Bohemian Decor Ideas To Get You Going

by Sonali Desai | February 19, 2024 | 6 mins read

Bohemian decor Ideas for your home decor

Channel your inner bohemian self with these eccentric bohemian decor ideas

Who doesn’t love an authentic guacamole today? Similarly, Mexican-inspired bohemian decor has caught everyone’s eye. A creative mishmash of elements, a mélange of colors, and a relaxed spirit are some hallmarks of bohemian interior design. Incorporating bohemianism into home decor is not limited to your obsession with handlooms, antiques and artistic lifestyle. The fundamental rule of bohemian home decor is to be yourself!

Calling all free spirits to build a bohemian decor haven that eulogizes a personality, embraces all the vibrant things and elucidates your extraordinarily unique taste and liking. Here are some off-beat bohemian decor ideas for all those who love to operate in reverse gear.

Enhance The Bohemian Decor Charm With Earthy Elements

Ideal bohemian home decor is unsophisticated and yet pleasing to the eye. It is often characterized by simple visual elements such as hanging wicker baskets, wooden lamps, potted plants, cane furniture, macramé wall decorations and rustic carpets. Also, don’t underestimate the charm of a boho hat gallery: fill some wall space thoughtfully to make a statement in your room. 

Bohemian room with earthy elements decor enhance the charm and yet pleasing to the eye.
Bohemian home decor is different for two different individuals, but one thing is common – it is idiosyncratic! It can be both earthy and quirky at the same time

Swing, Change The Way You Relax!

Hammocks act like a rebel with a cause in a bohemian style decor. They signify freedom, ease and comfort. Hammocks come in different shapes, textures and sizes. You can quickly turn your home into a bohemian paradise by pairing the hammock with colourful cushions in the backdrop of vibrant coloured walls. If white walls are what you prefer, throw some vibrant crochet fringe on your hammock that strongly radiates bohemian theme decor. 

Bohemian home decor- hammock with colourful cushions
Hammocks are a dreamy addition to your bohemian decor. They add a coastal charm with plenty of luxury and ample style
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Simple And Functional Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Bohemian decor is commonly associated with bright colours. However, a neutral-to-warm colour palette also adds a strong bohemian component to any space. Keeping the decor minimalistic and letting in maximum natural light can work wonders. Simple furnishings that exude warmth and comfort is the best way to add an organic charm to bohemian room decor. 

Bohemian bedroom decor in a neutral-to-warm colour palette
Ace the bohemian decor look with soft textures and furnishing material in your bedroom which look radiantly beautiful

A Colour Riot Is Soothing In A Bohemian Home Decor

A pop of colours accentuates a bohemian decor style home when it’s rightly balanced. Bold and bright colours orchestrate the real spirit of a bohemian decor in a home but keep it well composed. And lastly, proper positioning of colourful accents like cushions, vases and bright chairs or walls add so much value in a bohemian theme decor. 

Home decor idea with bohemian elements like cushions, vases and bright chairs brings an vibrant look.
Layers and layers of brightly coloured accents mixed in beautifully, muting the dark grey tones of the walls in a bohemian chic decor that gives a visual depth, contrast and interest

Textile Decor Is Often The Unsung Hero

When it comes to bohemian wall decor, eccentric designer rugs and carpets are very common. But they are seldom celebrated as the primary elements of bohemian interiors! Ironically, there is hardly any corner in a bohemian home decor that is designed without using textiles and fabrics, such as adding a rug or a carpet in your hallways and corridors to create a visual pathway. Also, hang printed fabrics or rugs on walls as a decorative element to enhance your wall decor. 

Bohemian decor ideas for living room
If you take textile decor seriously in bohemian home decor, it won’t disappoint you. Colourful handmade fabric rugs arranged tastefully can spice up things in your living room

Bohemian Home Decor Inspired By Mexican Culture

Kitchen tiles inspired by Mexican cultural designs are not new to India – the traditional essence seen in their artwork is very much similar to Indian art. The bohemian furniture too brings a sense of nobility to the dining area using materials such as bamboo, cane or vintage furniture. Rustic wooden elements peppered with hanging indoor plants are not only pleasing to the eye but also truly bohemian. 

Bohemian style kitchen cum dining decor
A free-spirited form of bohemian home decor creates a stimulating dining ambience by using Mexican cultural designs and warm colour palettes

An Amalgamation Of Bamboo Mirrors And Forest Greens

There are plenty of options in bohemian home decor. Instead of getting confused, think of elements that suit your interior space.  For instance, if you have indoor plants, strategically mounting many mirrors on the wall can redirect light from a window into that corner — additional light means an instant recipe ready for growing healthier indoor plants. And only a big fan of all things bohemian would know the importance of greens in bohemian interior decor.  It’s environmentally, aesthetically, and economically the best home decor accent anyone could incorporate in their living room. 

Bohemian home decor with bamboo mirrors and indoor plants in the living room brings a refreshing look.
A typical bohemian home decor is always decked with indoor plants, and you add mirrors reflecting light onto the sun-loving plant to get that perfect green bohemian living room
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Bohemian Walls: Flower Walls And Brick Ceilings

Flower power fits right even in bohemian chic style decor, transporting you to an imaginary interior garden surrounded by soft pastel tones that radiates vintage charm. Add a fun floral accent wall without overpowering the space by keeping the furniture and other decor accessories simple. Allow the floral wallpaper to take all the limelight. And how about the ceilings? Keep the rustic charm alive in your bohemian home decor by using bare bricks on your ceilings too. Design them according to your architectural taste and needs. 

Bohemian living room wall decor
Exposed brick accent ceiling designed artistically to give the living room a rustic textural look. Bohemian home decor with bare bricks adds character to the interiors

Here are some more ideas for your home interiors. If you’re looking at bespoke interior design options, do book a consultation with our designers today. You can also walk into any of our experience centres in BangaloreMumbai and Hyderabad to get a detailed insight into everything related to home interior design.

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