Floor Fix: 8 Best Home Floor Design Ideas For Every Room

by Pulkit Singh | February 26, 2024 | 4 mins read

Floor designs for every room of your home

Get floored by our best home floor design ideas for every room in your house.

Discerning homeowners always have a trick or two up their sleeves to set their house apart from the others. One of those is paying attention to the home floor design. Be it marble flooring design, granite flooring design, or floor tiles design, they know what’s trending. Now, most people spend big bucks on the walls, the furniture, and the design of their homes but regrettably ignore their floors. A dull floor is a sacrilege — for the underfoot area can as much catch the eye as an expensive artwork hung on the living room wall if one knows how to play that trump card well.

So, we bring you the au courant home floor designs — in various materials and for the different rooms in your home — that are making big waves worldwide. Check them out.

Flooring Designs By Material

Marble Flooring Design

When it comes to the home floor design, it is better not to scrimp. The cheaper option won’t last long, and you will end up spending twice as much. Predictably, marble flooring designs are ruling the roost. And why not? They exude luxury, stand the test of time and look better with age. Marble flooring designs are expensive, but they add to the resale value of the house, are practically indestructible, and look like a million bucks. Statement-making home floor designs are the buzzwords in the interior design world at the moment, and marble flooring, especially the magical black, is the current show-stopper.

Floor designs made of marble
Marble flooring is synonymous with luxury

Floor Tiles Design

Floor tiles, thy middle name is versatility. If the neutral shades of marble flooring designs, granite, or hardwood floors don’t excite you, floor tile designs are what interior designers recommend. Tiles are available in a variety of patterns, colours, and finishes. From bright reds, sunny yellows, and checkered or chevron patterns to matter or glossy finish — the world of floor tile designs is another universe in itself.

Floor tiles design made of natural materials
Tiles made with natural materials are trending
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Granite Flooring Design

If tiled or marble bases don’t interest you, granite flooring designs are the other best thing to happen to floors, according to interior designers. Glossy, easy to clean, long-lasting, and with a range of hues to choose from — granite flooring designs are making a comeback in home interiors. 

Floor design made of Granite
You cannot go wrong with a granite floor

Wood Flooring Design

Wooden floors are in trend this season — people can’t get enough of the warmth and cosiness that increases a notch with their use. Durability and versatility aside, homeowners can reduce costs by using laminate or engineered wood flooring instead of traditional hardwood or softwood home flooring designs. 

Floor design made of wood to bring warmth
Wooden floor designs bring understated warmth

Flooring Designs By Different Rooms In Your Home

Living Room Floor Design

Ensure your living room floor designs are easy to maintain and repair and catch the eye since this is where you will be entertaining often. Looking for quick, wallet-friendly living room floor designs? Vinyl flooring is a great cost-effective solution. Reclaimed hardwood is another popular and eco-friendly choice. Terracotta tiles are increasingly finding their spot in the sun for their suitability to the Indian climate. They also support the ‘Vocal for Local’ movement. 

Floor design for living room
Herringboned wooden tiles glam up the living room

Bedroom Floor Design 

Carpeted bedroom floor designs would add to the cosy vibe in the bedroom but are they appropriate for conditions on the subcontinent? There’s so much dust and dirt that daily cleaning becomes necessary. Laminate, tiled, granite or marble flooring designs would be more appropriate for bedrooms in Indian homes. 

Floor design for bedroom that adds charm
Red oxidized floor adds charm to this bedroom
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Kitchen Flooring Design

Wooden flooring designs are a no-go in high-moisture areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. Low-maintenance kitchen flooring designs like vinyl, tiles and marble would suit the cookhouse better. Chevron, painted and calligraphed floors are the big trends around the world and making a foray into Indian homes too. 

Floor design for kitchen that are low-maintenance
Vitrified tiles complete this kitchen

Bathroom Flooring Design

Tiled and marble flooring designs are the most common choice for the bathroom. They are easy to clean, last a lifetime and respond well to moisture. Exciting patterns and colours breathe a kitschy vibe into this most ignored space in the house. 

Floor design for bathroom that are easy to clean
The bathroom tiles create quite a sensation here

It’s anything but a cakewalk to choose the right home floor design. The commitment to a floor is almost permanent, lasting a lifetime, so it’s understandable if you are sitting on the fence about this one. Why don’t you talk to our experts and arrive at an informed decision about what your needs are and which home floor design suits your requirements best? Good luck!

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