Stunning Side Table Designs To Make Your Home Feel Warm And Wonderful

by Ashish Rai | January 23, 2024 | 6 mins read

Side table design ideas for your home

Side tables are there to serve a functional purpose, but can they look stylish too? 

Side tables are usually an afterthought when it comes to interior design and decoration. After all, they are there to serve a functional purpose, which is what most homeowners think. However, side tables can be a slick addition to your space and can amp up the style quotient several notches. So why not provide them with the importance they deserve? A side table provides additional storage and has the potential to become a creative decorative piece too.

From various designs to hardwood stools, sculptural tables, or those with extra seating for a guest that crashed your lunch party – the range of side tables is endless. Whether you love a simple, minimalistic design or a big table with drawers, we have sourced the perfect set of side table designs for you.

A Bedside Table

Bedside tables complete the look of your bedroom. With stylish, sleek and contrasting designs, a side table can blend with the interiors of the space it is used in. Besides, it has the power to elevate the room’s function and comfort. Your bedside table also serves as a platform to keep your book, alarm clock, or gadgets. See the side table in this image here – A modern design that has been built to resemble square boxes stacked up on top of each other. It’s sleek, slender and yet serves the purpose and complements the decor of this bedroom. 

This bedside table design for bedroom built to resemble square boxes stacked up on top of each other
This playful end table would harmonise effortlessly with any bedroom decor

Don’t Let Your Sofa Be Alone

Okay, so you have got your sofa in the living room but now what’s next? The next essential piece of furniture in your living room is a side table. Side tables in living rooms bring a sense of style as well as provide a place to display lamps or potted plants. They balance the layout and can also be used for place beverages and snacks when you entertain.

Wooden side table designs for living room next to sofa brings a sense of style as well as provide a place to display lamps
This wooden side table brings in a feeling of warmth to the living room
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Side Table With Drawers

Besides the occasional accent chair you may use as part of your living room layout, a side table deserves attention. Just like carpets and rugs, side tables may not always be the focal point of the interior design, but they do tie a space together. A side table can be practical if it is designed with storage. Now you can house all your unwanted magazines, extra remote batteries, chargers, books etc. It is a great way to add more decor accents to your living room if you use it to display an antique vase, picture frames, a table lamp or indoor plants.

Side table designs for living room beside the occasional accent chair adds more decor accents and can display lamps on it
This cool black and white side table goes perfectly with the green walls and grey accent chairs

A Side Table Designed For The Dining Room

A side table in the dining room is like a silent support system – a must-have piece if you like to keep things organised and clutter-free. Ample storage space is key to both the form and function of any dining room. So with this in mind, opt for a spacious side table for both extra surface room for serving and drawers for plates and silverware. To truly get the most out of your dining area it’s best to invest in a multi-functional side table that makes optimum use of available space.

Multi-functional side table design in the dining room that makes optimum use of available space with clutter-free.

A Small Black Minimalistic Side Table

Let the minimalist in you rejoice! For all those who love less this one’s for you. You don’t need a fancy or an expensive side table to make your bedroom look trendy and functional. A simple side table can do the trick with ease. Designed with a mix of glass and metal, this black side table is both simple and stylish. A perfect combination of sophistication and affordability, it’s one of the best choices available for all you minimalists!

The minimalist black metal bedside table design is a perfect combination of sophistication and affordability for bedroom
This slender black metal side table does not lack personality
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White – A Plain Beauty

Nothing portrays elegance, simplicity and cleanliness as well as a white side table. The side table in this image here may be simple but not ordinary. It is a versatile piece that’s neutral and adds outstanding value. It sits in the corner yet serves a purpose. With two roomy drawers and a sleek shape, it strikes the perfect balance between form and function. It also complements the colour scheme of this living room that is all white.

White side table portrays elegance, simplicity and cleanliness and perfect balance between form and function for  living room
If you are in doubt, then a white side table will be the perfect choice for any room

Side Table In A Bathroom

Modern bathrooms have come a long way in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Today’s bathrooms act as a serene, home retreat that offer spa-style affluence. With standalone bathtubs becoming popular, a side table is a wonderful addition that will alter the ambience of the bathroom. A side table in your bathroom or next to the bathtub can help keep your magazines, shampoo and towels within easy reach as you take a refreshing soak. If you have already picked a theme for your bathroom, pick one that will complement the style and accentuates it elegantly.

Modern white bathroom side table designs with drawers can help keep your magazines, shampoo and towels within easy reach.
This beautiful side table brings warmth to the eclectic modern bathroom.

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A Side Table At The Entryway

An entryway side table has greeted hundreds of guests and residents for thousands of years serving a multitude of purposes. Entry tables give entrants to a home a ‘first impression’ glimpse into your space. While many view a home’s entry side table purely as a decorative accent piece others prefer to use it for utilitarian purposes. An entry side table can help homeowners use it as a surface to place  keys and mail organisers and for those who prefer using it for decor can add a flower vase or a pretty arrangement of candles. Whatever your personal style may be, an entryway side table can make a fantastic first impression.

An entryway wall side table has a multitude of purposes can place keys, mail organisers, flower vase and pretty candles.
For those who like their entryways to feel more homely, an entry table is a perfect addition to your home

We hope you loved our ideas about the side table designs – there are countless ways on how a side table can bring in decor and functionality to any room.

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