used in hand-block printing. Hand block-printed fabrics have always made their way into Indian homes, one way or another. Block-printed bedspreads, pillow covers and even wall art are a great way to introduce traditional Indian decor into your home.

Traditional indian home decor for bedroom
Block printed fabrics have our heart

Liven Up Your Walls With Indian Folk Art

The cultural diversity in India means that we have a wide variety of folk art to admire, seek inspiration from and learn. Warli folk paintings, Madhubani paintings, Pattachitra paintings, and many more beautiful indigenous art forms can be included in your traditional Indian home decor.

Traditional Indian Home Decor, Living room has folk arts on the wall that lends Indian culture touch
India’s rich cultural influences can find their way into your home decor

Include Artisanal Rugs In Your Home Decor

India is one of the leading manufacturers of handmade rugs and carpets worldwide. Most of these artisanal rugs are weaved by local artisans, who are well versed with the craft passed down generations. Relatable and functional even in a modern home, these rugs are often made from sustainable materials — another reason why they must be a part of your Indian home decor.

Traditional Indian bedroom decor with artisanal rugs gives a complete Indian vibe to space
Carpets or rugs are a simple way of introducing an Indian decor element to your home
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Add Terracotta, The Material Or Colour To Your Home

Terracotta quite literally means ‘baked earth’. Terracotta earthenware is commonly used in Indian homes as planters. Alternatively, you’ll also find beautiful wall decor pieces that can go up in your balconies or gardens to go hand-in-hand with the natural green of the plants.

The things that set apart Indian homes are much more than vibrant colors and intricate prints; at the same time, they are equally a part of the ‘Indian touch’ that you can give to your home. You can seek inspiration from the house you grew up in to add more Indian decor elements to your current home to evoke beautiful memories.

Traditional Indian home decor, balcony features terracotta pots and wall hanging lends classic Indian vibe
Terracotta pots and wall hangings are a common feature in Indian balconies and backyards

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