From Wow to Wooow: Chic Living Room Marble Wall Design Ideas

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Living room marble wall design infuses a luxury look

Give your living room the ultimate upgrade with a luxurious and chic marble wall design. Read on.

The inspiration for any modern-day living room marble wall design comes from the palaces of yesteryear kings and queens for whom marble symbolised luxury. As times have changed, so has the meaning rendered by the natural stone. From being a primary symbol of luxury, it has evolved into a material that lends elegance and sophistication to a space. Precisely why the charm of this stone can be seen in the modern world of home interiors in many forms — from flooring to wall cladding and accent wall to backsplash and more. We tell you how to design your living room wall with beautiful marble stone in seven ways! Pick one that works best for your family’s preferences.

Elegant Living Room Marble Wall Design For A Partition

This design shows how elegantly a marble wall design can partition a living room for effective use of space. The gold panelling on the marble wall makes it further exquisite. Yet to complete the opulent look of the room, the flooring is also done in the same material, thus elevating the sophistication level of the space. Also, the custom, freestanding open mandir, the indoor plants, and the wooden tables add to the elegant vibe of the room. This design scores high for complementing the Italian marble wall with stunning decor. To know more about the different types of Italian marble.

Living room marble wall design for partition with gold paneling on it
Marble wall design for living room partition
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Classic Marble Feature Wall In The Living Room

Marble feature walls are also an interesting design with the stone. In fact, the classic material has an understated grace that allows it to be used in conjunction with other materials or accent walls. In this design, for instance, the marble stone sits beautifully in the industrial wall setting while also complementing the other feature wall with white panelling. The floating TV unit and the marble rack make good use of space, ensuring that the focus can remain on the feature walls.

Classic marble wall designs for living room with marble rack
Use marble for a feature wall in your living room

Luxurious Marble TV Wall Design In The Living Room 

When looking for marble wall designs for the living room, consider how to incorporate them into your TV space. In this design, the marble backsplash goes well with the floating TV unit. Besides, TV units with plain backgrounds are passe. So, enhance your TV unit’s look with the richness of marble. This way, even when it is designed to be multi-functional, as seen here, with open and closed cabinets, your entertainment section still commands attention.

Living room marble tv wall design with open and closed cabinets
Make a statement with marble for the TV unit

Gorgeous White Marble Tiles For Living Room Walls

Got high ceilings in your living room? Flaunt your home’s walls with marble tiles then! We love this design for two key reasons — the use of marble tiles for living room walls, of course, and the interplay of marble with wood on the walls. The use of gold panelling and accent lights is also effective in accentuating the space. With statement sofa chairs and other fascinating decor elements, the room spells sophistication overall.

White marble tiles for living room walls incorporated with wood
Marble tiles accentuate living room walls

Pristine Marble Wall For The Mandir In The Living Room

Majestic marble is a good choice for your home temple, regardless of it being an attachment to the TV unit or an exclusive section in the living room. In this design, the layered white marble wall of the mandir unit has been illuminated with backlights to render a pristine vibe. The marble surface top on the multipurpose cabinets further elevates the look of the storage section. View more similar marble-based mandir designs.

Marble wall for mandir in living room cmomprises backlit
Add a marble touch to the mandir in your living room
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Marble Panelling For The Backsplash In The Living Room

We’ve already discussed how a marble backsplash can give your TV unit a splendid look. Here’s another way to incorporate it — wide panels. Yes, as shown here, a backsplash with marble panelling looks simple yet sophisticated. Besides, the marble-top coffee table adds to the luxurious look. Another interesting feature of this design is, how the wide marble panels contrast the narrow wood panels. The varied dimensions of the panels also help in partitioning the floating TV unit from the custom book rack, thereby ensuring that every piece of furniture in the living room gets its spotlight.

Backsplash with marble wall panels in living room
Wide marble panels for a sophisticated backsplash

Marble Cladding For A Chic Living Room

Being a natural stone with high durability, marble is a sought-after choice for cladding. In fact, marble wall cladding can be noticed in several designs. But if you don’t prefer marble directly on the wall, you can use it as cladding for your TV unit as in this design. Notice how the blocks of the black beauty on the multipurpose TV unit still give a chic marble wall feel? It’s an effective way to use the stone in your entertainment assembly without using it as a backsplash. Indeed a unique living room marble wall design, right? And if you’re a fan of black marble, you’ll be delighted with these black marble flooring ideas.

Black marble wall cladding designs for living room in tv unit
Marble cladding in the TV unit for a unique look

See how easy it is to use marble in your living room, without restricting it to the floors? And unlike floors, you can be less worried about scratches and stains on them. The best part is that the maintenance of marble walls is as simple as dusting them and cleaning them with water. So, what are you thinking about for your living room marble wall design — backsplash, cladding, panelling, tiles, decorative block, feature wall or partition? Is it something not featured here but on your mind? Our design team is excited either way so when you’ve bookmarked your favourite design(s), talk to them to get going. Book your appointment now.

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