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6 Effortless Living Room Decor Ideas For Urban Homes

Modern living room decor ideas for your home

Do you have plans of renovating your living room? We can help you with the latest ideas on what is trending and how you can give a modern touch to your living room decor

Many believe that you can understand a family’s aesthetic sense by looking at their living room. Well, this stands true in most cases as the living room is where you spend most of your time. The living room witnesses it all, whether it is bonding with the family after a day’s work or catching up with friends over the weekend.
Since a living room is where you let go and feel relaxed either while binge-watching a web series or catching up with friends, the decor shouldn’t be something that overshadows the vibe. While there are multiple ways to enhance the modern living room decor, here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your modern home:

Put Up Your Memories On The Wall

When you have photographs framed on the wall, you tend to feel good looking at them with memories coming alive each time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be photographs that contribute to the modern living room wall decor. You can try having fun with your favourite movie posters, framing canvas that you admire or simply abstract paintings or sketches that you connect to. All of these, when framed well and arranged in an organised manner, lends that personalised feeling. You can plan to paint the wall differently, which can help out in highlighting the frames well.

Modern living room wall decorated with abstract paintings and photographs lends that personalised feeling
Posters, photographs, paintings or anything that makes you feel good can be put up on that living room wall
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Add Comfortable And Appealing Furniture

The first thing that comes to mind when you talk of a living room is the sofa. Since this is your happy space or what millennials call the ‘chill zone’, the seating arrangement should be comforting and relaxing: sturdy and spacious sofas, bean bags, a large armchair in the corner and maybe an indoor swing. All of these contribute to making you feel calm. As the focal point of most living rooms is the television, you can allow the seating to face that way, and the rest could be movable depending on where you get comfortable. When all of these are set up aptly, it effectively contributes to the modern small living room decor.

Modern small living room decorated with sofas, bean bags, an armchair and a swing making space attractive
The relaxing furniture in the living room has a significant role in making the space attractive and alluring

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Place Indoor Plants That Add To The Decor

Urban homeowners living in high-rises tend to miss out on the outdoor garden. To compensate, you can always bring home a set of indoor plants that contribute to the decor and are also beneficial to you. There are plants that, apart from looking good, function as insect repellents and air purifiers. With dual benefits, it effortlessly adds to the decor of your living room. You can always redecorate the room by adding more plants and focusing on their presence. Plants help out with the natural decor without you having to spend on showpieces.

Kitchen cum modern trendy living room decorated with natural indoor plants
Peace lilies, rubber plants, snake plants, ferns and others help you with a nicely decorated living room while speaking for itself

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Use Decorative But Functional Lights

The lighting of a room plays a vital role in boosting the setup. You may have the best furniture and wall decor, but things don’t work out well when the lights aren’t appropriate. Since this is a room where you want to relax, you can add floor lamps or even a chandelier. Try using large fixtures, especially when multiple zones are coming together. If you have a lovely and expensive painting on the wall that you wish to highlight, you can put spotlights that attract the eye. If the living room has a reading nook, get one of those intelligent lights that allow brightness adjustment the way you want it. Modern homeowners who opt for modern decor for small living rooms often choose recessed lights over tube lights or general LED bulbs. These look neat while improving the brightness of the living room.

Modern living room decorated with floor lamps and recessed lights attracts the eye
Living room lights shouldn’t be too bright or too dull. You can always borrow expert help when confused about making the right choice

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Add Colour To The Walls

Gone are the days when people stuck to safe colours such as white or beige for their walls. The modern living room decorating ideas for apartments has evolved where more and more colours are finding a secured space. The colours that are now trending are deep red, champagne green, burnt orange, charcoal, navy blue, mango yellow and more. You can pick any one of these for your walls and watch the living room transform. Once you are ready with the colour, think of the upholstery and furnishings. Wallpapers of different patterns and designs can be an option as well.

Modern decor for small living room with trendy colours on the walls transforms the look of space
Walls play a significant role in the wall decor, and when you choose what is trendy, you have a great-looking living room

Use Rugs And Carpets On The Floor

While every aspect of the living room decor is taken care of, do not forget the floors. Laying rugs and carpets in the living room gives a warm touch to the setup. Rugs are a saviour when the centre table is small, or you feel something is missing.  Apart from that, carpets add to the decor naturally. Some like matching them with the rest of the room, while some like to use carpets and rugs that are antique and charming, adding to the modern vintage decor living room. Whether you like monotones or patterns, it is up to you to pick one.

We hope you liked our modern living room wall decor ideas. Want more inspiration? Check out our blog section or get in touch with our designers. We’ll be happy to help you.

Modern ways to decorate your living room cum kitchen with carpets and rugs
Carpets get to be a perfect part of your living room while adding to the decor effortlessly
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