Hanging Kitchen Shelves For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 17, 2024 | 4 mins read

Beautiful hanging kitchen shelves design for your home

It’s time you paid a little attention to the shelves in your kitchen, and to make your job easier, we have come up with a blog post on kitchen hanging shelf ideas for your home. Read now to know more 

We all need storage space in the kitchen so that access to jars and crockery becomes easy. Without kitchen shelves, a kitchen just wouldn’t be the same. Shelves are excellent for storage purposes and also to display decor. You can store spices in jars, stack books, keep away your best chinaware and display miniature plants on your shelves. We at Design Cafe have come up with a blog post which is all about hanging kitchen shelves for your home. Read now to know more!

Hanging Kitchen Shelves Made From Wood

Like to keep your books and jars within an arm’s reach? We have a solution where you can accommodate both books and jars on hanging kitchen shelves. Take a look at this kitchen: it is an island kitchen constructed with two shelves — one below the other — made from light wood. This shelf is great for keeping all your goodie jars or jam bottles on, and if you are a fan of reading, then you can place your books here too. This kitchen is designed with a frosty white marble countertop and an island with a timber countertop in light wood. This kitchen has drop-down lights which are in the shape of a dome and painted in airforce blue.

Two hanging open kitchen shelves made from timber to keep your books and jars in the kitchen island looks aesthetic.
An island kitchen with two rows of shelves made from timber

White Wall Hanging Kitchen Shelves

Are you fascinated by the colour white? Take a look at this wall hanging kitchen shelf design. This kitchen is an all-white-themed space which has a hovering shelf in white which is excellent for keeping all your spice jars or for display of some home decor. This white kitchen also has a tall shelf unit with ample storage space where you can stack up your plates and crockery. If you like a book to read while you’re waiting for food to be cooked, make sure you can use this shelf to stack up some of your favourite books. 

Wall hanging kitchen shelves in white with jars and home decor stacked up looks beautiful is kitchen hanging shelves design.
An all-white kitchen with white hovering shelves

A Deep Grey Hovering Shelf

If you love to deck up your kitchen with artefacts and home decor items, then this hanging open kitchen shelf is sure to make your job easier. Take a look at the gorgeous kitchen with a hint of green. This kitchen has a forest green accent wall and petite indoor plants that bring in nature’s vibe. It has an open hanging shelf on the wall in a deep colour which makes the shelf stand out. This shelf can be used to display small decor items, indoor plants, teacups and teapots or even just books. If you take a look at this kitchen shelf, it’s used for storing a mug, a plant and a teapot, which all look great when displayed. This kitchen has a lifesize shelf in white which is perfect for storage too. It also has an island with a pearly white countertop in marble with cabinets for storage space. 

A kitchen shelf in dark grey against the green wall hanging shelves for kitchen with indoor plant brings in nature’s vibe.
A hovering shelf in dark grey used for the display of various kitchen items

Kitchen Shelves With Hooks

Like a rustic touch? Then this kitchen hanging shelf design is sure to bring a smile on your face. This kitchen has a wall made of wood, which brings in a farmhouse kitchen look. This cooking space has shelves which are made in a light colour. The hanging shelves have two rows with room enough for you to store your spice jars. There are also hooks integrated into the design, which is excellent to hang your cups in style. The hooks can also be used to hang spoons or hand towels. 

Two hanging kitchen shelves in white with hooks against the wooden wall brings in a farmhouse kitchen look.
A rustic kitchen with hanging shelves integrated with hooks

A Hanging Shelf Made From Timber

This kitchen has a touch of timber added to it. This kitchen is constructed with hanging shelves, which is made from wooden panels and metal. This shelf in the kitchen can be used to storage spice jars on or simply cups and saucers. If you love a dash of greenery in your kitchen, then you can place miniature indoor plants or even homegrown herbs on this shelf. 

Wall hanging kitchen shelves with hooks made from wooden panels and metal to storage spice jars on and also indoor plants.
A hanging shelf made from light wood with metal hooks for hanging cups

If you have enjoyed this read on kitchen hanging shelf ideas for your home, let us know by reaching out to us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Shreya Bilagi

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