8 Best Colour Combinations For Your Living Room

by Ekta Poddar | January 13, 2024 | 10 mins read

Colour combination for living room

Choosing colour combinations can be confusing. But with our guide here your job is 10x simpler. Read now. 

Does pink go with black, or blue with yellow? Looking for living room colour ideas and need some guidance? Rest assured, we have all the answers you need. Our guide on best colour combinations for living room draws inspiration from book titles that have colours in them. So, sink into the sofa with a book, ditch the plain and boring colours and get ready to jazz your living room up like never before!

5 colour combinations for living room

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Let’s begin our list of best colours for living room walls with grey – with the Fifty Shades of Grey being a no brainer when it comes to our book choice. The book is the first of the erotic trilogy by E.L. James and its success supposedly caught even the author by surprise! Surprise, of the pleasant sort, is what your guests are in store for if you adopt the colour grey for your living room.

Grey has been effectively used in all the soft furnishings of this room – from the sofa to the curtains and the thickly piled carpet, all of it is in shades of grey. Even the modern table with its grey frame and glass communicates the cool tones of grey. These are set against the backdrop of a Prussian blue wall, giving the space a luxurious and classy feel. Wooden tones of the floor and standing lamp provide the room the warmth and cosiness it needs.

Best colour combination for living room with grey soft furnishings combined and prussian blue color wall for living room
The grey soft furnishings combined with Prussian blue wall make for a quietly luxurious living room

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The Colour Purple

The inspiration for our next living room colour idea comes from the Pulitzer winning book by Alice Walker – The Colour Purple. Set in the deep South of the USA, in the period after WWI, the inspiring book is a famous classic. In it, the colour purple symbolizes all that is beautiful and good in the world. No wonder, as purple has long been associated with royalty, grandeur, dignity, mystery, even magic and we believe there can’t be a more magical colour for your living room walls. In this room, shades of purple are combined with white and grey, casting the spell. The paler shade on the walls is soothing, while the deeper purple of the sofas whispers indulgence. The whites and greys of the cushions and carpet are set off with hints of black and metal tones in the accessories. These further heighten the sense of drama, mystery and allure of the room.

Two colour combination for living room furniture with purple & white and living room wall colors with grey and white
Combine the drama and luxury of purple with the calm of white and grey with magical results
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Half A Yellow Sun For Living Room Colour

Lovers of historical fiction will love Half of a Yellow Sun, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, set in post-colonial Africa. The author empathetically and masterfully draws out the human impact of the Nigerian civil war of the 1960s. The book’s title referring to the glorious future that the Biafrans believed in and fought for, with the rising sun being depicted on their flag. Glory and hope are but some of the associations of the colour yellow and when combined with the calm and creativity of blue, it is an unmatched colour combination for the living room.

Here the pleasantly cool shade of blue of the wall is brought to life by the warmth of the yellow of the furniture and artwork. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the cushions. The yellow one amplifies the cheeriness of the room while the other, with its yellow and blue Chevron-like pattern, wonderfully binds the room together. The white rug invites you to sink your feet into it and settle onto the sofa for a long snooze or reading session. This set of colours have the added advantage of being a great wall colour combination for small living rooms.

Colour combination for living room with pale blue skies cotton wool clouds and cheerful yellow sun
The colour combination is reminiscent of pale blue skies, cotton wool clouds and a cheerful happy sun

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Black Beauty, A Living Room Colour Combination That Can’t Go Wrong

Given black’s connotations of power, elegance and sophistication, it is only natural that we draw on the power of Black Beauty, the handsome horse made immortal in Anna Sewell’s book by the name. When it comes to living room paint colours, black and its ally grey don’t immediately come to mind. This stunning room done up in black and greys is sure to convince you otherwise.

The walls of this room are painted a rich grey that intensify the rich sophistication of the room. A smart black modern chair, standing lamp and other accessories add to the refinement. Accent colours of white with a hint of yellow keep the room airy and light.

Colour combination for living room paint colors with black color and grey to make bold statement in room colour combination
Use the glamour of black and grey to make a bold statement in the living room

Five Quarters Of The Orange

The author of Chocolat, Joanne Harris, has written several books, rich with sensual pleasures, strong plot lines and irresistible characters. Her Five Quarters of the Orange does the same, with its threads of mystery, complex characters, and yum inducing recipes redolent with the scent of oranges. The sharp tang of orange contrasts with its sweet tones, making it one of the best colours for the living room.

