5 Dressing Table Ideas To Make Every Morning Memorable

by Natasha Unger | February 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Stunning corner dressing table design ideas for your home

Are you confused about how to set up the dressing table in the corner of the room? Here is how you can go about it

Although most urban homes are compact, a dressing table can always find a way in. Not everyone has a bathroom mirror, which is one of the primary reasons a dressing table is necessary. Everyone needs a dedicated space to dress up, put their make-up on and have the last check on whether they are good to go for the day.

Dressing tables often find a place in the corner of the room. Despite that, you can always plan it in a manner where you get the right corner dressing table design without having to worry about it taking up too much space.

Here are a few dressing table corner designs that can inspire you to redecorate your room.

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Classic Corner Dressing Table Design

Are you thinking of a picture-perfect solution to your corner dressing table design problems? Then, go for this classic solution. It involves nothing more than a classic mirror mounted on a dresser and an armchair. The top surface of the dresser can hold all your make-up and accessories. This is extremely easy to set up and requires no DIY expertise at all.

Classic dressing table corner design in white colour is effortless yet attractive against a pink wall.
A typical dressing table combination that is effortless yet attractive the moment you walk into your room

Wall-Mounted Corner Dressing Table Design

So, this corner dressing table design is perfect for small rooms with other furniture taking up most of the floor space. While the dressing table is a necessity, you can always put it up on the wall. How about using an open corner to hang the mirror on the wall and then affix the storage space below it? This reduces floor clutter while giving you the joy of owning a dressing space in your room. You can hang the mirror while adjusting it to your height preference and simultaneously putting up the storage shelf. You can match their colours so that they look great as a pair.

The wall-mounted corner dressing table design in white colour is perfect for small rooms and reduces floor clutter.
This combination is outstanding without even having to readjust the room’s furniture

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Multifunctional Corner Dressing Table Design

If you are someone who loves multifunctional furniture, this dressing table is just what you need. This particular furniture piece can serve both as a study table as well as a dressing area. Placing it near the corner of the room allows you to dress up without interference. A simple table and chair with a mirror that also contributes to the wall decor make for a perfect combination. The table and chair are multifunctional. You can choose a mirror from the multiple designs available. You can match it to the room decor pattern or pick something that grabs attention when someone steps in.

Corner dressing table idea, the bedroom has a multifunctional dressing table in a simple design with a mirror.
A dressing table that works as a study table too saves up on buying extra furniture, especially when you have a small bedroom
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Space-Saving Corner Dressing Table Design

Home interior professionals prefer corner dressing table ideas like this one. The idea of setting up the dressing table close to the wardrobe makes it a combination that is aesthetically appealing as well as making it easy for homeowners. For those who are always in a hurry, especially couples who need to rush every morning, this is a perfect fit. You have your wardrobe just next to you while you dress up for the day. You do not need to run around the room, and everything is just right at hand.  When it comes to their colours, matching them makes your room look attractive. You can also use the space below the table to store things. You can always decorate the space with lights.

Space-saving corner dressing design in white laminate alongside the wardrobe easy to access.
A dressing table alongside the wardrobe allows easy access as well as attracts the eye

Cosy Corner Dressing Table Design

Are you someone who loves to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror? This dressing table corner design is perfect for you. This is what makes up for a cosy place where you can take up a lot of time dressing up and admiring yourself. While here, too, you have the mirror affixed to the wall along with shelves to hold up your essentials, you can redecorate it with lights or simply make do with the lights of the room. To save space, you can leave the area below the table clear where you can push in your chair or stool. This is a perfect set-up for rooms that are small and have furniture set to the wall.

Cosy dressing corner designed in white colour with mirror along with shelves lends a chic look.
An all-white room with a lavish dressing area pushed to the corner lends a luxurious look

The concept of setting up a dressing table in the corner has always proved to be fruitful, especially when you live in a small house. Being essential, a dressing table has often found its way in the form of a corner dressing table with a wardrobe or a makeshift dressing area. Since mirrors find a place almost everywhere, you can always set up a dressing table according to your choice. This allows you to enjoy the luxury of a dedicated dressing space rather than simply wishing for one when you browse through those glossy magazines.

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