5 Genius Ideas To Enhance Your Kitchen Organization

by Charmaine Kenita | February 27, 2024 | 6 mins read

5 Ideas To Enhance Kitchen Organization

The devil lies in the details. In kitchens, it lies in clever optimization of space. Here are some lip-smacking kitchen organisation tips to consider before you cook your next meal.

Kitchens are busy spaces, heaving so much weight night and day. If they’re working out, why must you take all the stress? Cook food peacefully with clever kitchen organisation ideas that make working in this space easy and stress-free

A lot can go right over coffee or a lot can go wrong in movies. Movies play up situations and instances we wouldn’t have ever thought about. Take impossible scenes from  Mission Impossible that has Tom Cruise hanging over the side of a building for dear life. Every day at home has such cliffhanger moments. Haven’t you rushed like a marathoner towards the breakfast table only to have hot milk splatter over your little one? Or come rushing back to the kitchen only to watch milk boil over and spill. Then the grabbing of tiffin’s and bottles, a sprint towards the school bus, the excitement, adrenaline and joy of another hectic morning all done. Where does all this excitement begin and end? In the kitchen of course. The elaborate menu preparation, whipping up weekend treats, scrumptious food, your kitchen always delivers and how. As well oiled as a kitchen is, functional inconsistencies can throw everything off guard sometimes.

The on-goings in a kitchen decide the moods and movements in a home. This is similar to movies with their abrupt twists and turns – a heroine’s father turning up at the wrong time or a villain throwing everything off-guard. It is not for nothing that it is said, a kitchen nurtures as well as nourishes. If something is not in order, then there are tips and tricks to ensure that the kitchen workflow runs smooth as clockwork, allowing you to work stress-free and optimise function at all times.

Create a Chalkboard Wall For A Functional Kitchen

“Mera baap chor hain” goes a popular dialogue by Amitabh Bachchan’s character from his movie Deewaar. This had remained an enduring dialogue in Bollywood history. As controversial as this scene, it shows the importance of writing everything down. In the kitchen, what better way to do this than on a chalkboard wall. Don’t have one? Then get your designer to do it for you or make a chalkboard wall yourself. From kitchen menus to reminders, to-do lists and more, jotting it down can make it easier to remember. Chalkboards also look and feel great, capture the design aesthetics of a cafe or bistro and are a great backdrop for entertaining guests.

Cool kitchen design hacks on a budget

Upgrade Your Kitchen With This Easy Masalas Organization Hack

Remember the storyline from Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Chupke Chupke where Dharmendra is actually a Botany professor but disguises himself as a driver, and Amitabh a Hindi professor who speaks about botany, and the hilarious confusion and fun that follows? That’s masala of the entertainment kind. Masalas of the practical kind are best maintained separately in . Storing them in tiny little jars with labels nestled in a rack – rotating or simple holders – makes them handy and the bottles look chic. The cooking space looks smart and colourful, your kitchen looks pretty. Just this small kitchen organisation idea can revitalise your space.

Upgrade kitchen with easy masalas organization hack
Maintain a masala rack to organise kitchens

Create a Functional and Beautiful Kitchen with Your Own Herb Garden

It is not for nothing that most movies began or ended with flowers and greens and romantic scenes ended in rose buds. Not to forget ferns ignited a fresh bout of sneezing when getting into delicate actresses nose. If their impact was all that much, imagine the impact they’d have in your kitchen, not just as visual treats but gastronomic ones too. Herbs are fresh, flavourful, and can be cultivated easily. Herb gardens look great on window sills, can be added into food at any time and add an aesthetic element to the cooking space. Small plants like tomato, potato and ginger can be cultivated in your balcony. You’ll not have to keep rushing out to purchase these everytime- fantastic functional kitchen design isn’t?

Create functional kitchen with herb garden
A smart, compact kitchen unit with dangling herb pots is all you need
Can't find the right sized modular kitchen?

Optimise Your Kitchen Storage With Ergonomics

Jump over pots and pans, skid over dripped oil and find yourself fallen in a mess in one corner of the kitchen. That’s pretty much how Madhuri Dixit fell in Bollywood blockbuster Dil and even actor Rowan Atkinson fell into snow in Hollywood movie Johnny English. Falling comically everywhere to their embarrassment will be your fate if storage isn’t well designed in your home. Use ergonomics to design cabinets and cutlery cupboards to avoid constantly searching for bottles and storage items. Rely on kitchen cabinet organisation ideas to improve the functionality of your kitchen, the cooking triangle, keeping essentials in the centre and non-essentials in the fringes. Use devices that optimise storage including retractable rods, vertical drawers, magnetic pegboards etc. Take care of ergonomics and it takes care of pretty much everyone in the home – from children to older people who have trouble accessing utensils.

Optimise kitchen storage with ergonomics
Let your kitchen shine with these glossy white cabinets

Opt For Open Shelves And Glass Facades

When Anil Kapoor in Lamhe tells Sridevi how much he loves her and his emotions are on display for all to see, it is really one of Hindi cinema’s most heart-melting moments. Imagine displaying all your essential cutlery and utensils so it’s easy to highlight your wares and pick things quickly? Wouldn’t it be love oozing out of you while stepping into your kitchen every morning? Similarly, open shelves and glass facades in kitchen cabinets help you better organised, gives you a view of stuff inside, keeps track of what you need to refill and more. Always ensure that upper cabinets have these for easy access. They also open up the kitchen and make it pretty apart from being a great kitchen cabinet organisation idea.

Open Shelves and Glass Facades to Organize Your Kitchens
Put the most elegant crockery on display with these open glass facades

Research has shown that the most stress for women dissipates when cooking. Yet what’s the point if a woman has to walk into a kitchen and encounter trouble? Looking for things, utensils, spilling over food, misplacing crockery and cutlery thanks to bad utility despite great look and aesthetics is amess any homeowner would want to avoid. While the aesthetics of a kitchen are important so is its utilitarian value. Rejig your kitchen with these genius kitchen organisation hacks – trust us you won’t regret a little shake-up!

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