9 Designer-Approved Vanity Table Ideas For A Worthy Investment

by Pallabi Bose | February 26, 2024 | 7 mins read

Vanity dressing table designs for your home

Up your fashion and beauty game with these inspiring makeup vanity table designs for your bedroom.

Every morning you stand before it, primping yourself as you get ready to leave for work. When you return, you wash off all the makeup you applied in front of it. You groom yourself and nurture your body and mind every day — this piece of furniture is a staple in every bedroom. You might have guessed it — we are talking about a vanity table, also known as vanity.

This beloved piece of furniture has become such an integral part of our daily life that it’s shocking to know that the history of this furniture goes as far back as the Egyptian era! What we know of as a vanity table has been named differently in various cultures over the centuries. Some called it ‘Toylet Table’, ‘Lowboy’, ‘boudoirs’ and even ‘dutchess’.

Most of us confuse a vanity with a dresser despite the different names. So, let us put the confusion to rest while we are at it, shall we?

A ‘Vanity’ or ‘Vanity Table’ is a dressing table that is used to apply makeup, preen and coif hair. It is usually quite low and looks like a desk. It comes with drawers and one or multiple mirrors on top. A chair or a bench is kept in front of it. Whereas a ‘Dresser’ is bedroom furniture, quite similar to a chest of drawers. It often comes with a mirror attached to it.

If you are shopping for a vanity table for your home, the possibilities and varieties are endless. Whether you are looking for a simple style, a vanity table with a mirror, a

vanity table with lights like those often seen on movie sets or a space-saving style — we have you covered. Here are the top vanity table designs that will be perfect for your home.

Chic Vanity Dressing Table With A Wall-Mounted Decorative Mirror

For every urban bedroom, floor space is very important. This wall-mounted vanity table works so well in the bedroom shown in the image below. It perfectly blends in with the multipurpose bookcase cum study table. The decorative mirror works both ways as wall decor and a functional piece. The pouffe completes the look of the vanity. It does not take up additional floor space as it gets easily tucked away under the vanity table.

Wall-mounted vanity table with a mirror works so well in the bedroom
Simple modular vanity table with a decorative mirror

A Modern Twist To An Art Deco Vanity Dressing Table

For vanity designs, the art deco style is timeless. But it may not work well in today’s modern homes. So, we gave this timeless style a contemporary twist. In the image below, we have pushed the vanity table and chair toward the corner of the room. The sleek round mirror and veneer finish vanity table perfectly blend in with the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. Check out more such elegant corner dressing table designs if you fancy this design.

Vanity dressing table with round mirror and veneer finish for modern bedroom
Sleek vanity dressing table for a modern bedroom
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Small Makeup Vanity Table With Drawer

A bedroom is incomplete without a vanity table. Don’t worry if you’re short on space. You can still incorporate a small makeup vanity table in the corner of your room. Take inspiration from the image below. We could easily fit in a small makeup vanity in a white and light veneer finish that blends with the side table and wardrobe. We also added a drawer to keep makeup and miscellaneous items organised and tucked away. But the highlight of this vanity table is the intricately designed mirror. It looks like it’s built in the back wooden panel that runs from floor to ceiling.

Vanity table with drawers with white and light veneer finish
A corner vanity table with drawers for small spaces

The Ultimate Space Saving Modern Vanity Table Set

If you have enough space in your bedroom, you can consider this kind of multipurpose vanity table design. As you can see in the images, the vanity has two parts and multiple storage options. There are three drawers, medicine cabinet-style hidden storage behind the double mirror and a full-size back panel that slides open. It has five additional racks and a built-in cloth iron stand. Furthermore, there is an ottoman that seamlessly blends in with the whole vanity. For someone who loves extra storage, this piece would be perfect.

Modern vanity table set with drawers and multiple storage is ultimate space-saving
Modern vanity table with a full-size back panel that slides open storage is perfect for small space
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An L-Shaped Vanity With Makeup Table

Optimise every corner of your room with this L-shaped vanity makeup table. It’s a great way to use a full-length mirror while still having a vanity station. Furthermore, the full-length mirror doubles up the room size through the reflection. The closed cabinet space is useful for tucking away makeup and skincare items. Now, get ready for office or any special occasion in style.

L-shaped vanity with makeup table optimises the corner space in the bedroom
Optimise corners with an L-shaped vanity table

Space-Maximising Wardrobe And Vanity Unit Design

Don’t have additional space in your bedroom for a separate vanity table? Don’t worry; now, you can customise your wardrobe to include a vanity. Similar to the style we have shown in the image below. It comes with hidden storage behind the mirror. With multiple racks, you can easily store your makeup, skincare, jewellery and other accessories categorically and keep them out of plain sight. The ottoman works well as an alternative to chairs as it doesn’t take up additional space and can be easily kept under the space below the vanity. You can further customise the ottoman to add hidden storage.

Wardrobe cum vanity dressing table unit with hidden storage behind the mirror
Space-maximising vanity table design with wardrobe

Study-cum-Flip Top Vanity Table Design

Imagine a piece of furniture which you could use as a study table and a vanity both! With a flip-top style vanity, you can do it. Take your inspiration from the image below. The yellow laminate vanity table comes with a flip-top with a built-in mirror. Your makeup items, accessories etc can be stored inside. Once closed, the vanity can be used as a study desk.

Study cum-flip top vanity table in yellow laminate with a built-in mirror
A smart and multipurpose flip-top vanity table design

Vanity Table With Lights For A Luxurious Look

If you fancy a professional-looking vanity that you see in movies and fashion shows, this vanity table with lights is perfect. Along with the full-length mirror surrounded by bright lights, the vanity table also comes with two drawers and a small makeup stool. Now you can do your makeup flawlessly on this makeup vanity table with a lighted mirror and drawers.

Vanity table with lights and comes with two drawers
A professional-looking vanity unit for your bedroom
Want a dressing room that makes yoru feel gorgeous every day

Full-Length Dressing Mirror In A Walk-In Closet

If you have enough room, a small mirror is hardly sufficient. A full-view mirror is a must-have! The walk-in closet with smartly placed full-length mirrors for frontal and side views completes the bedroom. A drawer cabinet and two wall shelves placed on the corner are a great way to have a dedicated space for all your makeup essentials, accessories and even jewellery.

Vanity table with full-length mirror and drawers in the walk-in closet smartly placed
Walk-in closet with contemporary vanity table

Well, that’s all for us. Hope you have got some inspiring ideas to design your vanity table. If you need further help or have any ideas of your own and want us to help you bring them to life, reach out to our expert designers. They will guide you every step of the way. Don’t forget to check out our blog section for more such interior design ideas.

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