10 Fresh Home Interior Design Tips For Every Type Of Homeowner

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 17, 2024 | 13 mins read

New house interior design tips

Make your home the ultimate haven of your dreams with these latest house interior design trends.

Home interior design is all about striking the right balance between the design form and functionality. Every home portrays a lot about the personality of its home dwellers. Yet, the challenge is to have the perfect home interiors that speak of your taste while catering to all your lifestyle requirements and helping you have a comfortable living experience. So, here we bring to you some new house interior design trends that are personalised to fit your persona and your specific requirements. For example, a solo dweller’s home interior design requirements would be very different from a joint family. Here we have tried to cater to most of the needs of Indian homes so you can find the home interior design tips that fit you the best. Read along to know more. 

Good Interior Design Tips For Small Homes

Small spaces need a lot of precision and creativity in interiors to make them look spacious and clutter-free. So, here are some trendy interior design ideas that will make your small space look stylish and vibrant.

  • Pastel Colours: Always choose soft pastel colours for the walls, like this living room by DesignCafe in Prestige Falcon City, Bengaluru. These make your room look spacious and airy. If you want to add a vibrant colour for the accent wall, compensate it with muted colours for the rest of your space.
  • Large Mirrors: Mirrors are best for making your home look big and bright. They reflect light beautifully and add extra jazz to your space. You can also opt for a wardrobe with mirrored shutters like this room our team delivered in Godrej Front, Mumbai.
  • Proper Lighting: One of the latest home decor ideas for small spaces is proper lighting. Add lights to the back panels, false ceilings and walls to brighten up the space without compromising on the floor area, as shown in this living room that we designed at Atlantis, Mumbai.
  • Space-Saving Modular Furniture: Functional furniture is a must in small spaces. Avoid bulky furniture and instead, go for smart furniture with multiple uses. Furniture like a crockery unit with a breakfast counter like this one we installed at Wadhwa Atmosphere, Mumbai, not only adds to the style but also saves a lot of space.
  • Minimal Decor: Don’t go overboard with elaborate decor. This will end up making your home look clumsy and cluttered. Simple, minimalistic decor elements like in this living room that we designed in Himalayan Heights, Mumbai, add to the space’s aesthetic, making your small home look elegant and cosy.
Good interior design tips for small homes with pastel colours
Interior design tips with large mirror for small homes
Good home decor ideas for small spaces is proper lighting
Good interior design tips with space-saving modular furniture for small homes
Good home interior tips with minimal decor for small homes
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Latest Home Interior Design Tips For Large Homes

If you have a large home, you have a huge canvas to play with. But creating the right balance might be tricky. Too little furniture can make your home look empty and mundane, but going overboard with furniture and decor elements can turn into an eye sore too. So, here are a few tips to ace the interiors of a large home.

  • Sectional Sofa Unit: Opt for a sectional sofa like this one the DesignCafe team placed at Salarpuria Laurel Heights, Bengaluru, to amp up the space’s cosiness.
  • POP Wall Panelling: Add wall panelling to define your home and lend a luxe vibe to the space.
  • Add Tall Plants: Place some tall plants to accentuate the height of your large home while lending a tropical vibe to your home.
  • Dual-Toned Wall Colour: If you have a large home, try playing with vibrant colours. Combining dark and light colour palettes makes your home look cosy and compact.
  • Add A Subtle Partition: A dining table to create a visual division between the bedroom, kitchen and living room makes your home look clean while lighter to the eye.
Latest house interior design tips for large homes with a sectional sofa unit
Latest room interior design tips with pop wall panelling lend luxe vibe to large home
Latest house design interior with tall plants to accentuate the height of your large home
Latest room interior design for large homes with dual-toned wall colours
Latest home interior design tips with partitions for large homes
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Home Interior Ideas For Couples With No Kids

If you are a couple without kids, you can go a little adventurous with your home interior choices. Having a kid at home needs you to be more careful about safety rather than aesthetics. So, here are some latest apartment interior design ideas that are perfect for couples without kids.

  • Clean Lines For Elegance: Clean lines and sharp edges add definition to your interiors and amp up the elegance quotient of your home. So, make the most of these designs like this room we delivered for a home in Sterling Ascentia, Bengaluru, especially if you don’t have kids at home.
  • Modular Home Office Setup: Choose a spacious and ergonomic home office like this one that we designed for our clients living in Sterling Ascentia, Bengaluru, where you and your partner can sit and work comfortably. Opt for multiple storage solutions where you can store your books, stationery and other essentials in an organised manner.
  • A Modular Kitchen With Breakfast Counter: A breakfast counter like this one we designed in a home at Bren Imperia, Bengaluru, helps you enjoy cosy and intimate meals with your partner. After all, there is nothing more romantic than preparing meals together! A modular kitchen with smart storage mechanisms like pull-out units, appliance garage, and pegasus units makes cooking a delight.
Home interior design ideas for couples with clean lines and sharp edges
Home interior ideas for couples with modular home office setup
Modular kitchen ideas with breakfast counter helps you enjoy meals with your partner
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Latest Home Interior Design Ideas For Families With Kids

If you have kids in your home, safety becomes the first priority while planning home interiors and aesthetics tend to take a back seat. But, not anymore, because we have come up with some latest interior design ideas that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and kid-friendly too.

