7 Balcony Wall Design Ideas We Like

by Noopur Lidbide | February 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

balcony wall design ideas for your home

Discover stunning ideas to decorate your front balcony walls

Any amount of outdoor space is always a blessing for today’s apartment owners. Balconies, no matter what their size, are a perfect, multipurpose space in your home. You can unwind here after a hectic day, spend lazy days reading a book or catching a nap, or chill with friends over a drink. When balconies provide you with such respite, they deserve to be designed with equal care.

Hear us: the size and shape of your balcony don’t matter. There is always ample opportunity to make the space visually and functionally beautiful. Balcony walls carry a lot of design potential. Take a look at these seven front balcony wall design ideas to transform your balcony spaces into something more cosy and beautiful.

Balcony Wall Design With Planters

Most modern apartments come with smaller balcony spaces. One of the ways to add a bit of charm to the design is by opting for fresh, pastel colours. This balcony is the perfect pleasant spot for a family to enjoy their morning and evening tea. The balcony wall has classic wood panelling and is painted in a fresh shade of pastel green that makes the space look bright and cheerful. The small planters installed on the walls follow the colour scheme of the overall design and decor of the balcony. You can either plant beautiful indoor flowering plants or treat the planters as vases and regularly change the flowers. The bird decor finishes off the design in style.

Front balcony wall design with small planters installed, the wall has classic wood paneling that looks bright and cheerful.
Add the freshness of flowers to your balcony decor
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Modern Vertical Garden

One of the simplest ways to decorate your balcony walls is with the use of fresh greens. Homeowners who love plants usually have a mini garden in their balconies or terraces. Vertical gardens are a beautiful way to decorate your balcony walls. Here, the wood-panelled installation makes for a great base and backdrop for the plants. You can either plan climbers in planters on the ground and let them make their way up, or attach planters to the wooden framework. The rest of the decor is kept minimal to let the beautiful garden wall do the talking.

Modern balcony wall designed with vertical garden with the support of wooden paneling is balcony wall design ideas.
Climbers make for a great balcony wall design

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Green Boxes For Balcony Wall Design

As is evident, there are many different ways to add plants to your balcony wall design in style. An independent unit, whether small or as large as the one used here, can easily be designed and placed against a giant blank wall. Here, the owners have gone for indoor plants and flowering plants in the unit, but you can always think of incorporating different types of decor that can be placed in similar shelves.

Plants placed in the green boxes against the balcony wall separately is the balcony front wall design.
Place a separate unit with shelves or boxes against your balcony wall for decor

Statement Decor Piece For Balcony Wall Design

If you are keen on doing up one statement wall for balcony design, you can opt for a statement piece of decor to keep the design minimal and classy. For the balcony wall design in question, the owners have opted for grey panels to serve as a backdrop for the minimal and modern wall decor. Neutral colours help in ensuring that the design remains timeless.

Balcony grey wall with a bold piece of decor in a minimal and classy design is the balcony sidewall design.
A bold piece of decor can do the trick for balcony walls
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Creative Balcony Wall Decor

Taking a detour from the use of conventional greens for balcony designs, we love how this balcony has an artificial element of green that is beautiful and impactful. The balcony is designed with the use of warm, natural colours and elements that are classic. The wall decor for this small, modern balcony is fresh and minimal. The pretty ceramic plates have an unusual shape which instantly stands out. The small wall lamp on the adjoining wall can help illuminate the decor during the night.

Unusual shape ceramic plates placed on the balcony wall look classic and beautiful designs for balcony wall.
Pretty plates make for prettier wall decor

Stone Cladding For Balcony Wall Design

Few things can be as warm as brick walls! Stone cladding on walls gives a nice rustic appeal to a space. The stone cladding design for this wall has created a beautiful, warm corner in the balcony. The red brick walls with the swing chairs, the green of plants and the artificial grass flooring give an illusion of a small piece of a garden being indoors.

Balcony with brick wall design created a beautiful backdrop and warm corner with swing chairs in the balcony.
Brick walls create a beautiful backdrop and an even better wall design

Stone Washbasin For Balcony Wall Design

A common outdoor wash basin is a great idea since the element becomes much easier to manage. The green wall makes for a beautiful, natural base. The long mirror above the washbasin creates an illusion of even more space in the balcony. The modern yet rustic stone basin is an ingenious way to make use of a balcony wall and a standout feature of the balcony wall design.

Balcony with stone wash basin and a long mirror against the wall is the modern yet rustic balcony wall design.
An outdoor wash basin sounds like a great plan for wall design
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Giving good thought to balcony wall designs can result in such beautiful outdoor spaces for your apartments. Get in touch with us for customised interior design ideas for your spaces.

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