5 Smart Ways To Spice Up Your Bedroom

by Charmaine Kenita | February 6, 2024 | 7 mins read

How to spice up bedroom

Simple ideas to give your bedroom the right kind of chutzpah and spice.

There’s something about Biryani, yes the same food that gets us all drooling and hungry at the mere mention of it. Don’t believe us? Then ask a colleague who sits next to you or even your spouse if that’s what they’d like to begin their day with. This one dish just gets to us like nothing ever can. Biryani is a feeling, an emotion. But it is not merely a dish, it is various ingredients that come together to make this dish unique. It is spiciness that takes it to another level – the complex taste that comes together beautifully with emotions of its chef attached. There is a reason why foods are familiar and comforting. We go to them at the end of everything – a breakup, when we’ve landed a job, to nurse our wounds and even to have a good time. Just like we do with our bedrooms. We step in to unwind, rest, rejuvenate and recuperate at the end of a busy day. Why then do we keep our bedrooms so boring and dreary all the time? 

In this blog we show you that just like biryani, some easy hacks and ideas can change the look and feel of your bedroom. These bedroom interior design ideas will spice it up and make you look forward to going to it everyday.

Spice Up Your Bedroom With Vibrant Colours

Red, green, yellow and brown – quintessential colours of biryani! These hues brighten a room and will make you drool! Colour triggers senses like nothing does and can actually get you feasting on biryani with your eyes. Take these bedroom colour ideas to your space and watch it transform. Colour accents when sprinkled cleverly around, add a touch of glamour, chutzpah, character and charm to every nook and corner. Stack a vibrant mirror against a wall, lay out a cheery colorful woven floor rug, hang an intricate metal sculpture over the bed or just refresh the wall colour; there are just so many ways to do this. Covering exposed surfaces, rotating bedroom furniture are other great ideas to spruce up your bedroom.

Bedroom Colour Ideas To Your Space And Watch It Transform

Bring Life To Your Walls: Creative DIY Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

Food without good garnishing is like a blank wall without any life. Recall the last plate of biryani you ate, and imagine it without some of that crunchy fried onion, coriander and dry fruits sprinkled over it? Impossible to think isn’t it? Then how can you imagine your bedroom walls devoid of anything?  Lending character to its walls will give your bedroom an identity. Colours also affect emotions, are calming and rejuvenating. There’s so much one can do with them. From hanging a tapestry to a personal painting, you can select your colour and designs, art forms and material. Hang them up over your bed as a headboard or drape it over a bare wall and watch your bedroom transform magically. The canvas is large here and you can whip up many wall decoration ideas as part of your home decor ideas for your bedroom.

Wall Decoration Ideas As Part Of Your Home Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom
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Discover The Power Of Pillows: Spice Up Your Bedroom Decor

A perfect biryani is one with the right mix of spices The one thing that brings it all together is the beautiful blend of spices – cardamom, pepper, mint and ginger. Without these it is just insipid rice – a staple that doesn’t make your mouth water! Similarly in the bedroom, that one dollop of spice can transform its look are cushions or pillows. However, you cannot have too many of them. Scattered pillows create interesting character around bedroom spaces. Whether artfully arranged or randomly laid around their softness adds visual and spatial appeal. Play with them, gather similar colors and group them together. You can also fluff them on your loveseat or contrast them with your bedroom’s color palette. Make your bedroom brighter with bold colors or soft and airy with pastels- the options are plenty with painting decoration ideas. Pillows too make a phenomenal difference.

Choose Different Flavors And Textures To Your Bedroom

Small Changes For Big Luxe Impact In Your Bedroom

Just one dish, only one plate of it is enough for you to feel you are indulging in something luxurious and filling. That’s what a plate of fragrant flavoured spiced rice can do. Biryani is a meal in itself and its beauty lies in the simplicity of its making. Luxury is a feeling, a state of mind. It’s easy to do with less. Use this modern bedroom idea in your space and glam it up without burning a hole in your pocket. Invest in scrumptious bed linens of a thread count above 350 and replace your bedroom lampshades with beautifully embellished ones in linen. Burn a scented candle for a spa-inspired indulgence or load aroma diffusers with indulgent oils. Little hints of luxe can make even the simplest things ultra-luxe and coveted. 

Modern Bedroom Idea In Your Space And Glam It Up Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Make Your Bedroom A Personalized Haven With Story Walls

Who doesn’t love stories with their food? Everyone does. And we all have our own favourite biryani story. Like the one where it was the only dish we ate during childhood at the age of four and nothing else mattered. Or the time when we’d secretly gorge over it in between lunch breaks. It’s the same with rooms, especially your bedroom. Bedrooms tell you about your life’s story. You wake up every day reminiscing, seeing how far you’ve come with all your memories collected. Story walls are a great way to capture these stories in your bedroom. What’s best, is that you can do this yourself. Gather photos of your family or children to trace their lives and accomplishments. Alternatively, stick pages of a book on the wall and put together your favourite stories. Walls speak much and what better way for them to celebrate you and your family than this?

Design Your Bedroom With The Photos Of Your Family Or Children To Trace Their Lives And Accomplishments

Food feeds your soul. The Indian soul is especially satiated with biryani, fragrant, spicy, delectable and delicious. A dish that truly brings together memories of home. It is a similar kind of appeal that can spice up bedrooms. A little bit of embellishment, riot of colours, lots of accessories and what emerges is a delectable space to satiate our senses. How invigorating isn’t it?

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FAQs On Smart Ways To Spice Up Your Bedroom

1. Are there any creative ideas for incorporating mood lighting into the bedroom?
Use string lights or fairy lights strategically around the bedroom to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. You can install dimmer switches for existing lighting fixtures to adjust the mood as to your preferences.

2. How can I choose the right colour scheme to create a cosy atmosphere in my bedroom?
Opt for warm and soothing colours like earthy tones, soft blues, or warm neutrals to create a cosy ambience in your bedroom. These colours evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation.

3. How can I use textiles and accessories to add warmth and texture to my bedroom?
Introduce plush textiles such as throw blankets, soft rugs, and textured cushions to add warmth and texture to your bedroom. Layering different fabrics and materials can enhance the overall comfort and aesthetic appeal.

4. What are some ideas for creating a themed bedroom that reflects my personality?
Personalise your bedroom by choosing a theme that reflects your interests or hobbies. Incorporate elements like artwork, decor items, or even particular colour schemes that align with your chosen theme for a cohesive and personalized look.

5. How can I create a relaxing and tranquil environment in my bedroom?
For a relaxing atmosphere, consider incorporating elements like scented candles, essential oil diffusers, or soothing wall art. Choose a calming colour palette and keep the decor minimalistic to promote a tranquil environment for relaxation.

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