  • Avoid Sharp Edges: Sharp edges can hurt your kid while they move around the house. Instead, opt for round tables and curved corners. This lends a seamless look and takes care of safety.
  • Floor-Mounted TV Units: These are a better choice if you have playful kids at home. So, even if they try to sit on the cabinet, the floor-mounted TV set will bear your kid’s weight and save you from any mishaps.
  • Choose Duco Paint: A smooth finish like Duco paint is a better choice than laminates or acrylic as the latter are more prone to scratches.
  • Wall-Mounted Bookshelves: Opt for wall-mounted bookshelves; if you choose a free-standing one, the chances are that your kid will try pulling the unit and hurt themselves in the process.
  • Murphy Bed: Kids require a lot of floor space to play around, so if you have a toddler, opt for a Murphy bed that can be pushed back to the wall when not required. You can place a rug on the floor and let them play around the whole day while you continue with your household chores.
Latest interior design ideas for families with kids, avoid sharp-edge furniture
Latest house design interior with floor-mounted tv unit is ideal for families with kids
Latest house interior ideas for families with kids with duco paint
Latest house interior design with wall-mounted bookshelves perfect for families with kids
Latest interior design ideas with space saving murphy bed suitable for families with kids
Latest home interior design ideas for families with murphy bed is space-saving choice
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Fresh Interior Design Ideas For Homes With Joint Families

If you live in a joint family, the requirement of a large kitchen, living area and dining space becomes important. But, having a huge apartment in today’s time can be quite expensive. So, here we got you some latest house interior design ideas that will cater to the needs of all your family members.

  • A Large Sectional Sofa With Storage: A sectional sofa is an excellent way of adding large seating options in your living room while utilising the corner space.
  • An Open Kitchen Layout: An open kitchen like this one that the DesignCafe team designed for a home in Alembic Urban Forest, Bengaluru, helps you spend time with your family and friends while preparing meals. The open kitchen layout also looks lighter to the eye and creates an illusion of a bigger space.
  • A Swing In Your Living Room: A wooden swing adds a traditional touch to your living room and introduces additional seating options as well. So, if you have elderly parents or kids at home, a swing like this one that we installed in a living room at Aparna Serene, Hyderabad, is definitely a thoughtful addition to your space.
  • Multifunctional Furniture: Multifunctional furniture like this side cabinet with a dining table pull-out is an excellent addition to homes with joint families. You can pull the dining table out during meal times to enjoy meals with your entire family and push it back when not required. This will save a lot of space and serve the purpose too.
  • A Modular Kitchen With Ample Storage: A kitchen in a joint family requires a lot of storage space for all your kitchen essentials, pantry and utensils. Smart storage mechanisms like tall units, multiple pull-out units, magic corners, and appliance garage help organise your kitchen and keep it mess-free for an easy cooking experience. This kitchen that we designed in a home in Aravind Skyline, Bengaluru, is perfect for a joint family who loves to cook and enjoy meals together.
Fresh interior design ideas with large sofa with storage are excellent for joint families
Fresh home interior design tips with an open kitchen layout helps you spend time with your family
Fresh home interior design ideas with wooden swing is thoughtful addition to your space
Fresh home interior design tips for joint families with multifunctional furniture are excellent space-saving
Fresh interior design ideas for kitchen with ample storage are perfect for a joint family
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Good Interior Design Tips For Homes With Pets

If you are a pet parent, you should be extra cautious about the choice of furniture, finishes and the placement of decor. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind before doing your home interiors, if you have a pawsome buddy at home.

