Elevate Your Home Style With PVC Wall Panel Designs

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 13, 2024 | 4 mins read

PVC wall panels design for your home

Choose PVC wall panel designs for an elevated style for your home interiors and exteriors. Read on.

PVC wall panels are increasingly used for home interiors instead of wood and Plaster of Paris (PoP). Why? Because PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is economical, durable and readily available in the market. It can be designed in many ways, making it easy and viable to be used differently for different spaces. PVC kitchen cabinets are commonplace. Before we explore some trending types of PVC wall panels, let’s examine their pros and cons.

Explore the pros and cons of PVC wall panels

Decorative PVC Foam Board Wall Panel Design

Foam boards are a chic way to add colourful PVC wall panel designs. As seen in this image, they can be an excellent option for accent walls in the living room, bedroom or even the balcony. With foam boards, it’s also possible to create decorative patterns like the stunning design here. Other advantages are sound reduction and protecting the walls from sunlight and rain when used externally. Try these balcony wall design ideas with PVC panels.

PVC foam board panel for balcony wall protects from sunlight and rain
Use PVC foam boards as wall panels

PVC Panel Design With Geometric Jali Work For The Wall

Walls can make the room seem smaller in compact homes. In such cases, PVC panel designs acting as substitute walls can be a game-changer. These panels not only replace the wall but also allow ventilation. And with increased ventilation, the room will begin to appear more spacious. Besides, the aesthetics of the space is further elevated when they are made with jali work like this design. Check out our modern jali door designs for use in your PVC panel.

PVC wall panel design with geometric jali work between the living and kitchen rooms
PVC wall panel design with jali work
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Natural-Looking Wooden PVC Wall Panels For The Bedroom

For the bedroom, wood-like PVC wall panels can be an elegant addition. The rustic texture they add to the space brings a much-needed connection with nature. As seen here, using it for half of the accent wall is sufficient for a warm natural vibe. Interestingly, all the elements used – laminated wooden wardrobe, pendant lights, the sputnik chandelier and the gold accent on the wall – complement the panels. This is important for overall aesthetics.

Bedroom pvc wall panels made from wood
Wooden PVC wall panels for elegance

Combination Designs Of Wall Panels For The Living Room

If you love to mix and match things, you can extend it to wall panels too. In this design, wall tiles appear like broken tiles forming a beautiful pattern. Such 3D PVC wall designs can be great conversation starters for the living room. Apart from the 3D panels, there are other standout details, such as the wood and the white laminate panels. Each one being distinct in design adds to the overall style of the living room.

Living room pvc wall panel in 3d style
Combine wall panels for added effect

Laminated PVC Sheets For Wall Panels

Laminated PVC sheets in wood or geometric designs can act as classic wall panels. These can be used as the backsplash for the tv unit or as an add-on layer to the room’s accent wall. In this design, the PVC sheet makes the charming and sophisticated tone of the bedroom more intriguing. Doesn’t it strike the right balance between refined and ordinary? The other elements have also been carefully placed to add to the room’s charm.

Wooden laminated PVC sheets for classic wall panels
Laminated PVC sheets work well for all spaces

Marble-Style PVC Wall Panels

Marble PVC panels are a stunner in the living room. They add a majestic vibe to the room with lesser maintenance. You can also use them with other wall panels, as seen here. While it’s common to see such marble PVCs for the backsplash of the tv unit, using it for one of the accent walls can be another interesting way to showcase grandeur in your home. These PVCs can also be used as a substitute for your home’s marble pooja mandir design.

Marble-style pvc wall panels designs for living room add a majestic vibe
Marble-style PVC panels project a grandeur

Embossed PVC Wall Panel

Embossed PVC panels are another fascinating decor option. They can be used for the backsplash of the TV unit, the accent wall or even a partition wall. Designs can be incorporated into the panel depending on the art you like. You can even experiment with offbeat designs. The size of the wall will enhance its embossed look. And given that they can be made in various colours, the designs can be colourful too.

Embossed pvc wall panel for the backsplash of the TV unit
Embossed wall panels look attractive

PVC wall panels are strong contenders for long-lasting and aesthetic home additions. The flexibility they offer with designing combined with other pros ensures they are chosen for at least some spaces, if not all. What type of PVC wall panel design are you considering? Talk to our team of design experts and get going. Book your appointment here.

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