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Minimalistic Living Room Design Ideas For Your Home

Minimalistic living room design ideas for your home

It is impossible to negate the tranquillity and simple beauty of a resolved minimalist interior. But, ask any interior designer and they will tell you that achieving a minimalistic look can be challenging. You don’t want your room to look cluttered but at the same time if minimalism goes wrong it can leave the space feeling cold and unlived-in. To help you in your minimalistic journey, Design Café brings you living room design ideas where a smart selection of ‘less is more’.

Attention To Scale Is Important

Minimalistic living rooms and small spaces get along beautifully. You can make a few design changes to make the most of available space without making your space look cluttered. For example, ditch the traditional five to seven seater sofa set and settle for a small L-shaped sofa instead. Add some ottoman or comfy chair to increase seating space as well as to add variety to the living room. Replace the bulky coffee table with something chic yet compact as seen in the picture below.

Minimalist living room where attention to scale in important with small L-shaped sofa

Muted Colours to Break The Monochrome

If you are rooting for minimalist design but do not want to stay away from colours, this living room in the image here is your guide to follow. The sofa set, curtains and other finishes follow a monochrome scheme giving this space a unified and clean look. And then, they introduce dynamism through a contrasting wallpaper and a muted carpet.

Minimalist living room small space with  sofa set, curtains and other finishes follow a monochrome scheme
The contrasting artwork speaks volume and is not loud

Go All White For A Cozy Minimalist Living Room

Why use colour when you can create an incredible minimalistic décor by going all white? This will make the process a lot easier as it gives a space a complete look because all elements in this palette by default go together. And going all-white doesn’t mean that the fun quotient should be missing. It is about playing with shapes, textures, and elements. For example, in this minimalistic style living room below, the designer has placed a statement lamp along with a few greens for a more natural, earthy look.

Cozy minimalist living room with all white colour with different shapes, textures, and elements
Beautifully blended in an all-white colour scheme

Feature One Statement Piece

In this minimalistic interior, the designer has opted for an all-white sofa. He even opted out of cushions or comfy pillows. But to pop the colour, the designer just placed one item in a really bright colour – a dark blue chair. It becomes the centre of attraction and manages to have your attention as long as you are in the room. For a more minimalistic look, you can do without the striped wallpaper and opt for an all-white look instead

minimalist living room apartment with a white sofa and a dark blue chair
A vibrant accent piece livens up this living room

Say Hello To Monochromes

Monochrome is the king when it comes to minimalist design. The living room set-up below is a perfect example of ‘less is more’. A clean and well-organised combination of sofa set, monochrome pillows, and a carpet to keep things interesting and serene. Then add a glass coffee table for an easy and stylish living room décor.