Aurosmitha’s Peaceful Independent Home In Bengaluru

by Devna Tiwari | February 26, 2024 | 4 mins read

Independent house design for your home

Take a walkthrough with us to this gorgeous independent house of Aurosmitha nesting in Sarjapur road, Bengaluru. DesignCafe’s team worked relentlessly to make her home a stunning work of art.

Having a home to your own is every working Indian’s dream and nothing embodies that dream better than having an independent house! No disturbance, no nosy neighbors, and freedom to design your home the way your heart wants! Aurosmitha’s dream-abode is a beautiful example of the same! Our team designed this home with a modern classical style of interiors and incorporated a thoughtful color palette with lots of patterns, textures, and timeless interiors in every corner of the house.

Let’s look in detail at the design and the thought that went into completing this home’s interior design.

Knock Knock

The foyer area is literally the first thing your guests see! And believe that it deserves an equal amount of attention as the other rooms of your home. Keeping this thought in mind this foyer leading to the living room is designed with a minimalistic approach that keeps the area clutter-free. A trio of decorative mirrors in gold adds much-needed glamour at the entrance. The console unit with 3D shutters and mirror finish makes it the perfect piece of furniture to create a style statement and to keep the knick-knacks in place!

Foyer area with independent house design which is the first thing your guests see

An Uber-Stylish Living Room

This modern living room is designed tastefully by following the mantra of less is the new luxury. Tufted beige sofas make this living room an inviting space for entertaining guests while the royal blue carpet with Moroccan prints adds a colour pop. The oil painting of horses on the wall lends the area a fun quirk. 

An living room with independent house design which makes it an inviting space for entertaining guests
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Turn-On The Zen Mode In This Ultra-Sleek Kitchen

Living up to the design brief, we designed a U-shaped kitchen that is minimal with special emphasis on ergonomics. The grey and white color scheme make this kitchen design appear more spacious while the appliances in steel finish add a modern touch. The lacquered glass finish complements the overall theme.

U-shaped kitchen interior designers in sarjapur road with special emphasis on ergonomics

An Ode To The Classics

This master bedroom shifts from the modern vibe of the rest of the home edging a bit towards rustic with its basic design. The ledge near the bay windows acts as a reading corner with a simple wood finish. This bedroom features a king-sized poster bed with complementing side tables. A cleverly designed modern TV unit flows into a study corner, wardrobes with loft storage finished off with lacquered glass shutters, wooden flooring adds rustic charm to this otherwise modern master bedroom.

Independent house interior design- master bedroom with bay windows acts as a reading corner

The Admiral’s Quarter

The bright blue color used in this bedroom gives it a lively feel without being dull or boring. The textured wallpaper takes design cues from the prints and patterns used in the living room. The tufted headboard adds a touch of elegance and the wooden floor complements the strong blues used in this bedroom by adding a bit of warmth. The wardrobes are finished off in lacquered glass with a sky blue finish with deep blue borders and ample storage to keep the room clutter-free.

The admirals 2 bhk independent house design with a touch of elegance and the wooden floor

A Modern Bedroom With A Traditional Touch

This bedroom surely has an old-school vibe to it! This simple yet elegant bedroom features a white queen-sized bed, a sleek wooden TV unit with extra ledge space to showcase, a pair of wooden side tables with antique decor pieces to match, wood-panelled flooring, and full-length wardrobes for storage. And binding this bedroom design together is the soft ceiling lights.

A modern bedroom with independent interior which has an old school vibe to it

Work From Home, Literally

The grey and white theme is anything but boring in this home office. While the sleek design of the workspace is a perfect blend of style and sophistication, the glossy finish of the wardrobe provides ample storage for a clutter-free look. The design provides ample storage options, containing all the must-have elements for a home office such as drawers, base cabinets, and wall shelves. A glass wall panel that doubles as a whiteboard to jot down the important notes and ideas.

Work from home with independent interior designer near me which is a perfect blend of style and sophistication

If you wish to design your dream home just like this beautiful family residing happily on their own, reach out to us! Let’s design your home interiors together.

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Devna Tiwari is a content writer at Design Cafe's home interiors blog.

Devna Tiwari

Devna Tiwari is a content writer at DesignCafe and comes with four years of experience. She walks undeterred, heads up against all odds and sits down to write about them. When she is not out there capturing every moment to permanence or trying out new restaurants, she is busy planning her next voyage. She is also the author of the book The Surrogate Girlfriend.

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