Under Sink Storage Ideas For Bathrooms And Kitchens

by Ashish Rai | January 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

under sink storage ideas for your home

Difficulty finding storage in your bathroom and kitchen? Declutter this troubled spot with these handy design hacks 

When it comes to the kitchens and bathrooms, storage is key. Not all of us in our urban Indian homes enjoy a spacious, luxurious bathroom as one sees in interior design magazines. But that should not stop you from living well. The key to the good bathroom and kitchen interior design is smart and innovative storage solutions which makes organisation and cleaning a piece of cake. One smart way to maximise kitchen and bathroom storage is by utilising the area under the sink. 

We often designate the area under the sink as a dumping ground. Tossing and shoving things without much thought. And when it comes to finding a particular item, it becomes an impossible task. We’re sure you can relate to the problems we face every day. DesignCafe is here to solve just that. These ideas will transform even the tiniest space in your kitchen or bathroom into an organised and clutter-free haven.

A Vanity Unit For Bathroom Storage

If you are looking for adequate storage for your bathroom, nothing beats a bathroom vanity unit with cabinets under the sink. A unit such as this in the image here will help you store cleaning supplies, bathing products, in a neat and hidden manner. You can purchase these units from stores, or you can custom build your own with the help of interior design professionals. This is a neat way to keep your bathroom clutter-free and find much-needed products anytime you want.

Bathroom vanity unit with cabinets under sink storage will help you store cleaning, bathing products, neatly & hidden manner.
Make sure the material is waterproof and the unit is built away from the shower

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Cupboards And Drawers Under The Sink

Nothing is more irritating than struggling to find items in cramped cabinets. We all know how our bathrooms tend to get quickly cluttered with both essential and non-essential items. If your bathroom is deprived of storage because it is small then why not build drawers and cabinets under your sink? This will solve all your woes as you can store your toiletries, towels and other items in these drawers and cabinets and access them whenever needed.

White cabinet & drawer under bathroom sink storage can store both essential and non-essential items with clutter-free.
End to end interior solutions that save 20% extra space

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Open Shelves Under The Bathroom Sink

Open shelves are an excellent way to turn your everyday products into decor items and keep the space clean. Plus, they are great to store extra towels and other large items that otherwise end up in a closet. A mix of drawers and open shelves with wicker baskets (to store small essentials like makeup and toiletries) while the open shelves can house towels and clothing.

Under bathroom sink storage ideas open shelves with wicker baskets help to store essential items and keep the space clean.
If you have free space below the sink it’s a great idea to use a basket to keep unwanted items of clothing

A Deep Drawer Organiser

The easiest way to get the most out of your sink and free space is to build a deep drawer. A deep drawer allows you to store long utensils that are not limited to your normal cutlery. Here you can store pots, pans and large boxes of Tupperware. This organisation hack will let you save time searching for large utensils when you are in the midst of cooking. These deep drawer organisers will help you keep your kitchen clean and you will feel far more efficient.

Under kitchen sink pull out storage helps to store items from kitchen microfiber towels to empty pots and pans.
A pull-out organizer can help store items with ease from empty jars to pots and pans

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Recycle and Organise Kitchen Trash

Adual dustbin to segregate wet and dry trash is a smart organisation hack. It is ideal to design this under the sink where it is at easy reach. This keeps the bin and its contents out of sight. The reason why trash bins are kept just under the sink or next to it is that it needs to be close to where much of the food preparations are done. This will make it convenient for you to wipe food remnants off the counter and into the bin.

Under kitchen sink cabinet storage ideas dual dustbin to segregate wet and dry trash is a smart organisation hack.
You can place garbage bags on the hook of the dustbin for easy access

Organise Kitchen Cleaners

Keep your kitchen cleaning supplies, scrubbers, in an easy-to-pull out caddy or baskets as shown in this image here. This method for organisation lets you pull it out when it’s time to give everything a nice clean. If the space is wide enough, gear it with two, three-tier shelves with rolling drawers. Store disinfectants, scrubs, and sanitisers in one place with this caddy. You can even place a trash bin if you have space or make space for toilet paper rolls too.

Under sink counter storage in the kitchen keep cleaning supplies, scrubbers, in an easy-to-pull out caddy for clutter-free.
You can also use a tension rod for your shower sprays, glass cleaners to hang them separately
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We all know the pain of not having enough storage space in bathrooms and kitchens. With simple remodelling and smart design hacks, you can create an ample amount of space under the sink.  

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Ashish Rai

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