  • Opt For High-Quality Fabric: Choose high-quality fabric like leather or synthetic fabrics that are smooth and can withstand your pet’s claws.
  • Use Door Stops: To avoid accidents from slamming doors by harsh wind, opt for some stylish door stops. They add to your home’s aesthetics and keep your pet safe as well.
  • Scratch-Proof Laminate: Invest in scratch-proof laminates for your furniture. Though expensive, these will save your home interiors from ugly scratches left behind by your pet’s claws.
  • Choose Curved Corners: Avoid furniture with sharp edges; these can hurt your pets while moving around. Curved furniture and smooth finishes blend seamlessly and lend a soothing look too.
Good interior design tips with high-quality fabric can withstand your pet's claws
Good home interior tips to avoid accidents from slamming doors use door stops
Good interior design tips for furniture with scratch-proof laminates can withstand your pet's scratches
Home interior design tips to safeguard your pets choose curved furniture
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Trendy Interior Design Ideas For Single Homeowners

If you are a solo dweller, a smart, compact space is all you need for a cosy living experience. These latest house interior designs will be perfect if you live alone and love an easy breezy lifestyle for yourself.

  • Breakfast Counter With A TV Unit: If you stay alone, a separate dining table is unnecessary for you. So, opt for a breakfast counter with a TV on the wall like this one in a home designed by DesignCafe at Shrusti Sampada, Bengaluru. This will help you enjoy your solitary supper while watching your favourite movie. You can add some extra chairs when your friends and family come over, and you have a full-fledged dining table ready in no time.
  • A Cosy Study Nook With A Modular Book Cabinet: If you love reading books, a cosy reading corner like this is a must in your home. The modular book cabinet houses all your books, while the accent chair helps you unwind and enjoy quality time with yourself.
  • A Balcony With Swing: There is nothing like spending the evening with a cup of tea while enjoying the setting sun. So, if you have a balcony, decorate it with some indoor plants and a swing where you can unwind after a long day of work.
Trendy kitchen ideas breakfast counter with TV unit helps you enjoy your solitary supper
Trendy interior ideas for single homeowners cosy nook with book cabinet
Trendy interior design ideas for balcony with swing is excellent for single homeowners
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Latest Interior Design Ideas For Work From Home Couples

If you are a work-from-home couple, having ergonomic home interiors is a must. So, we have curated the latest interior design ideas keeping in mind your specific requirements.

  • An Industrial Workstation For Two: This office space is designed in industrial style for uber-cool couples. The brick cladding walls add a rugged look, while the racks provide ample storage space. Add two wrought iron chairs to complete the look of your home office.
  • A Study Unit In Your Bedroom: If you don’t have a separate space for your home office, you can add an ergonomic workstation in your bedroom. This will add to the functionality of your space and help you avoid working from your bed.
  • A Study Corner In Your Balcony: If you are bored working from an enclosed space, a small study nook in your balcony can help you refresh your mind and enjoy the outside view while working on your office project.
Latest interior design ideas for work-from-home couples with industrial workstations
Latest room interior design with a study unit helps you avoid working from your bed
Latest house interior design for balcony with study nook helps you refresh your mind
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Trendy Interior Design Ideas For A Teenager’s Room

If you have teenage kids at home, you need to be very careful about your home interiors. They are very conscious of the latest room interior design trends and want nothing but the best for their space.

  • Veri Peri Colour Scheme: Play with the 2022 Pantone colour scheme Veri Peri for your kid’s room. The colour is trendy and vibrant, perfect for youngsters. We have added a wardrobe with a study pull-out unit to add to the functionality of the space.
  • Game Themed Bedroom: Add the wallpaper of your kid’s favourite player or sport. This will not only bring a smile to your kid’s face whenever they enter the room but inspire them to follow their dreams too.
  • Ample Storage Space: Choose a bed or a window bay seater with hidden storage for additional space. Teenage kids have a lot of clothes, books and stationeries. Extra storage space helps keep all the clutter away and lends an organised look.
Trendy interior design ideas for teenagers with very-peri colour adds vibrant to space
Trendy interior ideas with game-themed wallpaper perfect for a teenager’s room
Trendy interior design with ample storage space helps teenagers keep all the clutter away
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Latest Interior Design Ideas For Homeowners That Are Party Animals

If you love throwing house parties or enjoy gaming nights at home, these latest home interior ideas are for you.

  • A Kitchen With A Bar Cabinet: Create a cosy bar area in your kitchen, as shown in the image. The wall-mounted bar unit and breakfast counter are perfect for a close-knit house party. Add some tall chairs and enjoy a wine and dine with friends while preparing meals.
  • A Dining Table That Doubles Up Into A Pool Table: Now, you can turn your dining room into a gaming room with this multifunctional piece of furniture. Enjoy a fun snooker night with friends and turn it back to a dining table during meal time.
  • A Bar Unit In The Balcony: If you love chilling with your friends on the balcony. Add a modular bar unit and some comfortable seating options to enjoy a party vibe while enjoying the outside view. Add some indoor plants and modern lighting to amp up the space.
Latest interior design ideas for party lovers with kitchen bar cabinet
Latest interior ideas with a dining table doubles into a pool table
Latest home interior design ideas with balcony bar unit is excellent for party freak
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