9 Hacks That Inspire The Best Kitchen Storage Ideas

by Henna Achhpal | January 24, 2024 | 7 mins read

Kitchen storage ideas for your home

Organising will become your new favourite hobby with these kitchen storage ideas

Whether you’re moving into a new home, setting up one for the first time or simply making the most of your day off by deciding to reorganise, kitchen storage ideas always come handy. The kitchen is an essential area in every house and since your meals are made here, it’s doubly important that the kitchen is tidy and organised at all times.

If that wasn’t enough pressure, the fact that many different types of things – from food items in various forms to utensils and crockery in several shapes and sizes – need organising in the kitchen can leave the best of us baffled. To make the task easier and less time consuming for you, here are some of the best kitchen storage ideas.

Small kitchen storage ideas that eke out functionality from the most compact spaces to kitchen cabinet storage ideas that make you a pro at organisation, these cool kitchen storage ideas are what you need for a kitchen that Monica Geller would approve of. 

A Handy Tip When? You’re Looking For Modular Kitchen Storage Ideas

A general rule of thumb to follow in modular kitchen storage ideas, especially if your modular kitchen has both upper and lower kitchen cabinets, is to reserve the upper kitchen cabinets for food items and the lower kitchen cabinets for utensils and crockery. These kitchen cabinet storage ideas will ensure that mishaps like pots falling over or on you are avoided.

Kitchen storage ideas if your modular kitchen has both upper and lower kitchen cabinets

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Make A Heat Map To Get The Best Out Of Kitchen Storage Organisation Ideas

Begin by visualising your kitchen as a heat map in order of importance. The area where your cooktop is installed and the space immediately next to it will be the most important as this is where all the action takes place. Work your way outwards from here to determine the degree of functional importance for the rest of your kitchen. Once you’ve heat mapped your kitchen in order of utility, it becomes easier to decide what goes where. This is one of the clever storage ideas for small kitchens that help you make the most of your available space.

Make a heat map with small kitchen storage ideas with clever storage ideas for small kitchens

Frequency Of Use Is The Key To Effective Kitchen Storage Ideas

Next, think about the items in your kitchen based on how frequently they are used. So, all your kitchen tools like cooking spoons, spatulas, ladles, turners, skimmers and whisks, that are used daily and in almost every cooking activity, need to be closest to the stove and workstation. The same rule applies to frequently used ingredients like oils, spices, salt and sugar. Similarly, for kitchen cabinet storage ideas, cooking utensils like pots, pans and kadai that are used daily will go in the cabinet immediately below your work area. Based on your diet choices, arrange daily use of dry ingredients like flour, rice and pasta, and produce that doesn’t need refrigeration, closer to the cooking area as well.

Effective with kitchen cupboard storage ideas with tools like tools like cooking spoons, spatulas, ladles and turners for kitchen storage ideas

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Kitchen Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens Means Occasional Items Are Out Of Sight

Keep occasionally used items behind the daily used and essential items so they don’t come in the way but aren’t entirely out of reach at the same time. Consequently, rarely used items can be kept the furthest. For small kitchen storage ideas, the space between the upper kitchen cabinets and the ceiling can be utilised for rarely used and large utensils. These kitchen storage organisation ideas keep your essentials within reach, ensure an uninterrupted cooking experience, and are particularly useful when you’re looking for kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens.

Cool Kitchen Storage Ideas Are All About Grouping

Grouping similar items by size and type is another key hack from our kitchen storage organisation ideas. So, all the cutlery will go in one drawer but further categorise them by making separate sections within the drawer for teaspoons, tablespoons, forks, knives and butter knives. If you use both steel and glass serving bowls, group them accordingly. The same goes for glasses. Arranging items in groups also make it possible to nest them together by size, which is particularly useful for small Indian kitchen storage ideas. So, you can nest mixing bowls, kadhais, pots and pans on top of each other by size. Likewise for storage containers, with their lids stacked vertically to save space. These kitchen cupboard storage ideas will certainly help to minimise the chaos.

Kitchen cabinet storage ideas which are useful for small Indian kitchen storage ideas

Build Yourself An Appliance Station For Some More Cool Kitchen Storage Ideas

Bookmark the countertop area next to the electrical sockets as a station for kitchen appliances. Here, house the appliances like kettle, toaster, mixer and grinder, that you are certain to use on a daily basis. These kitchen storage ideas will ensure that you don’t have to move things around every time you need to use the sockets.

Small indian kitchen storage ideas to ensure that you don't have to move things around every time

Hooks Are The Secret To Clever Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Accessories like hooks, magnetic strips, pegboards and hanging organisers are your best friends when dealing with limited space in the kitchen. These make kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens a cakewalk by utilising all free spaces like under the upper kitchen cabinet, the exposed side of kitchen cabinets, the inner side of kitchen cabinet doors, and walls. Hooks can be used under the upper kitchen cabinet to hang mugs and cups, making these daily use items easy to reach and put back. Use pegboards on the side of a cabinet or on a wall to hang cooking tools or even pots and pans that come with handles. If you don’t have a drawer to spare for cutlery, use a hanging organiser instead. These are some clever storage ideas for small kitchens.

Cheap kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens where you can store accessories like hooks, magnetic strips, pegboards
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Rules For Open Shelving Kitchen Storage Ideas

Open shelving is one of the popular trends in kitchen storage ideas. However, open shelving kitchen storage ideas work best with items that you are sure to be using daily like mugs, glasses, bowls, cutlery and cooking tools in holders. Since these items will be used daily, they will be washed regularly too which will do away with the worry of the exposed items gathering dust.

Clever storage ideas for small kitchens with open shelving with no worry of the exposed items gathering dust for kitchen storage

Separate The Stock From The Supply For Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

To better organise your pantry, separating the stock from the daily supply are helpful kitchen pantry storage ideas. Reserve a kitchen cabinet away from your work area where the bulk stock of items like flour, oil, rice, pasta, pulses and lentils, salt and sugar will go. Portion these out in small quantities in storage containers that will go in the kitchen cabinet closest to your work area. Make sure the containers are of the same size and style so they line up neatly in the kitchen cabinet without taking too much space. Add that to your kitchen cupboard storage ideas. And if you don’t mind having things sitting on your countertop, or you’re looking for small Indian kitchen storage ideas, buy some quirky canisters to store your portioned supply. The cool accessories will work as kitchen decor, adding to the aesthetic.

Kitchen storage ideas india with pantry to store bulk stock of items like flour, oil, rice, pasta, pulses

Not only do you enter the kitchen multiple times in a day but it’s an area accessed by every member of the house so there’s bound to be a lot of shuffling and shifting happening. Don’t be disheartened if your hours of effort with these cool kitchen storage ideas turn into a mess after a few months. Instead, with the help of these kitchen storage ideas, make it a habit to reorganise your kitchen every few months. This will keep things in order at all times and will also help you get a better idea of the items you use frequently. You can then get rid of the items you don’t use as often as you expected, making room for other things.

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