Kitchen Wall Shelf Designs For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | February 24, 2024 | 4 mins read

kitchen wall shelf rack design for your kitchen

A quick look on some of the most unique kitchen wall shelf designs to help you pick the right one!

When it comes to storage options in modern kitchens, trust us when we tell you that it’s never enough! While wall cabinets and base kitchen cabinets to store all your big containers are ever popular it’s the tiny jars, cutlery and spice boxes that clutter your countertop. You usually need an additional plastic rack on the countertop to keep them organised and handy but end up using a huge corner space to place it. Now, this is not something you want, especially if you have a small kitchen.

So today we bring you one of the simplest and most cost-effective means to modernise your kitchen and also squeeze in some extra storage options – kitchen shelves. Simply mix these with your wall and base kitchen cabinets or simply utilise the ignored corners of your kitchen. Whether you’re designing your new kitchen or just looking to make a tiny update, these kitchen wall shelf design ideas will direct you in the right path.

Sturdy Wall Shelf Rack With Supporters

Matching up to old school industrial charm of this kitchen design is a wall shelf rack with additional support at the base. Unlike modern wall shelf designs that cannot take an excessive load this wall shelf rack design is backed by supporting ends making it extra sturdy. As shown in the image here this rack can be used to store oil bottles, jars, containers, and cutlery making it a perfect addition for a modern kitchen. If you don’t have enough wall space to install this complete three-layered wall shelf rack you can eliminate a shelf or two according to your requirement. Further, you can customise it in the shade that blends well with the colour palette of your kitchen.

White kitchen with a three-layered wall shelf rack to store jars & containers is a beautiful kitchen wall shelf design.
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Kitchen Corner Wall Shelf Design

Keeping the style quotient high in this kitchen design are the equally stunning corner wall shelves. Corner wall shelf design works best for small kitchens where even the dead corner can be used to add storage options. This particular kitchen is custom designed keeping in mind a couple who is pretty happy with the basic kitchen cabinetry as primary storage solution or for those who do not have excess storage requirements but still need a few things at easy reach. These corner shelves are incredibly appealing as they resemble an open window shutter holding the ingredients in between. 

Blue themed kitchen corner wall shelf as primary storage works best for small kitchens.

Wall Mounted Wooden Kitchen Shelf

If you seek a cleaner and seamless look in your kitchen you can incorporate this modern kitchen shelf design, made out of wooden planks. These wall mounted wooden kitchen shelves are drilled into the wall offering enough space to place tiny jars, cutlery or potted plants to bring in some freshness. You can opt for shelves of the same size or add three different sizes to create a unique look. If three shelves are not enough you can always increase or decrease the number of shelves as per your requirement and further customise it in different colours to match the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Wooden wall mounted kitchen rack shelf above dining table enough space to place tiny jars & potted plants bring freshness.

Open Boxed Kitchen Wall Shelf Design

These incredibly chic and easy to access open boxed wall shelves are a must have in every busy kitchen! The great thing about these open boxed wall shelves is that they are extremely easy to clean and can be incorporated in almost every style of kitchen. It can be installed with existing kitchen cabinetry or if you are designing your new kitchen you can include it in the design you choose. Here, these open boxed shelves are installed over the sink making it easier to arrange the delicate crockery pieces after washing!

Open boxed wall shelves over the sink in this kitchen are chic and easy to access open shelf kitchen wall cabinet
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Corner Floating Kitchen Wall Shelf Design

Floating shelves are strong and quick to build kitchen wall shelf design. This type of wall shelf design has no visible brackets and is made from just two parts. These shelves are attractive, easy to assemble and economical. And they’re sturdy even though they have no visible support. They look like they float on the wall with no clunky hardware or brackets. Corner floating kitchen wall shelves are a great choice if you wish to optimise the dead corners and turn them into something appealing and functional at the same time. You can use these to place tiny jars, potted plants or cutlery.

Corner floating shelves over the sink in this parallel kitchen easy to assemble and economical are kitchen wall shelf ideas.

And it’s a wrap! These were some of the most popular kitchen wall shelf designs to help you choose the best one for your kitchen. 

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