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Partha Dey’s Minimalistic 2BHK Home In Goregaon

2bhk home interior design in goregaon east, mumbai

Let’s take a tour of this beautiful 2BHK home of Partha and Deepika Dey in the lovely suburbs of Mumbai. Design Cafe had an amazing experience in designing this stunning, minimalist dream home for the family.

Contemporary designs, minimalist furniture and books are the three main factors in Partha Dey’s 2BHK home in Goregaon, Mumbai. This nuclear family has always lived in rented houses. So when they bought their own home, they wanted it to be exactly how they dreamt. Therefore, echoing the family’s love for subtle designs and uncluttered spaces, Design Cafe’s teamed up with the Dey family to create their perfect abode in the suburbs of Mumbai. The 2BHK nuclear home has a lighthearted, peppy vibe with only light colour schemes and spacious interiors. The home is an ideal example of contemporary home interiors that follow the principles of urban minimalism. The interiors depict a warm, homely ambient that perfectly fits the family.

So, let’s take a tour of this wonderfully designed home where Design Cafe has innovated minimalism with the right touch of luxury.

The Refreshing White Living Room

While exotic decorations surely jazz up this home’s interiors minimalistic style highlights the simplicity of a place. It creates an ambience that counterweights the stressed reality of work-life and other mundane schedules. And Partha Dey’s white wonder living room is the most accurate example of a minimalist living area that is spacious, bright and hopeful. And keeping this family’s wishes, Design Cafe treated this living area with simplicity across the entire area. With white and off-white colour schemes and moulding Patti wall designs, the living room has been designed to instantly calm your mood. Our designers went for a stunning floating TV unit finished with the all-white laminate look and handleless storage cabinets. The TV unit perfectly blends with a white wall background to create a seamless connection to the rest of the setup. The deep blue lounger-sofa brings a twist of colour to the monochromatic look of the room. It introduces a tint of luxury to an otherwise subtle setup. The minimalist look is further accentuated with long white curtains and a modern abstract wall painting. Artificial green grass flooring on the balcony brings in natural aesthetics to the space and keeps the living room fresh and well-lit every day.

White living room designed in a minimalist style with a TV unit in Goregaon Mumbai.
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A Dining Area Designed With A Bookshelf

Partha’s family’s love for books was incorporated into the design of their home. They wanted their home to have space to shelve enough books. Design Cafe’s thought of bringing books to the dining area to fulfill their love for literature. And there you have a dining room with literary bestsellers and classics giving the family company as they relish their meals together. The dining area has a compact rectangular table for six with bucket chairs in a deep blue colour borrowed from the living room’s lounge sofa. There are two crockery units on either side of the dining table with bookshelves as extended sections. They also work as partitions that separate the open dining area from the other rooms.

Small dining room simple design with open bookshelves, dining table and chairs, a low budget interior designer in Mumbai.

A Soothing Master Bedroom Design

For the avid readers, Partha and Deepika Dey, Design Cafe created a bedroom that’s a haven to relax in. The room has a soft colour palette that inspires constant calmness in the space. The couple wanted their bedroom to have subtle interiors with minimalist style furniture so that the place always remains clutter-free and light. The bedroom comes with a false ceiling with recessed lighting that leaves the place bright but ethereal. The king-size bed in solid grey has a cushioned headboard that adds luxury to the room. The wall behind the bed comes with a Patti design that imbes a classic aura to the setup complemented with four unique feather paintings that complement the decor or the room. This is a bedroom that will help you unwind from daily schedules and enjoy some relaxing time with your partner.

White master bedroom interior with minimalist style furniture look classic, budget interior designers in Mumbai.

A Kids Cum Guest Bedroom

The Dey family wanted their second bedroom to be a place that is both kid-friendly and suitable for occasional guests. Therefore, Design Cafe stepped away from quintessential kid’s bedroom style and came up with a bedroom that is mature as well as warm. This bedroom has been designed with an English colour scheme with a peppy, queen-sized light wooden bed with a wooden headboard that also serves as a bed rack. Just like the master bedroom, this kid’s bedroom has been designed with simplicity and minimal furniture. It has a twist of vibrancy with a collection of art frames that decorate the wall over the bed. The classical moulding Pattis theme is continued in the kids/guest bedroom for a uniform look across this home’s setup. This bedroom is kept natural with a clean canvas where the place can be modified over time with different furnishings.

Blue kids cum guest bedroom designed with simplicity and minimal furniture interior designer in Goregaon.

A Kitchen For A Family Where The Man Of The House Cooks

Partha loves cooking and hence Design Cafe designed his home’s kitchen interiors with a clean and uncluttered look. This parallel kitchen is designed with colourful dado tiles and a LED-lit backsplash that keeps the place fresh and bright all day long. Equipped with modular storage facilities on both the top and bottom of the kitchen it is designed for those who like everything neatly organised. All cabinets have handleless, wooden and laminate finishes that lend a sophisticated touch to the kitchen. The kitchen range’s hood has been kept minimal with cabinets around it to store away things neatly. The kitchen also has a tall crockery unit with an under cabinet microwave shelf. Overall, it is a modern-day cutting edge functional kitchen where both cooking and cleaning becomes convenient.

Parallel kitchen designed with dado tiles and a LED-lit backsplash look bright, 2bhk budget interior designer in Mumbai.

Partha’s Goregaon 2BHK home is an archetype of minimalist interiors gone functional. The entire place has a consistent aura of simplicity that highly resembles the Dey family’s lifestyle. It’s an ideal home meant for today’s nuclear families where everything is purposeful and convenient-centric. Thus the home will be the perfect place to relax, enjoy, and have family time.

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