Home Design Trends: What Do The Experts Like And Dislike?

by Nikita Raikwar | February 17, 2024 | 6 mins read

Home interior design trends from designcafe experts

We connected with our top designers across different cities to ask them about their favourite and least favourite home design trends!

We always come across home interior trends of the season — trends you should have in your home, trends you must give a pass, and trends that stay evergreen for years. But, it’s time we truly ask the experts about their favourite and least favourite home interior trends in India. 

The DesignCafe Content Team connected with our top designers in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and other cities to know their choices and here’s what they have to say about it.

Minimalism, Neutral Tones And Glossy Interiors Are Calming Home Design Trends

Ace Interior Designer, Megha Kathuria from our Bangalore Experience Centre, shares her love for all things clean, modern and classy. She says, “Neutral tones are so in. I love clean lines, subtle colour combinations, space-saving interiors and minimalism.” She also noted how these home interior combinations are the safest bet in interior design and do not look clumsy, bulky or cluttered.

When asked about her least favourite trend, Megha mentioned her distaste for veneer, polish and melamine. Not only are they high maintenance, the expert thinks their patterned look makes them look cluttered. 

We agree, dramatic natural wood design is a trend of the past and homeowners need to keep up with the modern designs that are trending today. Unless you like the dramatic effect, wink!

Top designers home design trends with minimalism and neutral tones
Minimalist homes have a calming look and feel

Balcony Modifications And Biophilic Decor Are Trending House Designs That Make This Expert Happy

Megha’s love for neutral tones could be seen in her enthusiasm whilst sharing the details. Her colleague, Shikha Agarwal, an interior designer from our Hyderabad Experience Centre, shares how she adores biophilic decor like a vertical garden setup or moss frames in living spaces. Shikha also enjoys working on balcony modifications, larger-sized homes and deck spaces. She agrees with Megha on her love for minimalist and classy tones alongside space-saving furniture.

When asked about her least favourite trend, Shikha directed our attention to jazzy, shimmery interiors and tacky accent pieces. She’d rather prefer natural or matte tones over anything too tacky.

We agree with Shikha on letting go of jazzy and tacky accent furnishings and equally love a sun deck with mesmerising views of the skyline!

Designers biophilic home decor trends sets a natural tone in living spaces
Biophilic decor set a natural tone in the home
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Bohemian Decor, Plants And Cane Furnishings Are Some Current Home Decor Trends

Whilst Shikha enjoys a lovely vertical garden, Priyanka Varma, one of our top interior designers in Bangalore, shares her love for tiny potted indoor plants and succulents. She adores bohemian-style homes with a creamy colour palette and a pop of teal via accents and decor pieces. The expert loves having a dreamcatcher to add to the aesthetics.

Priyanka also shared how she has let go of her liking for Moroccan interiors and dislikes carved furniture or jali-work. Whilst mentioning her dislike for Moroccan-themed homes, Priyanka said she has gained a fascination for Lippan art lately and loves to play around with the designs.

Lippan art definitely has caught the attention of quite a few home interior enthusiasts, but we are all in for a quirky bohemian upgrade in Indian homes.

Top designers home decor trend in 2023 with a cane-upholstered bed adds to aesthetics
A cane-upholstered bed adds character to the bedroom

Earthy Tones And Bringing The Outdoors Inside Are This Expert’s Favourite Home Design Trends

After discussing bohemian vibes with Shikha, one of our interior designers in Chennai, Shiny Chandran mentioned his love for earthy tones and indoor plants. He says it’s like bringing the outdoors inside and adds a bit of positivity to the space. Earthy tones are calming to the eyes and plants offer the perfect alternative to being in nature.

He also mentions how using animal skin for rugs or furniture upholstery is a home design trend he doesn’t particularly enjoy. Instead, the expert suggests that one could look into alternative options like faux fur and synthetic leather.

Expert designers' favourite home design trends with earthy tones
Earthy tones and indoor plants set a calming vibe

This Expert Favours Arched Interior Doorways And Terracotta Tiles From The Trending House Designs

From the perspective of home interior trends in Mumbai, Tasneem Arsiwala, our top designer from the Mumbai Experience Centre, mentions her love for arched interior doorways, especially when designed for sectioning the space or even for something as little as a crockery cupboard. Tasneem also describes how terracotta tiles have been getting much-needed love in modern home design trends.

Cane furniture with a dash of colour and funky upholstery is also a trend she has started liking lately and mentions how a cane swing with upholstered seating adds zeal to a space.

Terrazzo tiles, using multi-coloured chips in tiles, are her least favourite trend in home interiors. She tells us how a majority of homeowners eventually grow out of it and it is one trend that does not appeal to the eyes for long.

Designers' trending house designs with arched doorways and terracotta tiles
Arched doorways offer a distinct look to your home

Functional Homes With Natural Elements Are Among The Current Home Design Trends

Arun Pandian, one of our ace interior designers from Chennai, spoke about how home interiors have a lot to do with our day-to-day life. According to him, a functional, low-maintenance home is the most welcoming. He mentions that he loves a home design that fuses modern aesthetics with natural elements. He says grey finishes, metal and natural woods add charm to the space. Arun also prefers minimalist wallpapers. He explains how the furnishing can make or break the space, and stresses how the furniture of your home reflects the aura of the space.

When asked about his least favourite trend, Arun Pandian shared his distaste for high-maintenance themed homes like royal interiors. These aesthetics and functionality are the most difficult to maintain and one cannot retain the aesthetics in an urban home. The trend fades in a few years hence opting for subtle, minimalist and functional home spaces is perfect for urban homes in India, says the expert.

Designcafe designers favourite home interior trends with natural elements
Natural elements like wood bring the place together

And that brings us to an end to home interior trends in Bangalore and other cities across India. Could you relate to our designers’ favourites and least favourite interior design trends? Let us know!

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