This room bursts with shades of orange against grey walls. Various hues of orange dot the space, bringing out the natural warmth of Living room furniture. The orange theme is echoed in the choice of light fixtures, the planters spilling over with greens, and even the teacups that grace the table. It’s the clever choice of subtle orange pattern that decorates the back of the cabinet that makes the room.

Colour combination for living room with pops of orange add joy warmth and sunshine to colour combination for living room
Brilliant pops of orange add joy, warmth and sunshine to the living room as a colour combination
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Anne of Green Gables

When you think green and of book titles, Anne of Green Gables immediately comes to mind. This charming children’s tale by Lucy Maud Montgomery is a legendary classic and has been adapted for the silver screen several times. One cannot but help falling in love with the protagonist, 11 year old orphan girl – Anne (with an ‘e’ as she is quick to remind you!) who has a fresh start at life when she comes to live with the Cuthberts at Green Gables. Renewal and life are what the colour green stands for and with it as your living room paint colour, you can be assured of similar fresh energies and growth!

The colour green is used sparingly but to good effect in this room. The living room wall has been painted an almost emerald shade of green, with the house plants taking the theme forward. Clever use of black and white in the form of an all-black desk, a low cabinet, and a patterned rug contrasts with the green. The grey upholstery is just the final touch that the room needs. Further, colouring only one wall is a great living room colour idea for those newbies who are experimenting with paint colour for the first time.

colour combination for living room which has been painted an almost emerald shade of green it as your living room paint colour
With its rejuvenating and growth properties, you can never go wrong with green

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A Spool of Blue Thread

In A Spool of Blue Thread, the author Anne Tyler, narrates a family saga across three generations full of relatable characters and complex emotions. The blue thread symbolizes the love that ties all the family members together, it is their bond which may get tested but never breaks. The trust and loyalty that blue inspires is what we turn to for our next living room colour idea.

Blue and white are a timeless pair – and they work brilliantly as a colour combination for this living room. The royal, almost sapphire blue, wall is the dramatic setting for the rest of the room. Blues are scattered across the room in the form of armchairs, hints of indigoes in the artwork and soft furnishings, the patterned vase and crockery on display, and an Oxford blue sofa throw. In sharp contrast are the crisp white of the sofa and accessories. The modern white light fixture effectively seals the deal.

Colour combination for living room where blue and white are works brilliantly
The blues and whites in the room are like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day

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Silver Lining Playbook

Our final vote for best colour for living room walls goes to – wait for it – silver! We take our cue from Silver Linings Playbook, the book that inspired the very successful Oscar-nominated movie by the same name, starring the very handsome Bradley Cooper. Silver is associated with sleekness and glamour and adding touches of it to your living room can make a world of difference.

The serious tones of grey, black and white in this room are enlivened by subtle hints of silver. The deep grey panel behind the television has silver stars and the steely silver is reflected in the choice of coffee table and light fixture. The checked carpet with its squares of silvery grey combined with black and white make for a perfect setting for the sofa furnished in similar colours.

Color combination for living room in grey and black with addition of silver these are best wall colour combination for small living room
Amp up the cool quotient of grey and black with the addition of silver

And there, colour combinations that are trending, in vogue, and make a statement. Colours and more colours that will make you feel like you are on a rainbow. These living room colour combinations are sure to get your neighbours and friends eye for some extra time on your couch!

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FAQs On Colour Combination For Living Room

1. What are some tips for using bold colors in a living room color combination?
When choosing bold colors in the living room, use the color wheel to select complementary colors and create a striking combination. Alternatively, you can incorporate bold colors through color blocking. Another is to experiment with both light and bold shades of the same color. If you’re hesitant to go all out with bold colors, use a bold color on an accent wall and balance it with neutral shades on the remaining walls.

2. Can I use more than two colors in my living room color combination?
Yes, you can use more than two colors in your living room but make sure the colors you choose work well together and don’t overwhelm the room.

3. What is the best way to test a color combination before committing to it for my living room?
You can paint a small test patch of a color combination on the wall to see how it looks in your space before committing to it for your living room. You can also create a mood board using images from magazines, online inspiration boards, and fabric swatches.

4. How can I use accent colors in my living room color combination?
You can use accent colors in your living room color combination by painting one wall in an accent color or choosing curtains in an interesting pattern. Adding cushions, throw pillows, and accessories in an accent color is also an easy and affordable way to add a splash of color to your living room.

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