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5 Big Stylish Ideas for Small Kitchens

5 Big Stylish Ideas For Small Kitchens

Small kitchens come with their own constraints. While muscle and legwork doesn’t work for them, some nifty ideas and clever designs add just the right touch.

Small, tiny, little…. words like this have their own connotations. They help us decide, conclude on how much we eat, what we wear, where we go. Small burgers, tiny countries, little dresses. Small is always reasonable. Small is beautiful. Like poems and couplets. There is so much that can be said in a little.

When it comes to homes, small can be pretty or it can even be suffocating and constricting. It can mean having very little space to navigate between the counter and cooktop in the kitchen. Or it can mean furniture eating up and overwhelming a room. Small can be cozy and warm or it can even mean space used optimally for the right furniture and decor. When doing up smaller spaces in homes, it is tricky to ensure that everything is put together just right, it doesn’t overwhelm yet people find it inviting and warm.

As good as small spaces are, they need more work that larger spaces in homes. Just like preparing a small burger needs more vegetables diced and cut, more sauces to be added and extra flavour, so too kitchens. The kitchen is one such space that feels the brunt of having too many things squeezed into it. It is often the last space looked into when designing a home, often put together haphazardly and without a plan. Yet think about it, a homemaker spends most of her time here. From dawn to dusk, a family cooks and eats in the kitchen, congregates and connects together. Imagine then having to squeeze into this tiny space and get uncomfortable navigating it?

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a prison sentence or culinary drudgery. It does not have to be punishment, like a tight dress you can’t seem to fit into. With some creative mini kitchen layout ideas and lots of inspiration, it is possible to pack in more into your cooking space and make it an inviting one everyday. Below are five little golden rules you can implement to transform your little kitchen. Here are some mini kitchen design ideas for you.

Embellish with Neutrals

Neutrals whether on clothing, in food or in a space offers a blank palette. It shines off the light and embraces a space. In small kitchens , neutrals give out a luminous aura, blurring corners and separations, camouflaging joints and lending cohesiveness to any space. While gorging on food, a simple white rice dish is enhanced with the colourful veggie preparations on the side enhancing your appetite. Similarly a plain white dress looks elegant, chic and is also a raw palette to build creativity.

Small, mini kitchen design ideas with embellish with neutrals
Neutral coloured shelves are a perfect blend of modern and classy

Design idea: Neutrals in white, beige, pastels blend well with muted laminates and solid color blocks. A cooking area that is bright and airy will seem bigger and give a sense of space. To lend creativity, embellish with bright crockery, quirky hardware, ornamental tiles and decorative blinds. Isn’t that a sumptuous small modern kitchen idea?

Spruce Up your Cabinets

Kitchens are made up of cabinets. These are similar to accessories that brighten up clothing, making a simple piece appear brighter and more fancier. Cabinets are more than functional storage units. They hide away clutter, add depth to the kitchen, lend texture to the space. You can use them to visually expand the space while also ensuring every part of at the smallest kitchen is used to its maximum.