10 Stunning Kitchen Bar Stools You Need Now, Stylist Approved

by Pulkit Singh | January 14, 2024 | 5 mins read

Elegant kitchen bar stools for your kitchen

Take a look at our coolest kitchen bar stools to elevate your home decor game to A-level.

When done right, kitchen bar stools can upgrade your kitchen from looking average to being decor magazine material. But it will take some strategic decisions to ensure that the kitchen bar stools you choose work in your favour rather than making your space look cluttered.

Elixir or kryptonite — how will this secret weapon of most home decor enthusiasts work for you? Have you shunted it to the table underworld, or are you making it the showstopper of your cooking space? Here’s our list of irresistible kitchen bar stool designs with gorgeous ways to get the decor right.

Sleek And Modern Kitchen Bar Stools

Be it an eat-in kitchen or a sidekick to a more formal dining table, these modern kitchen bar stools will fit effortlessly in both scenarios. Sleek and featuring clean-cut lines, their neutral shade will complement most modern kitchens.

Sleek and modern kitchen bar stools will fit effortlessly in the eat-in kitchens.
Modern kitchen bar stools to streamline the space

Sustainable Rattan Kitchen Bar Stools

Jute or rattan kitchen bar stools are the blue-eyed kids of kitchen furniture. They are sustainable, attractive and comfortable. They also provide a Parisian chic or bohemian aesthetic to your kitchen. The best part is that they are lightweight and easy to move around, making them perfect even for the outdoors.

Rattan kitchen bar stools provide a Parisian chic or bohemian aesthetic to your kitchen.
Go boho with jute or rattan kitchen bar stools
Get a kitchen that's perfect for your dream home

Minimalistic Kitchen Island And Bar Stools

Be careful when you’re choosing kitchen island or counter stools. There is a difference of about 10-15 cm between stools used in kitchens and those used for the bar. It may seem like nothing, but it’ll mean all the difference between sitting comfortably or with your legs squeezed under the countertop. So, make sure to check the dimensions, especially if you’re shopping online.

Choose the kitchen island and bar stools based on the dimensions.
Kitchen counter and bar stools aren’t the same

A Kitchen Island With Swivel Bar Stools

These industrial-style kitchen bar stools make a bold statement and sit perfectly in the homely kitchen surroundings. They increase the visual interest of the space, and you’ll find them in dynamic shapes and sizes. We love that they are simple yet modern.

A kitchen island with swivel bar stools makes a bold statement and sits perfectly in the homely kitchen surroundings.
Swiveling industrial-style kitchen bar stools

Wooden Kitchen Bar Stools With Backs

Wood is a popular choice for modern kitchen bar stools. That’s because natural finishes easily blend in with most decor styles, including rustic and coastal. While white wood gives off a warm cottage vibe, darker finishes underscore a traditional setup. You could soften the wooden seat’s hardness by adding cushions for more tush comfort.

Wooden kitchen bar stools with backs in natural finishes easily blend in with most decor styles.
Get a rustic look with wooden kitchen bar stools

Luxury Kitchen Bar Stools In Leather

Add some understated sophistication to your kitchen area with the earthiness of leather. Black, brown and red leather kitchen bar stools usually have metal legs balancing the visual density that leather provides. There’s no doubt that anything made of leather is hard to maintain, but then it ages so well — the scratches and scuffs turning into an enthralling landscape of patina.

Luxury kitchen bar stools in leather add understated sophistication to your kitchen area.
Make a statement with leather kitchen bar stools
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Upholstered Bar Stools For A Small Kitchen

These upholstered bar stools are the cosiest choice for your kitchen counter. Their size makes them perfect for compact kitchens. Besides, their medium height makes them multi-functional, while lightweight makes them easy to move. Use them in the kitchen or take them to the living room for extra seating options when you have guests over.

A small kitchen with upholstered bar stools is lightweight and makes them easy to move.
These bar stools fit snug in a small kitchen

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Designer Bar Stools For The Kitchen In Vibrant Shades

Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with bar stools in bright hues like yellow, red and blue. These kitchen bar stools are modern and trendy. They cheer up the room instantly and create an exciting element in a predominantly traditional space.

Vibrant yellow shades of designer bar stools for the kitchen are modern and trendy.
Brighten up your kitchen with yellow bar stools

Metal Kitchen Counter Bar Stools

Metal bar stools for the kitchen counter clean easily and last a lifetime — perfect features for a space like the kitchen that’s prone to stains and spills. They are often stackable, so they won’t take up extra space when not in use.

A kitchen counter with metal bar stools is easy to clean and lasts a lifetime.
Metal kitchen bar stools are functional and durable

Wooden Kitchen Bar Stools With Footrests

Do dangling feet bother you? Bar stools with built-in footrests, sometimes at multiple levels, are suitable when you have kids or older people around. Choose something heavier and solid like wood to prevent falls.

Wooden kitchen bar stools with built-in footrests are suitable when you have kids or older people around.
These kitchen bar stools ensure well-rested feet

When scouting for kitchen bar stools, don’t forget about the purpose and timeline of usage. If you plan to use the kitchen bar stools as a standalone seating option, something with a backrest and cushions will help with long sitting hours. If you want a visual focal point or space filler, choose something more architectural and modern. If you can’t decide which kitchen bar stools will match your space, get in touch with our design experts to help you plan your kitchen interiors.

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