Love Detail And Deep Sleep? You Need These Indian Style Bedroom Designs Right Now!

by Anmol Kalro | January 14, 2024 | 5 mins read

Bedroom designs indian style at low cost

A compilation of cherry-picked Indian bedroom designs crafted to spellbind that fuzzy mind.

You’re lying if you say your bedroom isn’t your most loved place to be no matter where you are currently. Social media has literally given birth to a whole new Relationship Status: In a committed relationship with my bed. Preposterous? We think smart. It’s only the sole room in your home that you feel most cosy and private. All that reading, me time, thinking, over-thinking (if we may say so) and everyone’s favourite – sleeping!. All of it happens within the confines of the four walls of this comforting paradise. Seems ludicrous to not want to pay special attention to every detail of your personal cocoon, of sorts, right?

Do you know why Indian style bedroom designs won’t ever be edged out by even all that speaks vogue? It’s because of the immense warmth added by each of these bedroom designs that make it feel like home. This isn’t to say they aren’t savvy. Bedroom interior designs in India have seen avant-garde do-overs and how! We’re here to show you, quite literally, just that.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

The interiors of an Indian Bedroom are simply incomplete without hints of royalty that accentuate traditional looking antique furniture. If you’re going au traditionnel, make sure to incorporate stunning copper or gold backdrops to flame your bedroom game. Gold might seem like a tacky option for some, so copper seems like the more popular choice when it comes to Indian bedroom designs.

Indian bedroom designs with stunning copper or gold backdrops to flame your bedroom design in india
Hints of copper and dark brown taking finesse to a whole other level

The Classic Black And White

Ever wondered how the two most basic colours come together to make a bold statement? Black and white Indian bedroom designs are a popular choice in modern-day interior designs and mighty rightfully so. An all-white bedroom interior? Meh. Throw in a few black elements? You’re suddenly going to feel like the likes of Downy Jr’s bedroom. It’s fascinating how the colours of some elements can literally transform your entire bedroom design, isn’t it?

Classic modern black and white indian style bedroom designs are a popular choice in modern-day bedroom interior designs
A classic modern monochrome Indian-style bedroom design that boasts all things classy
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

Dressy Backsplashes

Looking to spruce up your existing bedroom? All you need is a single bold element to break the monotony of a boring room. Vivacious backsplashes are an excellent way to complement an all-white bedroom interior. Small spaces in particular, that struggle with re-decoration can make use of an all-white airy atmosphere with ample light coming in and large mirrors that reflect light, for a spacious look. To maintain this clutter-free zone, a single charmer, like a patterned backsplash positioned right behind your bed looks effortlessly beautiful.

Bedroom design indian with an eccentric grey white backsplash that makes beautiful master bedroom designs india
An eccentric grey-white backsplash that makes this Indian-style bedroom an artistic paradise

Layer Me Good

Nothing says snug like layering up. For an elegant and cosy bedroom, aim to use warm shades of pink, grey or blue along with white. You can even layer up with stacked comforters and cushioned satin pillows to complete this warm and fuzzy bedroom design. A small Indian bedroom has more potential to re-create than you would assume. Warm wooden floors and dim-lit hanging pendant lights are going to transform your room to make you feel all things snug!

Bedroom designs indian style with soft colours and piled up pillows make an elegant and cosy indian bedroom
A fabric play amidst soft colours and piled up pillows make this Indian-style bedroom the ideal cosy corner

Hang Me Low

An age-old trick but one that’s sure to work is a stout bed. Or no bed at all. Many modern bedroom designs practically have just about an inch-high wooden platform and a slender mattress layered up well. Who knew fancying up would mean cutting down? (On cost and space, how about that?)

Bedroom designs india with a low lying bed frame against a pop of tangerine
A low lying bed frame against a pop of tangerine that makes the bedroom seem spacious and bright

Vibrant Colours

A traditional Indian bedroom generally boasts antique furniture that blends in well within a mix of bold colours and ethnic prints. Not only do colourful elements make your private cocoon stand out from the rest of your home, but it also makes your Indian bedroom look mighty swank!

Indian style bedroom interior design with a mix of bold colours and ethnic prints
Smart use of bolder colours that make this Indian-style bedroom appear mighty grand
small space, big style we've got designs for tiny bedroom

A Warm Summer’s Day

Every day is a vacation day when your Indian style bedroom looks tropical. Spice things up a notch with groovy green wallpapers and large airy windows that make your bedroom glow! Another way to give your Indian bedroom a tropical makeover is using a colour palette limited to shades of blue, copper and white. Add a few turquoise and white throw pillows with a bamboo ottoman and your room is sure to take you back to the ocean.

Indian style bedroom designs with a groovy green wallpapers and large airy windows to make marvellous bedroom design in india

Warm Wood And Snug Sheets

Cosy is an unsaid bedroom theme and quite a favourite, too! Warm wood against white backdrops create a winter vibe the best. It needs no additional accessorising besides a soft rug and a minimalistic bedside table. Besides, who wouldn’t fancy a bedroom that boasts an atmosphere of healing, ailment and all things Christmas?!

Bedroom designs india with low cost by using combination of wooden flooring and brick walls
A combination of wooden flooring, brick walls and a restricted palette of off-whites makes this bedroom design all things homey

Now you have it at your fingertips – Indian style bedroom designs to rock the inner desi in you. For everyone out there looking for that Indian touch this is your go-to list!

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