11 Easy Bohemian Interior Design And Decor Hacks

by Henna Achhpal | January 22, 2024 | 5 mins read

Bohemian style interior design and decor ideas

Bohemian decor lets you paint the room with your personality

What is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style is associated with the artists, writers and musicians of 19th-century Europe. These peace-loving, free-spirited people were drawn to everything bright and unconventional. Their frequent travel acquainted them with different cultures of the world and because of their anti-establishment views they preferred to live on shoestring budgets. The modest spaces they lived in reflected their personality and is now known as bohemian decor. If you find yourself identifying with the bohemian way of living and would like your home to be an extension of the same here are some home decor ideas to get you started.

Stay Grounded With Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

A room done up in Bohemian style interior design has a warm vibe that invites you to kick back and relax. Low-lying furniture plays a significant role in achieving this mood. Or you could do away with seating furniture entirely and spread out rugs and mattresses on the floor. Accompany them with lots and lots of cushions in vibrant prints and patterns. You can even use bed sheets as curtains because Bohemian design is all about making your own rules.

Grounded bohemian decor ideas seating furniture entirely and spread out rugs and mattresses on the floor

Modern Bohemian Style Interior Design Is All About Vibrant Colours 

It’s not bohemian decor until it’s bright, bold and vibrant. Even better when it’s several contrasting hues. Case in point, this room that pops in pink, yellow and blue. The grey is a good way to bring about some balance in the colour palette.

Vibrant bohemian interior design where that pops in pink, yellow and blue

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Bohemian Design Is A Party Of Patterns

If you’re in a rented apartment or cannot make any serious renovations at the moment you can still add Bohemian features to your space to achieve this style of interior design. Layer different colourful prints, accessorise with dreamcatchers and fairy lights and spread out a patterned bed sheet across the wall.

Patterns bohemian design with colourful prints, accessorise with dream-catchers and fairy lights

Bohemian Home Decor Ideas Are A Rugged Affair

Rugs form an essential part of bohemian decor. Even better if the rug is from one of your travels to an exotic destination rather than your neighbourhood shop or online shopping. A bright patterned rug like this one instantly lifts a room especially if the room is accessorised with minimal furniture.

What is bohemian style with a bright patterned rug like this one instantly lifts a room

Bohemian Home Decor Ideas Are Incomplete Without Florals

If floral is your favourite print then you will love Bohemian home decor. Go for bedding in floral prints to give your room a Bohemian feel. Take it a step further with floral prints in contrasting colours like this.

Bohemian style interior design with florals which are incomplete without florals with bohemian decor

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Bohemian Home Decor Is Down To Earth

As much as it is about bright colours, Bohemian decor is also about warm and earthy tones that lend the room a cosy and comfortable feel. So, a room that features different shades of brown, the colour of the earth and soil, nails Bohemian home decor. Accessorise with natural fabrics and materials like this cane armchair.

cane armchair and hats hanged on wall is bohemian decor ideas for your home

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Bohemian Interior Design Tells A Story

The items used in a room done up in bohemian decor tell a story. You’ll never find anything mainstream in a Bohemian home! To stay true to Bohemian style interior design, instead of directly buying from a showroom – opt for items that are vintage, pre-owned or a hand me down from a loved one. Even better if they’re from a local business or independent artist as those will always bring uniqueness to the space.

Tell a story with modern bohemian style interior design where those will always bring uniqueness to the space

Break The Rules With Bohemian Style Interior Design

With Bohemian interior design, you have the freedom to break the rules. Your living room doesn’t need to have the most expensive sofa set or the trendiest furniture. It can be an assortment of seating that spells comfort for you. A deep red wall and lampshade with powder blue tassels It’s only in Bohemian style interior design that you will find that combination!

Breakrules with bohemian home decor ideas with a deep red wall and lampshade with powder blue tassels

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Go Green With Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian style interior design makes a lot of room for plants. As you can see in this picture, there’s nothing like too many plants in Bohemian style interior design. Indoor plants are a favourite Bohemian home decor item and help you add a natural element to the space.

Plants with bohemian decor where you can go green

Layering Is The Secret To Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian style interior design is all about layering. Be it colours, prints or textures. Layer your bedding with different textured fabrics and colours meanwhile play around with prints on the cushion covers.

Bohemian interior design which is layered be it colours, prints or textures

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Express Your Unique Style With Bohemian Home Decor

While there are certain elements that distinctly represent Bohemian style interior design there is no rigid rulebook. There are endless possibilities and deciding to go with Bohemian decor allows you to discover your unique style. So if you like Bohemian interior design but don’t want to be over the top, go for canary yellow curtains and furniture in neutral colours to mellow things down. An oversized cane lantern will add the right amount of fun to the room. 

Unique bohemian design with canary yellow curtains and furniture in neutral colours

What is bohemian style if not an empty canvas that allows you to paint your personality all over the room? Pick your favourite space in the house and try these Bohemian home decor ideas. We’re sure it’ll soon become your favourite corner in your home that vibes with you.

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